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August 12, 2017 18:06

Rectangular shower enclosures : size, high and low tray

Rectangular shower
  • Requirements room
  • Dimensions
  • Features
  • Choosing a location
  • Tips for planning a bathroom

symmetrical shape, clean lines, right angles - is a classic that,if they go out of fashion, it always comes back very quickly.That is why the rectangular elements of the interior are always relevant.This includes furniture, accessories and, of course, sanitary ware, including shower cabins.

Rectangular showers - it is not only stylish, but also practical solution.This shower will fit easily into a standard bathroom, while a rounded or asymmetrical models is not always possible.In addition, the shower box in the shape of a rectangle generally has sufficient area to feel comfortable when making water treatment, whereas, for example, corner showers are always to some extent restrict the movement of those who are inside.

In today's article we will talk about the features of the rectangular shower enclosure and how to choose for her the most suitable place in the bathroom.

Rectangular shower in classic style
Rectangular shower box

to the room

Requirements When deciding on buying a shower enclosure, make sure that your bathroom meets the following conditions:

  • Equipped waterproofing of wallsand the ceiling in the place where the shower will be installed.
  • Near the installation location of the shower box has a power outlet with the appropriate class of water protection.
  • The bathroom has a forced ventilation;while the fan itself must be in the immediate vicinity of the shower.
  • is possible grounding of metal structures, which will be connected to the power supply.
  • Water supply and sewerage pipes are located near the place of installation shower.
Installation of the shower

Do not give up the idea of ​​buying a shower enclosure, if your bathroom does not meet the above requirements.Implementation of most of them did not take long.The only exception - the location of the sewer pipe.Change it often is simply impossible.

Rectangular shower in the interior
Option setup rectangular shower


Dimensions of rectangular showers are evaluated according to three parameters: length x width, height, pallet depth:

  • length and width . most common model in the form of a square the size of 80x80 cm, 90x90 cm, 100x100cm.They are compact enough, but at the same time their area allows you to stay inside without experiencing significant discomfort.Larger versions are shaped like a scalene rectangle.The ratio of the length and width of such enclosures may be different.Great demand model dimensions 100x80 cm, 100x90 cm, 110x80 cm, 120x80 cm, 150x85 cm, 120x90 cm, 140x100sm.
  • height. This option is not particularly important.Usually it is taken into account holders bathrooms with low ceilings.Today, the height of the lowest per capita cabins on the market, is 174 cm, and the highest -. 265 cm The most common buyers stop choice on the showers in height from 200 to 215 cm
  • depth pallet..There choice due to the fact of who and for what purpose will use the shower.If the home is no ordinary bath, it is advisable to purchase a cabin with a tray deeper than 25 cm. If necessary, you can wash it in any thing, wash the pet or even bathe the baby.For older people are the most suitable showers with small - up to 10 cm - pallets, as they go much easier.Average depth trays have a depth of 10 to 25 cm.
A large rectangular shower
Shower rectangular with a deep tray
The open rectangular shower
Shower rectangular closed


In most part rectangular showersa price range have similar characteristics.However, that after some time not to be disappointed in buying, you should know in advance about some of the nuances.

  • entrance Location. are commercially available rectangular showers with left and right input.Which model to choose - depends on the space given the shower in the bathroom.
  • presence or absence of the roof. Rectangular showers uppers are more expensive, but they are more airtight.These cabins allow us not to worry about the fact that surface and bathroom furniture may be damaged by constant exposure to moisture and steam.
  • pallet manufacturing and material of the walls. All materials used in the manufacture of rectangular showers, safe for humans and have sufficient strength.The differences are mainly in appearance, features and care degree of sound insulation.
Rectangular glass shower
The cabin is rectangular with a roof

Choosing a location

Where to put a rectangular shower?The answer to this question depends on what room we have - what is its area and shape.For example, if the bathroom is quite small and has the shape of a square or rectangle, shower box is best to install in the corner - so you will have more free space, which can be efficiently dispose.

If the bathroom of irregular shape and its three walls form a niche - then the best option is to install the cabin was there, of course, if the size of the niche permit.

The large bathroom has a sense of space to arrange zoning, separating the zone where take water treatments from the economic area or areas of beauty.Divide the area to help partitions of brick or drywall.

Another option is the installation of a rectangular shower in the spacious bathroom - in the middle of the room.It is very convenient, since it opens the passage to the soul from all sides.However, the shower, standing in the center, will always attract attention, so you have to constantly worry about making it look appropriately - just clean, ventilate, etc.

Shower rectangular niche
Shower wall for rectangular

Tips for planning a bathroom

Rectangular shower can make your bathroom more functional, comfortable and cozy. Below are a few tips that will help you to organize the space in the bathroom well.

  • For very tiny bathrooms are relevant outdoor showers, which represent a space for taking water treatments, separated from the rest of the room with one or two glass panels.
  • If you replace an old tub of a rectangular shower, after its installation you will have space for a washing machine.
  • If you want to purchase a spacious shower, but the bathroom space is not enough, take a look at the angular model plumbing - toilets and sinks.They will help to release a few extra square centimeters.
Elegant rectangular shower cubicle
Rectangular cabin with sauna
Shower with bathtub
Unusual rectangular shower