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August 12, 2017 18:06

Shower room with bath : advantages , types and features , interior

Shower combined with bathroom
  • What is a bath with a shower?
  • Benefits
  • shapes and sizes
  • Accessories
  • installation options and plan

Someone who likes to relax in the hot tub of your favorite music sounds, and someone prefers to start and end your day by jets shower.But the vast majority of people prefer to use both kinds of water "therapy", depending on your mood.Combine both of these classes, you can use the shower room with a bathtub.

Girl in a combined bath

What is a bath with a shower?

lovers of various water treatments, as well as connoisseurs of ergonomic equipment for the dignity types will appreciate the shower, which combines the functions of the soul, and a bathroom.This acquisition will not only satisfy the needs of each family member, but also to significantly transform the design of the bathroom.After a shower, combined with the bathroom - it is very stylish, comfortable and functional.

traditional combination product is a spacious cabin with deep tray (bathroom), a shower, and some additional features.Typically, t

hese showers have an angular design, which is very convenient for rooms with limited space.

Large corner box
Shower bath with unusual shapes
Shower with bathtub
Bathtub combined with shower
Shower with bathtub
Round bath combined with shower


Unlike regular bath or a standard showercabins, a variant that combines and shower, and bath has a number of advantages:

  • Ergonomic and compact dimensions. owners of standard apartments in high-rise buildings will appreciate the compactness and ergonomics combined cabin that will fit in any bathroom.The main thing - to choose the right model which perfectly fit into your bathroom.Specialists recommend to close the premises still choose options with asymmetrical corner bath and shower.
  • variety of colors and shapes. Just a couple of decades ago, the interior bathrooms was boring and varied.Today, every woman is trying to bring its own bathroom a special "flavor" that reflects the personality of its owner.The richness of colors and variety of lineup showers with bath allow it to choose the option that fits perfectly in the design of the "author" of the interior.
  • Easy installation. Modern manufacturers have made sure that the assembly and installation of the shower room with a bathroom, did not make a huge labor and did not require additional costs.In addition, many stores offer installation and the installation of cheap cabins as an additional service to the purchase.
  • Practicality. Showers, combined with a bath, very practical.Sliding doors, shutters protect the room from excessive moisture and bath bowl from external influences.Deep pan-bath can also be used for hand washing and other small water treatment.
  • versatility .Modern showers, combined with a bath, have a number of additional functions.Where you can treat yourself to a hot tub, two variants of the soul, and some models even listen to your favorite radio and talk on the phone during water treatment.
Corner tub combination
Rectangular model combined bath

shapes and sizes

shower, combined with a bath, as a rule, presented today in three main variants. This can be:

  • combined model, which closed shutters.
  • Indoor Whirlpool side with having multiple functions.These models have a roof with built-in "rain shower" and a sliding door-leaf.
  • structure consisting of a metal frame and curtain screens.Such shutter may be located on several sides, forming a closed with two or three sides of the structure.
Combined model with boxing
Closed box
Combined bathtub with partition

To date, a huge popular combination showers second option.Success hydro boxes that combine the properties of the shower and bath, primarily due to its practicality and versatility.Such combined showers are also different shapes and sizes. The most popular of them is:

  • corner shower enclosure version with a bathtub. This model is ideal for small rooms where space is at a premium.Bowl in such products has a triangular shape, so it is easy to "rises" at the right angle and frees up more space for other elements of the plumbing or home appliances, as well as increases the available space in the bathroom.Cabs of this sample includes a deep pan, performing the function of a bathtub.At the same time restrictions on growth is virtually non-existent.
  • Rectangular combined showers. Such models are more suitable for bathrooms, where there is limited space, because they can be installed anywhere, down to the center of the room.The form of the cup such options range from the semi-circular and rounded to clear rectangular and asymmetric.
The rectangular tub combination
Angle with a combined shower bath


shower, combined with private, as a rule, involve not only the function of a conventional shower or bathtub.Additional equipment greatly expands the possibilities of such plumbing. These include:

  • Whirlpool. Most models provides several options for hydro-massage, from simple foot massage, ending with a vertical full body massage.This feature uses much love from fans jacuzzi.
  • Radio. Integrated radio lets you enjoy your favorite music for fun jets invigorating shower.
  • phone. Some models provide for a telephone that is connected to the fixed line and to stay in touch, even while receiving on the bath.
  • backlight. Options highlights in the shower cubicles are diverse, ranging from a few light bulbs, one for finishing the starry sky.In addition, the presence of the backlight allows to enjoy water treatments, not including overhead light.
  • Mirror.
  • Shelves for bathroom accessories.
Bathroom with shower with a radio and backlight
Shower with bath and hydromassage
Shelves in the combined bathroom with shower cabin

installation options and plan

shower, room with bathroom, is considered a versatile option because it is suitable for both small andfor spacious rooms.Various can only be the installation types, of which there are only three:

  • near-wall model;
  • angular model;
  • freestanding model.

installation option depends on the room capacity.The designers claim that can be considered a good placement when the shower is right in front of the door.Also assume embodiment, when all the elements are arranged in a plumbing "U" letter.

in small rooms of irregular shape shower cubicle should be installed in a corner, and next to it a bath and sink.Interestingly, manufacturers of sanitary ware in recent years often listen to the owners of small bathrooms, so the market there are more and more options for just such facilities that are available to different categories of customers.

Freestanding model combined bath with shower