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Shower Cabins

August 12, 2017 18:06

Showers to give : with heated water , a review of the best materials

Outdoor showers for cottages
  • Wooden
  • Metal
  • Polycarbonate Plastic
  • Opened Closed

Shower cabin at his dacha - a good thing.It will after a hard day in the garden or while relaxing to take water treatments, a refreshing wash.

However, many wonder - what exactly to choose a booth.In fact, today there is an enormous diversity, including, depending on the materials of manufacture.

We will discuss the most popular types of showers:

  • of wood;
  • Of Metal;
  • polycarbonate;
  • of plastic.

In addition, we will talk about the features of closed and open structures.Perhaps it will find you the perfect solution for you.

shower to give the heated water water water, read the other state.O how to make the shower to give heated, read in another article.


In our country, a huge popular stall is made of wood.Not surprisingly, because this material has an abundance of advantages, among which:

  • availability;
  • Sustainability;
  • ease of handling and assembly;
  • small financial expenses.
outdoor showers for cottages

stores today offer va

rious versions suburban street wooden shower.Some are simple design and made of inexpensive wood species, while others - it is a real work of art.Sometimes the shower is combined with the toilet.

A large wooden outdoor shower

It should be understood that the tree would not be a danger in terms of combustion, since this moment carefully considered in the manufacture of cabins.Because the wood is coated with antiseptics, antistatic agents, protective agents against fungus, mold, fire and so on.

Simple outdoor shower for the garden

If you decide to build a booth by yourself, then you need to follow certain steps, and to take into account important nuances:

  1. first create a frame and roof, which installed a water tank.Even carcass tree necessarily be processed so that moisture and other factors have not led to its rapid degradation.
  2. Neglecting impregnated wood cabin design may dry up or conversely, suffer from excess moisture.
  3. Next paneling made from the treated boards, mounted doors, hooks and other accessories, creating a practical and attractive design.
  4. linked the communications, fill up the tank on the roof of the water, heat it and you are ready to use.Of course, it is necessary to provide drainage.

Wooden cabins can be characterized as practical, visually appealing and cost-effective solution for the suburban area.

Wooden outdoor shower


Of course, one of the main and obvious advantages of metal booths - is the strength.However, even this did not save them from losing still relevant.Increasingly gardeners refuse to metal, but instead prefer the more modern and practical materials. Although we should not forget that many of the booths of different materials often need a metal frame.

Wooden outdoor shower on a metal frame

decline in demand for the metal cabins is easy to explain.They are difficult to construct, required welding, special fasteners.Yes, and the metal is expensive, corrosion resistant, strong warming in the sun, bringing discomfort inside the case.

I do not want to put these solutions in a negative light too, but you need to speak objectively.Metal - is not the best material from which to create a dacha shower today.

Metal outdoor shower to give

Polycarbonate Polycarbonate - a polymeric form of plastic that has a unique structure.Creating sheet material is extruded.Due to this, the product becomes thermoplastic, returns its properties during solidification.The number of cycles of melting at the same time does not matter.

Also worth noting a few key features that characterize the polycarbonate as a practical and profitable in all respects material for the construction of showers and not only:

  1. Lightweight.Compared with cellular glass, polycarbonate weighs about six times less.Thus, you can create the most unique, original design that will not be pretty easy.
  2. high strength.The molecular structural features of the material provides excellent impact resistance.That is, you do not have to fear for the safety of your shower, when suddenly a strong wind or rise, for example, the branch will fall on her.
  3. excellent thermal and sound insulation properties.This polycarbonate managed to get through the air that filled the interior of the polymer void.Because inside the cabin is warm and quiet, allowing to fully relax and enjoy your shower.
  4. plasticity.If you do not want a simple rectangular booth, polycarbonate would be the best solution for you.For these products to bend, thereby creating a unique shape design.
  5. Temperature resistance.As we have said, the product can be warmed up to 120 degrees Celsius.Plus they can withstand severe frosts down to -40 degrees.Therefore, even in extreme cold design does not suffer.
Shower Polycarbonate
Private outdoor shower made ​​of polycarbonate in the country


  1. design quickly assembled.This material has a low weight, which is why the assembly is carried out quickly and without too much physical exertion.Help from professionals is unlikely to be required.
  2. plates are flexible, which means that they will be difficult to damage during construction.Although still try to act carefully.
  3. polycarbonate characterized by a fairly impressive strength, because he is not afraid to mechanical impact or strong wind.
  4. It is non-flammable material that can withstand temperatures up to 120 degrees.The sun's rays are distributed evenly over the entire surface, then there will not be affected to a certain point.
  5. You do not need an additional tool, apart from the standard set, as well as the purchase of any additional materials.
  6. by heating the material hardly deformed, because the car will be long and reliably, and at any time of the year.
  7. Lifetime booths polycarbonate impressive, because this arrangement will serve you for many years.

Cons not so significant, but they are recommended to take into account:

  • Polycarbonate prone to scratches.It spoils the appearance of the structure.Plus, will actively accumulate dirt and wash them will be difficult in these scratches.
  • presence of a small deformation during temperature changes.Because in the construction of the booth should leave small gaps.
  • Fear of ultraviolet radiation.Although today the lack of virtually irrelevant, since vendors okleivayut panel protective films.Thus the destructive processes do not start.

about how to make shower made of polycarbonate, read in another article.It presents the whole process step by step.This booth to do just enough.


If we take into account the materials that are used today to create a summer showers, the best it can be regarded as plastics.Although polycarbonate is not much inferior to him, and sometimes ahead.

Anyway, the construction of booths made of plastic requires the mandatory presence of carcass.For this purpose, suitable as wood and metal.

Plastic outdoor shower to give

To understand the beauty of plastic constructions, call their main advantages:

  • They are not afraid of moisture, extreme temperatures;
  • not require additional painting, priming, grinding and so on;
  • not need special care for a long time retains a beautiful appearance;
  • Wallpapers films may thus be updated each season appearance booths;
  • plastic structures allows to attach all sorts of shapes and sizes, because the range is enormous;
  • offered at an attractive price.At the same time, there are options like low cost, and quite expensive, made of high quality plastic and with all kinds of decorative elements;
  • is possible without the help of professionals to build their own booth from the ground, or a couple of hours to assemble the finished design.
Plastic outdoor shower

Design features a shower cabin divided into two types:

  • Open;
  • closed.


Open type also has its own advantages and features:

  • product is cheaper, requires less costs for self-construction;
  • The design is simple, as devoid of many other elements characteristic of closed cabins;
  • has little weight;
  • has compact dimensions.

open cabin provides that only three of the walls, or even less.This has a positive effect on the weight, allows you to position the construction on loose ground.After all, fear of failure in the ground is not necessary.It is enough to place it in a closed corner of your country, or the open wall of the house, and then no one will see you.Either purchase a curtain.

Open outdoor shower for the garden


least four walls, then there you from all sides will be protected from prying eyes.This fact allows you to fully relax, to enjoy taking a shower at his dacha.

Of course, the design is more complicated, and therefore more expensive, heavier.It is partially deprived of the advantages of open cubicles, but still looks better.

Enclosed outdoor shower for the garden

As you can see, choose today is from what.Therefore, try to think literally every point regarding selecting a villa shower cubicles, which are located in your area.

It is important to pay attention to such things:

  • financial capabilities;
  • Self-construction, professional assistance, or purchase a complete solution;
  • place for the location of the booth;
  • its operating activity and seasonality of use;
  • to periodically check the state of care and lockers (if you are in the country is extremely rare, needs an expensive booth no).

That detail thoughtful approach will allow you to get a perfect walk-in shower, which will deliver maximum comfort and minimum hassle.