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August 12, 2017 18:06

Mixer shower : repair, cartridges , 3 and 4 positions , modes

Mixer shower
  • Species
  • Types
    • Mechanical
    • Electric
    • Electronic
  • Selection Criteria
  • Replacement
  • Repair
    • fault in the single-lever mixer
    • Weak water pressure
    • notIt operates the switch to gander at the shower
    • not work pushbutton mechanism responsible for switching mode
    • Violation of the push-button mechanism for spring
    • Constant leaking goose or spout
  • Prevention

mixer plays an incredibly important role in the functioning ofshower.So today we will tell you in detail about its varieties, selecting features, repairs and more.


mixers that are used in showers, distinguished by two criteria:

  • installation method;
  • design.

By way of installation, in turn, devices are divided into two types:

  1. Wall. distinguish it from the faucet for the bathroom can be absent on the spout.All other parameters are identical.Management is poluoborotnym, touch or joystick.Today, wall mixers complement the most budget options showers.They are fairly easy to install, often for the installa
    tion does not require special training and assistance to artists.
  2. recessed.His set for the panel, with the result that the front part, we only see the control panel.If it is a fixed cabinet, while the mixer is mounted directly on the wall.
Wall mixer for shower
Built-in shower mixer

Compared to the wall, in embedded has clear advantages:

  • unnecessary design elements are hidden, they are not visible and do not violate the aesthetics;
  • They protrude from the lower wall, thus the level of comfort is increased by the adoption of the soul;
  • level mixer reliability is much higher.

is noteworthy that such a complex structure does not provide complex repair.Install, dismantle and replace the device can be completely yourself.

In terms of design, there are three kinds of mixers for showers.



simplest and most accessible from a financial point of view, an option that has three control methods - kranbuksa, joystick and valves.The latter today - is a rarity.It is preferable to choose the type of joystick because it is easy to adjust the temperature, pressure, plus it can be equipped with a thermostat.

Mechanical mixer for shower


relevant only for those who have no hot water all year round, and is served only in the heating season.The bottom line is that the mixer is inserted into a small heater flow type, by which through the funnel is served hot water.Type of control they always touch or joystick.

Some believe that electric mixers and very powerful because they will have to significantly increase the cost of your electricity bill.However, it is rather misleading, because the type of electric mixer will require no more than 500 watts.

Electric mixer for shower
Electric mixer for shower with heater


They touch or digital mixers. new generation device which has a wide list of advantages over other types.But the main advantage - it is easy to operate.there are only a touch panel through which you control all kinds of modes of operation of the mixer before you.The more expensive it is, the more features it is incorporated.In addition to the control by the flow and water temperature on the panel may have a phone function, ventilation, lighting, radio, TV and so on.

Electronic mixer for shower

Also do not forget about the modes that are available for mixers.They can be from 2 to 6. In this case, the most popular 3-D and 4-hrezhimnye device:

  • 3 positions - Hand watering, overhead shower and whirlpool lumbar department;
  • 4 position - manual head, shower, whirlpool gidropassazh waist and feet;
  • 5 and 6 positions - these are additional Spouts, which in practice are very rare.
Types of mixers for shower

Selection Criteria

choices today are more than enough:

  1. installation type. This will affect the cost and ease of use for your shower.Question individual in many ways.
  2. type mixer. also need to choose based on personal preferences and wishes, plus the financial possibilities.
  3. number of modes. One fairly simple soul of the usual watering, others want a tropical downpour over his head full body massage.Think about what modes you want to see in the shower, and what will really enjoy.
  4. Quality. Perhaps this criterion is put first.However, the modern market is literally filled with all sorts of showers from simple designs to the most cutting-edge solutions.Because the quality of the question somewhat relegated to the background because they are initially not as fragile and delicate as they were at the dawn of its inception.
  5. Additional features. Now manufacturers can offer a lot of additional properties, they are fitted with taps.Some showers have become baths, steam rooms, entertainment centers with radio, DVD players and much more.


mixer quality in cheap shower cabin is poor.If attempts to repair failed, the only way out of this situation - is a complete replacement of the entire mixer.This task is not simple, because its solution is better to entrust to specialists.

Sometimes repair provides only temporary results, so consider buying a new faucet, define its parameters, not to be mistaken with a choice.You already know what the criteria is necessary to pay attention, as well as what kinds of faucets for shower there.

But let's talk about popular faults and how to resolve them.


fault in single-lever mixer

As shown, most of the reason lies in a faulty cartridge.It is necessary to replace it, read more in the article about the repair of the cartridge in a mixer shower.

Weak water pressure

It is likely you have a clogged aerator, ie the nozzle, which is installed on the tap spout.We must act as follows:

  • Remove the nozzle (aerator);
  • Rinse or blow it.As a rule, lacking a simple wash under running water;
  • Install an aerator on its rightful place.
faucet aerator

does not work switch to gander at the shower

This suggests that seals the valve out of service.Therefore, they need to be replaced:

  • Shut necessarily in the apartment or house water;
  • Unscrew the nut from the goose and remove the spout;
  • Now we need to get an adapter, and a lever that changes the water;
  • there removed the old gaskets are installed in their place new ones.To find them is not a problem, but make sure that they are exactly the same;
  • sure to lubricate the gasket and valve, so it can be easily mounted in place;
  • Collect design in reverse order.

button does not work the mechanism responsible for switching mode

There is also likely to have worn seals.Replace them is not difficult:

  • first removed the button to switch modes;
  • then unscrewed switching mechanism with a wrench;
  • is extracted stem, checks the condition of the seals;
  • If necessary, the rubber elements are changed, the mixer is going in reverse order.
Mode button on the mixer - Faucet and Shower

Violation of the push-button mechanism for spring

also a common problem, which can be eliminated by replacing the spring:

  • Remove the hose and spout soul;
  • Carefully remove the adapter;
  • Remove the bezel blank, remove the retaining screw;
  • Then pulled out a button to switch Shower-gander;
  • stem is extracted along with the failed spring;
  • The wrap a piece of wire as a replacement spring.Be sure to check how well it works;
  • If all is well, collect the valve in the reverse order.

Constant leaking goose or spout

reason lies in the gaskets or "naughty" O-rings.They need to change, for which:

  • Remove the nut spout.If she does not give in, pour the boiling water;
  • Remove the spout;
  • Then carefully unscrewed the sleeve and the nut.This will require a hexagon;
  • From nuts, remove the sleeve;
  • Change-ring seals on the new;
  • Collect crane back.

During repair, remember that to use a specialized tool is only necessary to obtain the desired level of tension mounts.Do not apply too much force, because the mixer can be completely spoil.Then, your only option will be a complete replacement of the crane.And this, as you know, not a cheap pleasure.

Mixer in the shower


Through preventive measures, you can greatly extend the life of your mixer.

recommendations are quite simple, they are strongly encouraged to comply with:

  1. Avoid mechanical damage.Be the mixer with care, and then he will answer you with a long and effective work.
  2. Do not use cleaning agents is contraindicated for the materials which make up the mixer.Do not use aggressive substances, because they can hurt.
  3. Water purification.Ideally, hydromassage system must provide water purification system that did not get to the sand, lime and other components that could harm the mixer.Applied Filters coarse and fine cleaning periodically washed in order to maintain them in the correct functional condition.Alas, our tap water is poor.
  4. Care Cab.Periodically clean the cabin, clean the hydromassage nozzles, clean watering can, whenever possible.If used chrome elements, then try to wipe them dry after taking water treatments.