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August 12, 2017 18:06

Pallet Repair showers : how to repair cracks and holes repaired with his own hands or replace the pallet

Shower tray
  • Causes damage
  • What should I do?
    • small crack
    • Deep crack
    • Hole
  • How to replace the pan?
  • What if cracked partition?
  • Prevention

Shower - thing is so convenient and practical, that many of us have long since abandoned the bath in favor of the device, a corresponding modern pace of life.However, despite a number of obvious advantages, showers are not without shortcomings and - there are several points on which much of their traditional bath superior.

One of these items - wear.Simple cast iron tub is able to last for decades, without requiring repair (except for periodic updates enameled coating). Shower has a more complex device, so it often occurs breakage - both mechanical and electronic nature.

This article is devoted to repairing pallets showers: we will tell you about the types and causes of damage, as well as ways to address them.

Shower trays
Shower trays

Causes damage

quality shower from a reliable manufacturer must break only in exceptional cases. The most common breakages occurr

ed to blame for installers or users themselves. Consider the most common reasons for pallet begins to need repairs:

  • Errors made during installation. When installing it is important to comply with the requirements specified by the manufacturer in the installation manual.So, if you put a cabin on an uneven surface on the pallet load is unevenly distributed, resulting in damage.
  • mishandling. This concerns mainly the weight load or mechanical impact.Pallets made from brittle materials, such as acrylic or plastic, often break when placed on their weight, to which they are not designed.In addition, small chips and cracks may appear due to the fact that the pan throw heavy objects, such as shower heads.
  • factory marriage. sump broke due to a defect, admitted at the stage of production, your guilt in this, of course, will not.By the way, this happens quite rarely and, if not under warranty, to solve the problem is not difficult.
Installation of the shower

What should I do?

amount of work and a set of necessary instruments is seriously damaged.They are light (shallow scratches or cracks), medium (small chips) and heavy (through-holes).Let's see what we can do in each case.

small crack

If the damage is not serious, you can deal with it very quickly. To do this you need: degreasing solution, a cloth, brush, acrylic paint in tone pallet.To begin to wash the dirt, wipe dry and degrease the damaged area.This can be done with alcohol, acetone or nail polish remover.Then, armed with paint and brush, and carefully seal the crack (you need to work on a dry surface).After drying, apply a second coat if necessary.A day later the tray will again be ready for use.

A crack in the shower tray

Deep crack

From great depth of cracks is almost impossible to get rid of using acrylic paint alone. A better solution would be to consolidate the base using acrylic liner.Here you have two options - buy the finished product, or make it yourself.

To make insert your own hands, you will need a large amount of acrylic paint and hardener for her.Mixing on the packaging - they need to be carefully observed.

Before you get started, the tray should be washed thoroughly, remove all dirt, degrease and dry.Then the entire surface of the pallet must uniformly cover the prepared composition.Make sure that the layer is not too thick, but covered all the cracks.

After drying, the composition of the irregularities can be sanded.

Installation of the shower tray


In the case of through damages we also need to make something like a sack, but more lasting and complex composition.Apart from acrylic and hardener, you will need to purchase epoxy.

Preparatory work will be the same as in the previous case.When everything is ready, put on the damaged place a layer of epoxy resin.When it dries, cover the surface of the pan with a mixture of acrylic paint and hardener.After drying of the second layer, the acrylic varnish can be applied on top of it - this will give the product an even greater strength.

In the video below you can see how even repaired pallets showers on their own without the help of a professional.

How to replace the pan?

If the damage is so serious that it is not possible to eliminate it, the most appropriate solution would be the acquisition of a new pallet.The biggest challenge - is to find in stores pallet compatible with your shower in size, shape and design features.

new shower tray must be installed on a perfectly flat surface. It must be placed strictly horizontally (building level will greatly facilitate your task).

Trays for shower cabins

How to install the shower pan, you can see in the following video channel "Leroy Merlin Russia".

Do not forget to provide free access to the sewer pipes and drainage system shower.

What if cracked partition?

Partitions showers crack considerably less than the trays, because the load on them is not such a strong .However, if the crack on the wall or door still appeared, do not worry.Return the perfect look partition is unlikely, but it is possible to restore strength.

To do this you will need the same set of tools and materials, as well as for repair of the pallet.After pre-treatment, treat cracks with epoxy.Once it has dried, apply a top coat of acrylic paint.The final stage - this coating acrylic paint surface.



  • Observe sequence and installation rules shower specified in the installation manual.
  • not move on the pallet is too active, not bounce, and try not to throw heavy things into it.
  • To care for shower use only mild detergent, avoid powder funds with aggressive chemical compounds that can damage acrylic and glass surfaces.
  • choosing a shower, give preference to a product from a reliable, well-proven products that provide maximum long warranty.
  • strengthen the bottom of the shower is possible by means of the national method - cushion of bricks.Instead of cement mortar, it is recommended to use assembly foam.
Shower tray