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Shower Cabins

August 12, 2017 18:06

Spare parts for shower cabins : a pallet and a podium , a mixer and a hot plate

parts for shower cabins
  • Podium
    • cab tray
  • tray
    • Small
    • Middle
    • High
  • Mixer
  • Lakey
  • Hot plate

Showers alloften find themselves in bathrooms of modern man.They are practical, can significantly save space, reduce the cost of water, as well as provide specific functionality that the traditional bath boasts certainly not capable of.

Nevertheless, sooner or later, you may need to purchase some spare parts for the cab to return to her previous functionality, or make something new in its capabilities.

Repair showers

Experience has shown that most users get three elements:

  • Podium;
  • tray;
  • mixer;
  • Lake;Hot
  • panel.

Accordingly, let's talk about each of these parts separately.

Pro fittings for shower, read another article.


It fundamental component cabin, which plays a significant role.It serves as a podium to underneath we had the opportunity to place the sink, communication.

Because it is important to choose wisely height of its location in advance to determine the structural features of the

pallet, which will be installed later on the podium.

In no case can not forget about waterproofing, protection from moisture podium.And so you can help protect not only themselves, but also their neighbors from possible leaks.Creation and organization of the podium is best left to professionals.

Podium for the shower
Podium for the shower

cab tray

This four walls, which are mounted directly on the floor.Comfortable and largely sensible system, but requires a fairly complex organization plum.

Showers without pallet
Shower without a tray


pan parameters can be quite different, but above all they are distinguished by size.Some people, because of the compactness of the bathroom, suitable small size of 70 by 70 centimeters pallets , and in the presence of free space, you can take something with indicators 170 80 140 or 90 centimeters , for example.

Also be sure to decide the height.From this perspective, the tray can be:

  • Petty;
  • average;
  • High;
  • without pallets.
The right shower trays


pallet minimum height that allows even your own child to climb into it.Rim overflow protection.

Small shower trays


board is slightly higher than that of the smaller, which allows them to seat a child to bathe the animals and so on.Practical, but not everyone is convenient due to physical or age restrictions.

Average shower trays
Pallets of medium depth for showers


Perhaps such trays may well be called a mini-bathroom, since the height of the board allows you to use it as a full bath for children or even adults.Many models have a comfortable seat that allows you to take a shower in a sitting position.

High pallets showers
Trays for shower cabins - high
deep shower trays

Also, when choosing a pallet taken into account the shape and material of which it is made.Remember that for you must have priority to two things - comfort and safety .And here it is necessary to take into account the needs of each family member.


also often replaceable unit.If you choose a good faucet, it may well last for about ten years.Unfortunately, in many respects on the service life adversely affects the quality of our water.

Mixers for shower cabins

Mixers can be different in design, installation feature, style and so on.Select can be such types:

  • single lever. Very easy to use, allows one hand to easily adjust the temperature and pressure;
  • dvuhventilnye. standard solution does not lose its relevance.It is easier to repair, plus mixers are more suited to the operating conditions in chlorinated water;
  • Thermostatic. reacts to movement of hands by temperature sensors.At home, their use is not very convenient, because different situations require the inclusion of different pressures and different temperatures.But for institutions - it is the ideal and modern solution.
Single-lever mixers for showers
Twin valve for showers
Thermostatic mixer for shower


Lake can be fixed on the wall , either manually with a hose different lengths.Which option is more convenient - you decide.

often complemented watering nozzles that create additional pressure, allows you to experience all the delights of the whirlpool.

Statistics show, a huge popular Lake rainshower. Their beauty is that they cover almost the entire body, creating a sense of your location in the pouring rain.

Watering for shower
Hand- watering with a hose for the shower

Alas, watering can not last forever, because eventually they have to be repaired or replaced.Now the range is wide, that allows you to choose a new watering can for virtually any modern shower cabin.

Hot plate

As you can imagine, such an element is present in the most expensive models of shower enclosures.Are they worth it?Apparently, yes.

Shower with hydromassage

Yet hydro - is a useful and pleasant procedure.For the management of its operating modes, the inclusion of certain functions responsible electronics, concentrated in the panel.

more complex the system, the greater the opportunities inherent in the cockpit.So, some of the panels are only responsible for hydro-massage, and using the most advanced turn on the music, lighting, ventilation, steam is and so on.

panel can be keypad or touch. From this point of view, Button worse , since the probability of moisture above. Touch will be more expensive, but its higher degree of security.

Push-button panel for a hot shower
The touch panel is a hot shower

Like it or not, you should always choose the parts very carefully.First of all, be guided by the quality of components, as well as their compliance with the general design of the cockpit and the entire bathroom.

Modern manufacturers offer consumers a whole scattering of parts, from cheap Chinese elements, to the expensive components of the highest European level.Their plant is better to entrust to specialists.Many companies that sell shower enclosures provide additional services on repair and maintenance.

Spare parts for showers