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August 12, 2017 18:06

Shower with hydro-massage : with a bathroom, bath , nozzles , sizes , hydromassage cabins

Shower with hydromassage
  • Pros
  • What to consider when choosing?
  • Materials
  • Care showers
  • Types showers
  • Types hydromassage
  • Popular sizes
  • nozzles
  • Additional features
  • Manufacturers and prices

shower box or cubicle called a special closed on all sidesequipment or space vannogo rooms equipped with necessary adaptations to take a shower.Usually it consists of walls, pallet and blinds (doors).

Today, many showers are equipped with hydro-massage.Whirlpool - a very useful procedure for the body.It has a revitalizing and relaxing effect on the body and simply gives pleasure.Benefit whirlpool one can not exaggerate, because it has a very beneficial effect on the body as a whole, so buying a shower cubicle with hydromassage, you obzavedetes not only a source of purity, but also a source of health.Shower with hydro massage function is also called gidroboksom.


  • takes up little space;
  • use water sparingly;
  • highly hygienic;
  • allow: and take a shower and relax;
  • carry a health body massage.

addition to the above benefits of showers, and there are lockers that perform the whole fitness program.They promote health, prevent the occurrence of colds and give cheerfulness for the whole day.

Advantages showers with hydromassage
Benefits of shower cabins with hydromassage

What to consider when choosing?

  1. bathroom size.
  2. water pressure.With low head hydro massage function is not working.
  3. What materials are made of the shower.
  4. tray.Must be reliable and quality to withstand heavy loads;capacious, but at the same time compact;have an embossed surface so as not to slip.
  5. doors (curtains).They should be easily and silently move apart and move away.
Tips for Choosing a shower with massage jets

So here's what you need to do before you buy a showers with hydromassage:

  1. Measure the space allocated for it, and determine the size of the cabin.
  2. Clarify whether the water pressure of your house is suitable for this stall?The water pressure can be found in ZhEKe, and a minimum pressure of the cabin can be obtained from the manufacturer.As a rule, many of them indicate this in the characterization equipment.Today the market with hydromassage showers in the German booths «Hoesch», Italian «Jacuzzi» and Spanish «Hydro-Box» the lowest pressure at which the works and hydro.
  3. Pay attention to what materials are made walls, pan, door or curtain shower stall.Best spa showers have glass doors and acrylic trays, which should have a minimum thickness of 10 cm.
  4. doors should be tightly against the walls of the cabin to the water in any case did not proceed.
  5. prepare the tools and parts to install the shower enclosure, but rather to invite professional builders to install it in order to avoid breakdowns and errors during installation.


walls, doors, roof and sump showers can be made from different materials. On how quality will these materials will depend on the life of the shower stall. In addition, it depends on the materials you need to exercise some care for the cabins.

most frequently encountered showers, walls and the door which are made of polystyrene.The main drawback of this material is that after a time it becomes cloudy, and it stains appear.In order not to encounter such problems, you can choose a glass shower stall.They cost a bit more expensive, but they look very nice, and with proper care will always shine.Besides, now you can find showers with patterned, tinted and frosted glass.

Shower cubicle with hydromassage polystyrene
Shower with glass whirlpool

Pallets showers are:

  • iron;
  • steel;
  • acrylic;
  • ceramic;
  • and artificial stones.
Cast iron pan shower cabinet with hydromassage
Ceramic shower trays hydromassage
The pallet is made ​​of artificial stone for a shower with massage jets

Care showers

To shower to serve you and your family for a long time, you need to it cherish and care properlyfor her.

Here are some tips on proper care of the showers:

  1. Many foreign-made mixers are not provided to our realities, so you must install multiple filters to reduce the adverse impact on the local water equipment.
  2. take a shower, you need to wash the stall pan with special cleaning agents and dry sponge.The walls and doors should also be washed or simply wiped from soap divorces and water droplets.
  3. External metal parts, pipes, valves and mixers must also be periodically cleaned with special cleaning agents.
  4. In order to extend the built-highlights, they should be sure to turn off after a shower.
Care showers with hydromassage

Types showers

There are many variations of shower boxes.Depending on their functions, they are distinguished the following types:

  1. Simple.
  2. Multifunction.
  3. combined.

Simple shower is a small shower cabin in the bathroom.On both sides they are limited by walls vannogo premises, and with the rest of simple curtains for the bathroom.At the bottom of the tray is provided.The top is open.The advantage of these showers is that they are inexpensive and do not take up much space.

called multifunctional shower cabin equipped with the necessary equipment to perform many functions.These cabins can create conditions and a Turkish bath, and rain in the rainforest, can carry water massage, to create a flavored vapor and is backlit.Controlled by such cabins is very convenient electronic system.

Combined showers - is quite original and stylish multifunctional gidroboksom with hydromassage, which is manufactured by them are positioned as home SPA-salons.

Simple shower cabinet with hydromassage
Multifunction shower cabin with hydromassage
Combined shower cabinet with hydromassage

The shape isolated:

  • corner;
  • round;
  • oval;
  • rectangular;
  • polygonal and shower.

most popular are angled, as it is in this form of the booth can be the most efficient use of the space bathroom.They are the best option for small-sized bathroom facilities.Therefore, we can find a corner giroboksy in different price categories.


hydromassage Water massage in the shower is vertical and combined.The best opportunity for vertical hydromassage, as in this case, you can take a shower and standing and sitting, and massage to get all parts of the body.By adjusting the intensity of the water flow can be obtained from relaxing massages to invigorating.

Combined hydro includes horizontal and vertical water massage.This is in large hydro gidroboksom with bath.

TIMO company, for example, offers showers with hydromassage following types:

  1. dush.kabina TIMO T-1120 L / R - equipped with six jets of the same diameter, which perform a vertical hydro massage back and legs;
  2. dush.kabina TIMO TL-1503 - also equipped with six nozzles, performing vertical hydromassage.The pallet has a height of 20 cm
  3. dush.kabina TIMO T-7709 -. Injector operation can be controlled through the electronic system and adjust to the desired mode.

addition to the above, in some gidroboksom is a function of "rain shower", which refers to one of the types of hydromassage.This massage is perfectly removes fatigue and is an excellent remedy for stress.

Shower cubicle with hydromassage TIMO T- 1120 L / R
Shower cubicle with hydromassage TIMO TL- 1503
Shower cubicle with hydromassage TIMO T- 7709

Popular sizes

For small bathroom spaces suitable showers with hydromassage size of 80 * 80, 90 * 90, 100 * 100.As a rule, in their standard set contains only a vertical shower head and jetted tubs.It may come and rain shower.They have form, often angular, round and square.Furthermore, there is foldable showers that are folded occupy no more than 20 centimeters.

cabin size to suit bathrooms of medium size: 120 * 80 * 215 (width * depth * height).

For larger bathrooms can be purchased hydromassage shower boxes with a bathtub.Some of them are double.Usually they are size:

  • 150 * 85 * 218 (length cm * depth * height cm cm);
  • 170 * 90 * 220;
  • 150 * 150 * 222;
  • 150 * 150 * 223 (double).
Popular sizes showers with hydromassage


The showers are installed three kinds of nozzles (spray water and air):

  1. Deck;
  2. Aeromassazhnye;
  3. combined.

A whirlpool jets supplied water with pressure through aeromassazhnye - air, turning into bubbles.A nozzle through combined and fed water and air.

Whirlpool jets shower
Aeromassazhnye jets shower
Combined nozzle shower

Additional features

Every year, companies that produce showers, trying to improve the quality and functionality of their equipment, so that they can be taken andshower and relax and improve their health.For this reason, today released gidroboksom with more features. At the moment, as the additional features in the shower cabin installed:

  • electronic control system, allowing to easily configure and manage the functions of shower boxes.
  • Radio.
  • ventilation.
  • seats.
  • Shelves for placing things.
  • Bath Towel rails and hooks.
  • The "Tropical Shower".
  • Decorative lighting.
  • Electronic board or the display to control the intensity of hydromassage.
  • temperature controller.
  • timer.
  • Special Unit for aromatherapy.
Additional features shower cubicle with hydromassage

Manufacturers and prices

best companies producing simple cabins today are considered:

  • Hyber;
  • Ammari;
  • Fresh;
  • Eurosun;
  • Pegas;
  • Sinowell;
  • Nautico.
Shower cubicle with hydromassage from Huber
Shower cubicle with hydromassage from Ammari
Shower cubicle with hydromassage by Fresh

Among the manufacturers of multifunctional booths stood out: Attoll, Midocean, Teuco, Villeroy & amp;Bosch, Niagara, Glass and Appollo.

Multi-functional shower from Attoll
Multi-functional shower from Midocean

best manufacturers of composite steel booths: Gruppo Treesse, Fituche, Eago, Coliseum, Tarim, Jacuzzi, Movida, Avanta.

Combined shower from Gruppo Treesse

Among domestic manufacturers of high-quality and low-cost manufacture of gidroboksom Akvapol and Atlantis.Very good spa showers releases Finnish company TIMO.

Shower cubicle with hydromassage domestic producers Akvapol

gidroboksom Prices vary depending on size, functionality, manufacturer, brand and materials used in the assembly.Today walk-in shower can be purchased from a little less than 1000 and ending 10-kami thousand dollars.