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August 12, 2017 18:06

Shower with low shower tray : rectangular size 80 , 90 , 100 , 120 cm , installation

Shower cabin with low tray
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eternal question - shower or bath - everyone decides on the basis of personalpreferences and bathroom features.

Shower considered practical and hygienic option.Upon receipt of the soul spent less water than the water in the bathroom procedures, the process takes less time, cabin dimensions smaller than a bath bowl.Therefore souls often opt for the limited space, public spaces.The main issue - the height of the flanges of the pallet, which depends on the tasks pomyvochnaya and physical capabilities of people.

Shower cabin with low tray instead of a bath

Shower tray with low call model, equipped with bumpers are not higher than 0.5 m, for most adults, this height is quite comfortable.Special requirements apply for showers, if using them will be children or elderly people.

Shower cabin with low tray


Shower cabin with low tray - it is an aesthetic and a modern version of a nearly flat bottom.It makes it easy to step over the rim and makes the shower ea

sier to use and safer.

There are other advantages of this soul:

  • Designs varied in model, easy to fit into the interior and revive it.
  • Shower is well suited to small spaces, you can quickly set up and used almost immediately.Some options have a podium, others it does not need.Features models allow them to be lightweight, collapsible, it is convenient for transportation.
  • Modern Soul prevent water spray, easy to care for.These qualities allow the room to observe cleanliness and reduce its moisture content.
  • convenient to follow the child during water treatment, if necessary - to care for a sick adult or elderly person.
Corner shower cabin with low tray
Shower cabin with low tray and glass walls


  • tightness of such a model is always lower, but can help a special door or curtain.
  • Low bumpers will not be allowed to draw water and bathe the baby, take a bath or shower to use for temporary storage of specific products (start the live fish, soak a large blanket).
  • bottom in such a soul cools faster than the models with high pallet.
Low shower tray


Shower with low shower tray differ in the materials used, its type, shape, presence of advanced features, size.

tray is made of durable materials, such as steel, cast iron, acrylic or KVAR:

  • Cast iron is considered to be not only difficult, but also very expensive material.It holds heat well, but the steel and acrylic cool down faster.
  • steel tray - "Loud", and bend under the weight of a person.
  • Many people choose acrylic: it mutes the sound of falling water, light and durable, has an additional seal for the varied colors.
  • Kwara combines the dignity and beauty of the acrylic stone products.According to individual orders create designs of natural stone, marble, wood.

Frame parts made of aluminum are light and durable, they are made of hard plastic or rubberized parts and ribbons.A shutter and doors are made of polycarbonate, polystyrene, glass.Over time, the plastic is cloudy, it is a serious shortcoming.Glass partition cloths made from compacted to reduce the risk of injury, such as tempered glass.

Corner shower tray low and one of acrylic glass partition

budget models do not usually have additional options, their design is very simple.Using other functions, can be converted into a showering or a relaxing wellness procedures. example, chromotherapy - colored lights provide a strong and secure diodes.This gives elegant look cabin, and maybe "paint" water jet.Modes shower heads allow you to program the power, temperature and water supply option.For custom options include contrast showers, rain, steam, hydro.

useful option ozonation, which is essentially an automated disinfection, saturates the air with oxygen soul.

Shower cabin with low tray with hydromassage features
Hot shower with lower tray

If the room size allows, it is possible to get an overall cabin with seat-mounted. It may well be provided sauna function aromaeffekty, additional hood, music and even phone.Most often, the management of high-end machines designed in the form of a touch screen.Therefore, they are subject to additional requirements for sealing and insulation, not only do they take up more space, but also more expensive.

very popular shower with sliding doors, but if there is a place you can afford hinged doors, in the absence of - built models of the soul.

Shower cabin with low tray spacious bathroom

The sale is fully equipped with closed type cab and minimalist outdoor showers, which suggest that you buy in addition all the necessary.Closed has not only a shower tray and a wall with doors and roof.Do not open may not only the top but also of the door.They are supplemented with need, but they allow you to create a very stylish options and room to beat.

Built options - a cross: there is a pallet, plumbing, doors, and here the role of the screen are the walls of the room or niche.

Shower cabin with low tray
Shower cabin with low tray with two glass partitions
Shower cabin with low tray

The form found square, rectangular, round, semi-circular booths model.One of their common options are the angular model.

Corner model

Corner shower cabin with low tray - a great budget option, which in practice is very picky about the preparation of the premises. This is due to the fact that the booth walls are the walls of the bathroom.Installation requires no special skills, but initially the room should have good protection against dampness, to the appearance of the soul does not complicate the situation and did not contribute to the destruction of the walls, flooding or the appearance of mold.

Besides pallet, the set includes a stationary blade (wall) and mobile (the door), as well as fittings and plumbing.If necessary, the pedestal is made, though to hide the drain communication helps private and height of the pallet, if you apply a low siphon.

Corner shower cabin with low tray with two partitions
Corner shower cabin with low tray

Corner shower does not provide for onward transport, so it is placed in a dry part of the bathroom on a prepared area.It makes sense to spend money on a plumber and installer if the self-confidence you are not sure.

Corner shower cabin with low tray with a glass partition

Popular sizes

Based on the "favorite" queries, all the dimensions of the showers can be divided into three groups:

  • Compact showers have a square or rectangular shape with a side of 80,90 cm., and the area is not more than 0.81 cm². It is a cheap and cheerful option when it is not so much about the quality of many of the available opportunities and easy to wash.Models with additional options are rare, and therefore are much higher.Shower narrow, have no taste high and close to people.
  • Comfortable showers with up to 1.44 square meters (wall 100-120 cm.) Like dimensional people. Closely bathroom they do not always have enough space, but if you use the space wisely, the comfort provided.In this size range are many interesting proposals, not only in price but also in functionality.
  • spacious showers (at least one side of a 120 cm.) usually offered in multi-functional versions.Install them in large bathrooms.Acquisition for the wealthy, so much more expensive than the first option.

Of course, the average compact cabin more comfortable.Note that the space is needed for the assembly, as well as the sink and aisle.So do not forget about the size of a bathroom.This is the main option when buying a shower.

Shower with a low semicircular tray
Shower with a low rectangular tray
Shower with a low square tray

Tips for Choosing

Buying shower is planned based on the capabilities space, their own needs and budget.

When selecting the size models need to take into account the height of the bath, not to leave large gaps.Budget models have a small footprint and minimal functionality.Additional options and a serious snap inserted into the spacious cabin, it is reflected in their value.

Pallets made of cast iron are very hardy, but not the colors are varied due to the nature of the tide. They have small ledges, but the bottom of the relief they do not.But anti-slip coating often they do with other modern materials.An alternative may be a special mats or stickers to prevent slipping.This security measure is necessary if the shower will be used by people aged and children.

better pay attention to the model, where the side rim of at least 2 cm.

A spacious shower with a low black tray
Shower cabin with low tray with a 2- cm rim
Shower with a low square tray

Showers on the European and Japanese brandsconsidered the most reliable, distinguished by high quality and beautiful performance, multifunctionality. However, assembly of such units is better to trust the masters.Domestic options are classified as available: simple and reliable, with a minimum of options and devoid of pretentiousness.They can be set independently.

plays an important role and complexion host: great complexity tall or large body of people.The first is uncomfortable in enclosed booths with a roof, a second hard wash in narrow models.

choosing compact showers, should take into account not only the space in the bathroom, especially connectivity, availability of cranes and pipes.

Narrow showers without a roof with low tray


Simple models can be assembled to help in this photo, and video instructions.

The main stages are similar:

  1. Installation of siphon, which can be placed under the bottom of the shower. bottom applied to the installation site, and marks the contours of stock.Slide it with bastings, mounted low siphon.Then fix the booth, this will fit foam deposited on the drawn contours.For reliability design pallet is loaded top to squeeze it tightly.To siphon did not disappoint in the future, it is checked.
  2. Installing walls begin to build the frame of the arc elements and uprights on the floor. then inserted in the web recesses fix rubberized parts.For the strength to twist the screws from the inside vertical slats.When the unit is ready, it is mounted: leans against the wall of the room, draw the markup.As it is necessary to firmly fix the profile using screws and fasteners.The tightness of the screen attached to the silicone.Combining painting from the frame arms, pulled him up and smeared with sealant horizontal part of the profile.Omitted block rigidly fastened with screws.
  3. Installation of doors. Mobile web is secured at the top and bottom rollers through the prepared holes.First, connect the door with rollers at the top, using the eccentric adjusters for leveling.Hanging cloth in the upper arc, set the bottom rollers using springs.This complexity is finished.
Prepare sink and floor surfaces for installation of shower cabin with low tray
Low shower trays - its setting in place
Shower tray with low - setting the cabin door

If the forces you are not sure, then invite specialists.Installing the soul - it is not a complicated process, but troublesome and requires skill.Accuracy and attention to detail will help to qualitatively collect souls to stall long to please, it was solid and safe.

Shower with a low rectangular tray and glass doors