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August 12, 2017 18:06

Gidroboksom : shower cabins with bathroom , selection and manufacturers

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After a busy day you can relax in the warm water.And the people who will install at home gidroboks becomes available pleasure to stay in the severity of the working day by massaging water jets.Buy a plumber is recommended to those who want to receive a charge of vivacity in the morning.

gidroboksom - kind of plumbing submitted shower, which has a feature whirlpool. gidroboks In many cases, is something of a cross between a bathtub and shower, as its high-sided pan.This allows you to comfortably relax with a massage and take a shower, but you also enjoy and bathroom.


Pallets of multifunction boxes made of ceramics, steel and acrylic.Such a pallet may have legs or stand at the bar.In the second case, the pallets not only fiberglass reinforced, but also equipped with a frame made of metal profiles for even greater protection against subsidence.On the door is

gidroboksom have magnets al

ong the entire length, to ensure tight closure and protection against accidental opening when the water in the booth included.


  • In this booth you can enjoy a hydro massage and other pleasant options.
  • Very often in a booth provided gidroboksom shelves on which to store the soap, gels, shampoos and other things.
  • In such a small bathroom plumbing successfully replace bulky bath as there is enough compact models.
Little grouboks


  • The main drawback of such plumbing - rather complex installation.With her cope only by professionals.Also, in the instructions given to gidroboksom requirements for water and sanitation in the room where it will be installed.And not always, these requirements are achievable in a modern apartment.
  • Operation elderly is complicated due to the presence of high ledges.
  • In addition, when compared with a conventional shower, gidroboksom cost is quite high.


gidroboksom The range is very diverse due to the different color palette, different shapes and textures, as well as various pallet material.Tray Hydromassage cabins can be cast iron, acrylic, marble, steel or another material.Depending on the depth of boxing can be both small and deep.

Gidroboksom in bathroom design


Standard sizes for hydro boxes do not exist.Manufacturers create the plumbing in very different sizes.And the buyer is to choose suitable for yourself. note only that gidroboksom size, providing comfort in use, starting from 100 to 100 cm.

pallet depth in such plumbing is also highly variable.There are boxes with a tray to a depth of 45 centimeters, in which a mini-bath can be taken, or bathe a child.Such deep trays usually have overfill protection.

Gidroboksom beautiful bathroom


Depending on the pallet gidroboks is rectangular, angular and asymmetrical.The model with a rectangular tray looks like a traditional bath, which has a rear wall, roof and glass doors.Angular model is attractive for its compactness.It is conveniently set in the corner of the room.

Gidroboksom corner asymmetric

about how to collect gidroboks, read our article about the assembly of the shower enclosure.

Variety functions

in the hot box has a lot of functions.Chief among them in addition to the standard functions of the shower and bath are hydromassage and steam sauna.Among the additional options in gidroboksom can also be a phone, radio, lights, and others.

Whirlpool boxing usually provides the body with water massage (arms, back, neck area, shoulders), but can be represented and the option of hydromassage foot. You can change the intensity of pressure massaging water jets, as well as the direction of their impact.Most hydro boxes has a large watering can for a tropical shower.

Whirlpool in gidroboksom

This common feature gidroboksom as a steam bath, helps not just relax and cleanse the skin, but also improve your health.For this purpose, a special unit is poured aroma oils.Each model gidroboksom versions this option is unique, so ask about the steam bath as a consultant.


In the Russian market gidroboksom predominantly Chinese, Italian and Russian producers - Apollo, EAGO, ESK, Doctor Jet, Sansa, Teuco, CRW, Radomir, Miracle. products have brand Apollo stylish design and a considerable range of hydromassage modes with the ability to change the strength and direction of the water.Gidroboksom this manufacturer are equipped with mode sauna, foot massage, cascade shower.

great functionality have gidroboksom from Miracle. They have shelves, towel holders, hood, radio, mirror, soap dispenser, lighting and much more.Manage device conveniently via the touch panel.Many models have a steam generator and ozonator.The advantages of products from this manufacturer is attributed and its compactness.

gidroboksom quality

Tips for Choosing

To find a suitable gidroboks, evaluate first device function, then its characteristics, and then - the cost.

Going select this plumber, ask the water pressure in your home (this is important for massage functions).It is best to make a purchase in specialized shops, where you will be given a guarantee and recommend professionals who will install gidroboks.

Choosing gidroboks also take into account the overall design of the bathroom or the compatibility of a plumbing with individual elements of the room.If the bathroom is decorated in a classic style, it is better to choose a plastic hydromassage box for her, in which a transparent glass or plastic blinds.color box, or fit a model to the Art Nouveau style, which darkened glass curtain.