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August 12, 2017 18:06

Siphon for shower tray , for high and low shower tray

Siphon for shower tray
  • Types siphons pallet
  • device siphons
  • Traps for low and high shower trays
  • Connecting siphon
  • Tips for Choosing a siphon
  • maintenance and care of the siphon

Showerbooths are very popular in apartments and private homes.they are especially good in small spaces, where it is difficult to put the bathroom.Whatever the cabinet, it is necessary to organize the flow of water from the sump to drain, why there is a special siphon.

Works this device is quite simple.It consists of a curved tube, the bottom of which there is always water.The siphon is mounted not only for the soul, but also for all other sanitary devices operating with water.

Siphon for shower tray

Types siphons pallet

market of sanitary products offers a variety of traps in material production, procurement, quality and price.His choice also depends on the shower tray, namely from the drain hole.There are several options for classification of such devices:

According to the principle of work:

  • bottle. Siphon received this name becaus
    e it is shaped like a simple bottle.But this does not prevent him from being the most user-friendly and functional;
  • pipe. Such traps on the device even easier than the previous.They are made in the form of bent pipe are made of plastic, metal, therefore, have different properties and applications.But the most common type - is a flute that can be simply stretch.
Bottle siphon shower tray
Pipe siphons for shower trays

As management practices:

  • usual. Management usual trap made with a simple plug.When it is extended, water enters the pipe, and from it - into the sewer;
  • automatic. Drain opens automatically, man needs only to press the special lever.It is very convenient, you do not need to bend over;
  • device Click-Clack. Special drain tube design allows you to press on her leg, after which it is automatically opened.This is the most complex system, so the most expensive.
Regular drain to the siphon for shower tray
Automatic drain trap for shower tray
The device siphon shower tray system with Click-Clack

device siphons

As already stated, the market quite a lot of different types of siphons for shower cubicles.But the most popular form - a plastic siphons, which have the best combination of price and quality. Such a device has the following items:

  • grille that covers the drain and prevents ingress of coarse particles in the pipe;
  • seal for grating.To grill the most densely adjoined to the pan and keep water out, put the rubber seal between them;
  • branch release.It has a side, which is attached to the seal;
  • seal for pipe made of rubber;
  • screw is screwed into the sleeve nut;
  • main part of the siphon, or cup, it always remains water;
  • flute or pipe connecting the bowl to the sewage system.
Siphon device for the pallet
siphon device for shower tray
The device siphons for shower trays

These elements must be included in each trap.For example, rubber seals and gaskets prevent water flow.They must be from the outside and the inside of the shower tray drain.All screws are made of stainless steel, ensuring durability of the entire structure of siphon and its attachment.

Traps for low and high shower trays

Low shower trays imposes some restrictions on the use of various sanitary devices for their maintenance, including siphons.For the organization of the water draining from such a pallet does not fit standard bottle trap.Of course, the pallet can be mounted on a small pedestal, it turned out that under the more free space.But this negates all the advantages of such a soul. To solve the drainage problem, experts recommend the use of:

  • Corrugated the siphon. Due to its flexible design, a siphon can be placed in a limited space by organizing the necessary slope to drain the water.But it is less corrugations low strength, as well as on its inner surface dirt accumulates quickly.It is possible that soon such a siphon will have to change.Fortunately, the cost is low.
  • Pipe siphon. It has the shape of an S-shaped tube with a water plug.It occupies little space and provides a reliable drain.The tube is much easier to clean than the corrugated.
Corrugated the siphon to a low shower tray
Pipe siphon for low shower tray

And for high shower trays can be used absolutely all types of siphons.With this design, install, and replace the tubes and other elements easier.

Siphon for shower tray low

Connecting siphon

Install new or replace existing siphon is quite simple, it does not need special knowledge and special tools.Please read the instructions, make sure all parts are included. To connect the siphon was successful the first time, should follow these tips:

  1. to ensure proper drainage, the pan must be higher than the sewer entrance.
  2. Experts recommend the use of flexible plastic tubing, because it is much easier to regulate.
  3. pipe Tilt - about 1-2 centimeters to 1 meter in length.If
  4. between the shower and the sewer entrance distance of several meters or more, it is necessary to install a special pump that will pump water from the pallet.

siphon itself is set quite simple.First, the drain is inserted grating with seal, vent release.They connected the bottom of the bowl siphon, it - the tube that goes to the sewer.On removal of sewer pipe is put to him attached siphon tube.Thus it is necessary to use rubber gaskets and seals, to make it impossible to leak.The system is tested approximately 10-15 minutes.If not detected at high pressure water leaks, you can safely use the shower.

Connecting siphon shower tray
Install a siphon on the shower tray
Installation of the siphon on the shower tray

Tips for Choosing a siphon

To select a suitable trap for your soul, you must adhere to these tips:

  1. One of the maincriteria for the selection - the diameter of the drain pan.Most models have a diameter of 52, 62 and 90 mm.Data on the amount should be in the manual shower, but you can vymeryat it yourself.Of course, you can take a smaller diameter siphon, but it will make impossible a reliable seal.
  2. matters and the throughput capacity of the siphon.It depends on the height of the pallet, which can be a particular volume of water.For example, if the diameter of the siphon - 52 or 62 mm, for the normal drainage maximum water level in the pan should not be greater than 12 cm, and for larger siphons - 15 cm.
  3. To future can be cleaned siphon without removal of the showerbetter to buy self-cleaning device.Be sure to set the fine at a drain grate through which will not get hair and other small particles.
Tips for Choosing a trap for shower tray

maintenance and care of the siphon device

service lies in its regular cleaning, depending on the frequency of use of a shower.If you are using a siphon diameter 52 or 62 mm, it is necessary to provide access for cleaning, because they quickly become contaminated.Siphon 90 mm in diameter can be cleaned through the suction intake.Most models have a special cup, in which all the rubbish delayed.He simply unscrewed from the siphon and clean.

use chemicals to clean the possible and even necessary, but it is necessary to read the instructions.However, plastic or corrugated siphons can be deformed by some substances, therefore it is necessary to be careful when choosing cleaning products.

Care and maintenance of the siphon for shower tray

Thus, in selecting and installing the siphon with their hands there is nothing difficult.The main thing - to follow all the recommendations and advice contained in this article.