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August 12, 2017 18:06

Showers Russian production : BAS, Radomir, Aqua joy and others

Showers Russian production
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When appearing on the news market, they are hard not to pay attention.And very quickly that something unusual ceases indispensable household items in every home.This applies to the showers, which miraculously pushed their competitors are the standard bath with a minimal set of features.

showers popularity is easy to explain.They are strong, durable, with added features and varied designs.What could be better than that?The main thing - do not get lost in the abundance of choice and choose the most suitable model for your bathroom.

Russian showers


strongly recommend pay attention to the showers of domestic production.According to the quality and reliability of the indicators are not inferior to foreign analogs, and the price is much lower.

Reasonable prices are derived from the following options:

  • first, you do not pay a fortune for the brand;
  • secondly, due to the absence of customs duties and overhead
    costs for delivery from abroad.

Add to this another advantage - the Russian manufacturers in no way inferior in design and technical equipment, and in many respects superior to foreign competitors.What domestic companies engaged in production and sale of shower enclosures, called the most confidence among buyers and began to enjoy enormous popularity?

Showers from the Russian manufacturer BandHours
Shower Russian production of Aquatech



company BAS - one of the leading Russian producers of sanitary ware, sanitary ware and accessories.

most popular showers from the company BAS :

  • Arona, pallet dimensions are 100x100;
  • Corsa, pallet size and square shape 90x90;
  • Fiji, size 120x80 pallet.

prices showers available.They are the ideal solution if you are looking for a model with high pallets, which is convenient to bathe children, animals, and wash.However, fans of lower trays, this company is not spared.

Shower BAS Aliba
Shower BAS Fiji
Shower BAS Corsa


Perhaps the most well-known Russian company for the production of bathtubs and shower enclosures.The company repeatedly became the holder of various prizes and awards, it has repeatedly called - the best national company of the year.With this status and reputation of the company is trying to make the prices of their products as accessible as possible for everyone.The most expensive model of «Radomir Laura" is equipped with semi-automatic drain, electronic control unit and a steam bath.

Basically the size of various models range in this range:

  • length of 90 centimeters do110;
  • width of 90 centimeters do110;
  • height from 200 to 240 centimeters.

price will depend on the size and depth of the cabin, as well as the provided functions, such as foot massage, tropical rain, steam bath, ozone disinfection, and many others.The biggest model of «Radomir Omega", the length of which is 223 centimeters.

Shower Radomir Laura
Shower Radomir Grand
Shower Radomir Paola


also included in the list of the most popular and sought after producers of showers.Still - a combination of quality and exquisite style of doing their job.Yes, freedom of choice and a nice pleasing to him.The company produces almost the entire range of equipment for a walk from the pallet to the entire shower rooms.Shower enclosures and boxes ergonomic design, the company also manufactures doors for showers and glass partitions.For those who have made a shower with their own hands, the company offers high-quality shower rack.

Shower box Laniver


company already proven customers the strength and durability of its products for 10 years of existence on the market.Maximum comfortable and practical to use for the improvement of the functions built into the showers, more and more attracted to people, especially those who need to improve their health or simply relax as much as possible.After conducting various research and analysis firm can afford to boast of the quality of these procedures and guarantee their complete safety.

models of the company are available for everyone, especially if you are caring showers economy class, a size of 90x90 or 100x100.The price can range from 10200 to 13480 rubles, depending on what options you are interested in: colors, the shape of the cabin, the number of features offered.If you are attracted to the maximum number of possible options, then look at the elite model, which will make the routine procedure for the adoption of the soul as useful and enjoyable.This hydromassage, tropical shower, hammam, sauna and more.

Shower tray with deep Aquatica
Shower Room Aquatica
Shower Aquatica Egoist


manufacturer of shower enclosures group of companies "NEOSAN» , which easily adapts to the demands of customers and tries to take into account all the wishes.That is why it has reached peaks in sales and received positive feedback from users of its products.The cost price of their products is low due to cheap energy.Mills in two companies: in China, and in fact, in Russia.The first produces the global market economy-class model, the second makes the showers premium.

Shower rectangular Erlit

price depends on many factors: the shape of the product, the height of the pallet, the size and the availability of built-in options.Whichever model you choose, you can be sure that it meets all health standards and is completely safe for your health.This shower will delight the customer for decades for their quality and beautiful views.

Shower corner Erlit
Shower box Erlit

Aqua joy

There is a company from the beginning of the 2000s and in that time has managed to win the hearts of many buyers.After all, who refuses nice price, and quality-assured?Approximate dimensions of almost all models are:

  • width 90 or 100 cm;
  • length of 90 or 100 cm;
  • height ranges from 251 to 225 centimeters.

Depending on what features you want in your shower, as well as what type choose an indoor or outdoor, the price of the model can range from 11980 to 24450 rubles.If desired, you can find the most suitable option for you, which perfectly fit into your bathroom.If you need an exclusive model, for example, you wish to arrange a room in a big and elegant, then look after the shower large and sophisticated design.If the room where you want to build a cabin, a little, then it will look perfectly compact and stylish models from this manufacturer.

Shower by the company Aqua joy
Shower corner from Aqua joy of

Doctor Jet

demand model showers this company is growing by leaps and bounds, bringing joy to more people for its quality and durability.You can choose a model with the right to have options such as: Turkish bath, massage, contrast showers and more.You can stay, as well as on the most simple variants of cabins, and treat yourself to the models, which provide a lot of useful features.

Freestanding shower Doctor Jet

Most Doctor Jet models assembled almost entirely from imported materials.In addition, recently brought Italian equipment to the factory.This allows the company to produce the cab, which correspond to all norms and standards and fit perfectly into any interior.Many customers have already occurred to taste products made of wood, such as teak or wenge.

As you can see, the domestic manufacturers of shower enclosures in our country abound.So is it worth chasing models produced abroad if we have plenty to choose from, with high quality and favorable price.

Shower box Doctor Jet
Rectangular shower Doctor Jet
Semicircular shower Doctor Jet