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August 12, 2017 18:06

Apollo Shower cabin : types and ratings

Shower cabin Appollo
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In today's market of sanitary ware highlights the Apollo shower cabin.This brand is deservedly enjoys such a great popularity sincemanufacturer manages to combine high quality and functionality with an affordable price.Wide range of products allows you to choose the best model for almost every category of the population.

Shower Appollo


Showers Apollo brands include a wide assortment of almost any price category: from economy to luxury series.All products can be divided into several categories.For example, the type of construction can be identified such cabins:

  • Open. Basically, it is the simplest model.They consist of a pallet guard and have no insulating cap.It turns out a kind of shower cabin, perfect for a small bathroom.
  • closed. In this case, cabinet insulated capsule, or so-called boxing.Thanks to the top cover provides sound insulation and the possibility of creating a mini-sauna or steam cabins.For
    such models available many more features.Part of the equipment positioned directly on top of the cab.
  • Hybrid. If space is limited conventional booths acrylic trays, in such products, he goes beyond the screen and forms a full bath.Thus, it is possible to combine in a single product and a hot cabin and a bath in which to relax after a hard day.
Showers with Appollo bathroom

should also notice that for the production of a variety of materials used.Pallets are made of durable acrylic.Screens used for materials such as glass and plastic substitutes.For framework is mainly used stainless steel and lightweight aluminum.All joints are sealed securely.The doors can be hinged, but in most models used by sliding system that allows to save space in the bathroom.

Available functions

Showers Apollo is also known thanks to saturated functional.Depending on the specific model and its product price range it can be fitted with such devaysa:

  • whirlpool - the main advantage of modern cabins.It can be the side and front.Powerful jets of water supplied to the nozzles and render stunning relaxing effect;
  • hand shower - standard shower that we used to see in the bathroom, consisting of a handle, the spray gun and hose.It has several items with different combination of the number of jets and pressure;
  • overhead shower - the privilege of closed models.Otherwise, it is called a rain due to the large number of small jets of water;
  • air massage - available for some models with high pallet.Variation hydromassage, but in this case the nozzle is supplied air and not water;
  • lights - different degree of illumination as a simple, and with colored LEDs;
  • foot massage - provides not only pleasant, but also a useful therapeutic effect;
  • soundproofing - is achieved through tight closure flaps in isolated boxes;
  • radio - music in my heart will not be superfluous;
  • TV - expensive models can simultaneously enjoy the hot tub and watch your favorite programs;
  • phone - allows you to answer calls during bathing.
Showers Apollo with different functions

To defog the glass and does not accumulate moisture, produced the special treatment of the surface.Thanks to her, the droplets roll down and do not leave marks on the surface.

Dimensions models

Apollo produce cubicles most varied sizes.That is why you can choose the option for elegant spacious bathroom and a small room for the standard apartments.

are the most popular products with dimensions of 80x80 and 90x90 cm. Advantageously, this angular models.They can be curved, pentagonal, etc.

Shower Small Apollo

You can also buy a cabin in the overall angular format and straight.In such products available more features and tips for a massage and take a shower.Hybrids can reach sizes of up to 2 meters.The height of booths usually varies between 190-215 cm.

Shower rectangular Apollo

Customer Reviews

Reviews of Apollo products mainly positive.This is not surprising, because the company cares about its image and produces only high quality products to the market. However, beware of fakes.

Special praise deserves value for money showers Apollo.Against this background, the existing small defects become invisible and venial.Difficulties may arise in the event that mistakes were made when assembling the booth or incorrectly matched components for drain and water supply, but these problems can be fixed.

In general, Apollo - is one of the leaders in sales of showers in the domestic market.If you need to pick up a decent option, be sure to pay attention to the products of this brand.