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August 12, 2017 18:06

Shower in a wooden house : types, selection , installation options

Shower in a wooden house
  • Cabin selection
  • Technological conditions: waterproofing and ventilation
  • drainage device
  • Where should I install?
  • Installation Options
  • best design ideas

Many believe that a country house should be built entirely of wood.With that, indeed, it is difficult to disagree, because in a wooden house is always a special air, it is easy to breathe, and surprisingly good sleep.Our grandparents have adapted to live in these homes, not thinking about the absence of certain facilities, such as hot water in the kitchen or the bathroom warm.But modern people are accustomed to comfort and not willing to settle for a cold shower in the courtyard and a bath on Saturdays - the usual attributes of the village recreation.

now a large selection of sanitary equipment allows to equip every home in accordance with our ideas about comfort.Selecting and installing plumbing for a wooden house - it is a serious matter that requires careful preparation.In this article we will talk about what you need to buy a sho

wer for a wooden house and what work should be performed before connecting.

Shower in the bathroom in a wooden house
Glass shower in a wooden house

Cabin selection

When choosing a shower in a house built of wood, it is necessary to take into account the parameters of the bathroom, because from them will depend on:

  • length and width of the cabin. minimum dimensions that need to be guided -. 80x80 cm Take a cab smaller does not make sense, because it will cause the washing process the solid comforts.. Standard sizes of cabins, which are suitable for almost any room - 90x90 and 100x100 cm If you allow the financial capabilities and parameters of the bathroom, you can buy a large-sized shower;the length of the largest model is 170 cm;the most expensive of which cost about one million rubles.
  • Cabin height. If you buy a shower in the freshly built wooden house, this parameter is particularly important, because wood usually gives few centimeters shrinkage.Consequently, the height of the ceiling, which is at the moment, you need to subtract a few centimeters.In addition, the cab height should be such that you are able to freely enter the unit in the room, and if necessary - to endure.For ease of installation, it is desirable to leave 30 cm of free space between the top of the cab and the ceiling.
  • cab form. This point is particularly important in terms of aesthetics, and in terms of squaring the bathroom.The form of the shower can be different - round, rectangular, asymmetric or even spiral.Choose needed depending on the styling of the room and its size.The smallest bathrooms fit perfectly angled models - in the form of a triangle or a polyhedron.They allow you to save space, it is very important, if every square centimeter counts.
Classical shower
Round shower

Another important factor that you need to look for when choosing a shower enclosure in a wooden house - it is its configuration. Showers are open and closed.Enclosed is a sealed box with walls, doors, floors and ceilings.Open showers are several variants.This may be a shower cabin, which is mounted between two walls of the bathroom, classic shower tray or with just a shower panel with shutters.The last option involves equipping the drain in the bathroom floor, which requires some construction work.

Large shower in a wooden house

Technological conditions: waterproofing and ventilation

tree like no other building material is subject to rot, so sealing arrangement in a wooden house has a special role.For these purposes, you can use obmazochnye or rolled materials.Experts strongly recommend first preferable because it does not have sharp, specific odor and do not require pre-treatment.

the waterproofing works start from the floor of the room. better suited for this concrete screed, but if you can not do it, you can lay a foundation floor cement particle board or board ATSEID.Further applied two coats of waterproofing material on top of them is laid a floor covering.As a floor covering suitable ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, vlagostoysky laminate, linoleum.However, the first two options - the most reliable.For laying tiles, always use good quality glue.

next step - waterproofing the walls of the bathroom. As with the floor in order to best effect, you would require twice as much material - turned to a two-layer coating.Waterproofing is attached to the walls or staple gun is welded using special equipment.Make sure that the joints of the lower layer of waterproofing sheets overlap upper layer.For the walls are commonly used tile or plastic panels.

Ventilation in the wooden house is absolutely necessary, otherwise it will be to live in is not comfortable. In the absence of ventilation in the house will begin to accumulate condensate zavedutsya nasty insects and excess moisture will lead to a gradual prognivaniyu all wooden structures.The first thing to take care of the passive ventilation, which is a system of channels and the ducts through which the air is moving.If the wooden building does not provide a bathroom, then this is enough.

rooms with high humidity, which include bathroom require a mechanical arrangement, that is, forced ventilation. To do this you need to buy a fan to regulate the speed of movement and the level of humidity.The normal ventilation in the bathroom in a wooden house should be approximately 110 cubic meters per hour - it is to such power devices need to be guided in the selection of the ventilation system.

Waterproofing of the floor in the bathroom in a wooden house
Waterproofing the walls
Ventilation in the bathroom in a wooden house

drainage device

If wooden house is connected to a central sewer system, then all the preparatory construction works everything for the bathroom on this end.If not, then you have to take care of the construction of the drainage system.This should be done at the stage of construction of the building.

There are two ways of drainage arrangement in the wooden house:

  • The place of location of the future bathroom in the ground digged roomy metal tank.At the bottom of it spread large stones and walls are treated with the help of a chisel.Then attach to the tank tube through which water will be discharged.
  • On the land dug a big, deep hole, which will serve as a drainage well.At the laying of sewer installed drainage system consisting of pipes and chutes through which water will go into the well.
Water supply and sewerage system in a wooden house

Where should I install?

place to install the shower enclosure must be chosen carefully, so how to change it is not always possible - not all places in the bathroom meet the following requirements:

  • flat floor without level differences;
  • proximity to the sewer and water pipes;
  • free space required for the repair and maintenance inspection of the control unit;
  • spill resistant electrical outlet.
Standard occupancy shower

above requirements rather technical.They need to be guided in any case, but should also consider the size and shape of the room shower.So, for a small bathroom a good solution would be a rectangular box mounted to the wall, and in a large room will look very impressive round shower, standing in the middle of the room.

Placing the wall shower
Freestanding shower in a wooden house

Installation Options

not have to buy a closed shower with three walls, door and tray ceiling.There are many ways to combine these components to each other. Select the option that is right for you:

  • shower stall with two walls - mounted close to one wall of the bathroom;
  • shower tray without - everything requires drain in the bathroom floor;
  • shower without a door and pallet - is a hydroisolated plot in the bathroom, separated from the rest of the room with brick walls, tiled;
  • shower without walls , fenced off waterproof curtain.
the near-wall placement
Corner placement
Design ideas bathroom design in a wooden house
Bathroom in a wooden house

best design ideas

  • We used to take a shower cabin attribute of the modern bathroom, which requires an appropriate stylingpremises.However, among the wooden walls, especially made of logs, glass and chrome shower cubicle elements look very beautiful and unusual.
  • With natural wood and stone texture blends well.If you choose a type of outdoor shower, we advise you to decorate the wall section to which it is adjacent, tiles, imitating natural stone.
  • wooden house is good that you can carry out sewer and pipe and install plumbing fixtures in any room, without coordinating this with the relevant authorities.Some design projects you can see the shower installed in the bedroom or on the veranda.Look to these decisions, because they are not only original, but also practical!
Shower in a wooden house
Stylish shower in a wooden house
Shower in a wooden house
Shower in a beautiful wooden house