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August 12, 2017 18:06

Dimensions corner shower 80x80 , 90x90 , 100x100 , standard

Corner shower
  • What is a corner shower?
  • Types and forms
  • Dimensions
  • How to choose the right size?

What is a corner shower?

Corner shower - this is one of the modifications of the shower box, the bottom of the sanitary device has a circle sector shape, which allows you to fit it into the corner of the bathroom.

Among the obvious advantages of angular shower enclosures can be called:

  • affordable price - these models are the most inexpensive among all available on the market;
  • compact - installed in the corner of the bathroom shower, can significantly save space and release a few dozen square centimeters, such as a washing machine or a bidet;
  • versatility - angular models are often equipped with additional features, such as nozzles for hydromassage or steam generator.
Shower corner
Corner shower non-standard
Corner cabin with sauna

Corner showers have the same drawbacks as other models of sanitary devices. Compared with bath showers losing on several counts:

  • need for additional waterproofing device on the floor and on the walls - i
    t concerns, first of all shower corners;
  • complexity connection - you must maintain a certain water pressure in the pipes and monitor the safety of electrical wiring;
  • lack some of the features possessed by an ordinary bath - shower in the cockpit low tray can not bathe or wash the child some big thing.

Types and forms

Corner shower can have several variants:

  • classic shower - equipped with a shower tray, two walls and shutters;
  • shower cabin - outdoor shower, equipped with a tray and sliding partitions;
  • combined shower - is a hybrid of the bath and shower, instead of a flat shower tray, this model is equipped with a deep enough font.
Classical shower
Shower Room
Shower combined with bathroom

In addition, corner shower boxes models differ in several key parameters: picking, pallet form, number and type of doors.

Corner shower can be a standard or expanded configuration.Standard equipment presupposes faucets, shower heads, whirlpool jets and ventilation systems as needed.Models expanded configuration often represent two adjacent box, one of which is designed specifically for the adoption of water treatments, and the second - for sessions steam bath, an infrared sauna, etc.These showers can also be equipped with a telephone, radio and other amenities.

The corner shower is usually installed one or two doors - sliding or hinged. sliding doors, working on the principle of wardrobe very comfortable in terms of saving space, but have not quite reliable mechanism, which can often break down.Swing doors are more reliable, but does not allow you to set next to the shower any furniture or sanitary equipment.

Shower with swinging doors

pallet form a corner shower enclosure can be very different, the main thing that he belonged right up to the walls of the room, leaving as little as possible unallocated space. most popular models:

  • triangle - has the shape of ΒΌ circle, gently curved front wall;
  • polygon - five-, six- and heptagonal model with straight front walls.
Triangular shower
Polygonal shower


greatest demand Corner showers in standard sizes, which can be installed in a room with virtually any parameters:

  • 80x80 cm - these are the dimensions of the smallest showers, which relate to the economy class.They easily fit even in the bathroom of the room Khrushchev.If dismantling the old bath, free space width of just 80 cm - the size of a standard bath.Half make room takes a shower, and the other half you can use at their discretion.
  • 90x90 cm - more spacious showers, the installation of which requires a bit more space.Showers of this size are particularly popular, as they allow to comfortably carry out water treatment, but it is compact enough.Choice models are much more than smaller showers.They belong to the higher price segment, and therefore come with some additional features.
  • 100x100 cm - showers of this size are suitable for spacious bathrooms, which, unfortunately, there is not in every home.However, if you live in a private home or in a house of modern construction and a happy owner of a large bathroom, then it can afford to shower, which is the size a bit larger than the standard.Typically, these models have many additional features.

All these showers are small-sized. Dimensions medium models start at 120 cm, and large - from 170 Large models often have an irregular shape and consists of two sections.Furthermore, there are non-standard sizes showers, for example, 70x135, 80x120, etc.

Corner shower 70x70
Corner shower 80x80
Corner shower 90x90
Asymmetric shower

How to choose the right size?

plumbers in stores you can find showers in size even smaller than 80x80 cm. These models are not recommended to take, as the process to wash them is not very convenient, especially for people of large build.

addition to the length and width should also pay attention to the height of the shower enclosure.Highest aggregates have a height of about 2.3 meters, and hence, will not fit in each room. choosing the size of the shower, you need to calculate everything so that you have enough space for free movement in the bathroom. In addition, it is necessary to ensure easy access to the shower box control unit - for repairs and preventive maintenance.

Semicircular shower
Rectangular shower
Designer Corner booth

The bigger and more expensive shower, so it is more functional.The most expensive models are equipped with spacious and functions ozonation, infrared, aromatherapy, hydro massage and several modes, etc.