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August 12, 2017 18:06

Shower without a roof with a deep , low pan , sizes 80x80 , 90x90, 100x100, 80x120

Shower without a roof
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  • Types of pallets
  • Popular sizes
  • Tips for Choosing

More recently - 10-20 years ago - showers were installed mostly in bathrooms and public premises: hospitals, hotels, gyms, etc.And their own apartments and homes owners equipped with exclusively preferred baths.Today, the shower is considered a convenient and functional device that can become almost a full-fledged replacement for a bath.

Great choice of showers allows you to choose the unit for any bathroom and for any needs.The shops plumbing presented showers square and round, with deep and shallow tray, aligned with bath and sauna.One of the most popular models - shower without a roof.

Shower, equipped with a shower tray and partitions, called open.This modification is considered to be the budget, and therefore available to a large number of buyers.

Shower without a roof


  • As mentioned above, the outdoor showers on the whole are much cheaper sealed models.Therefore, if the budget does not allow to buy a cabin-capsule should
    stay at this embodiment.
  • Because of the low prices outdoor showers are fairly simple equipment.This means that their installation requires far less time, effort and expertise than the installation of pressurized showers.
  • minimum height showers with roof is 205 cm. That is, in the rooms where the ceiling height is less than that figure, set a closed shower cubicle is impossible.Meanwhile, showers often buy for installation in the country or in the attic, where the ceilings are very low and have a bias.Open showers are usually a little lower, so they can be placed without any problems even in the bathroom with the low ceiling.
  • Another advantage is due to the increase of users shower.Tall people often feel uncomfortable in enclosed cabs, where the ceiling is only a few inches from his head.In this case, the shower is the perfect solution.
Advantages of showers without a roof
Advantages of the shower without a roof


  • main drawback of open showers - is that their use is not possible, if the bathroom is not properly secured waterproofing.Steam escaping through the top of the cab, is deposited on the ceiling, walls and furniture.If the finishing materials are not water-resistant, this will soon result in loss of appearance, mold appearance of insects.
  • Since public showers considered option for a limited budget, the producers often save on the quality of materials and components.To purchase a reliable and durable equipment, refer only to the proven and well-known manufacturers.
  • Because of the open design models of shower enclosures have a limited set of functions.For example, they can not be used for sessions steam bath or sauna, and showers with a roof often take it for this.
Disadvantages of showers without a roof

Types of pallets

Like the closed models, showers without a roof can be fitted with trays of different depths.Some models are sold at all without pallets - it is assumed that it can be done independently.

Deep trays - are pallets with a height up to 30 cm They are often preferred by those who are accustomed to use the bathroom, because if you dial into deep water tray, then it turns into a kind of "trough" in which you can redeem a child or.wash medium-sized things.

Low pallets -. It trays height 15 cm They often acquire in the home, where they live the elderly or people with disabilities.Experts do not recommend to install small pan when draining water in the bathroom does not work well.Otherwise, there is a high probability of flooding neighbors.

Pallets in height from 15 to 30 cm considered average.They are chosen by those who have no special requirements with respect to the pallet depth.

Deep trays, shower stalls without a roof
Low trays shower stalls without a roof
Pallets showers without a roof height of 15 to 30 cm

Popular sizes

dimensions of shower trays can be very different, because in addition to the standard square and rectangular models sold showers with roundoval and asymmetric trays.

We consider the most common sizes:

  • 80 * 80 - the smallest showers, which are usually installed in cramped bathrooms Khrushchev;for they correspond to the width of just the space freed after the dismantling of the bath;
  • 90 * 90 - one of the most popular choices, as it is more spacious than the previous one, but not as expensive as showers meter wide;can comfortably take a shower, but do not take up much space.
  • 100 * 100 - the best in terms of convenience option, as it allows to take a shower even big enough man without problems;such booths are usually set in the spacious bathrooms;
  • 80 * 120 - large models that occupy the same space as a standard bathtub;usually equipped with a host of additional features and a comfortable seat.
Popular sizes showers without a roof

Tips for Choosing

  • Going for a shower purchase need to be defined in advance with its main parameters: size, shape, depth and pallet manufacturing material.
  • If you are the owner of a small bathroom, then look at the angular models.This shower will release a bit of storage space.
  • When buying pay attention to the thickness of the walls - the larger it is, the better.Do not buy the cabin with walls thickness less than 6 mm.Also, inspect the walls and doors in the presence of chips, scratches and other mechanical damage.
  • choosing a shower, open-close the door several times liked model.If the product quality, the opening and closing doors should pass silently and effortlessly.Check the packaging
  • shower.Since the model without a roof is usually cheap, the manufacturers can save on equipment.All necessary accessories you can purchase separately.
Recommendations for choosing a shower without a roof
Tips for Choosing the showers without a roof