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Shower Cabins

August 12, 2017 18:06

Shower polycarbonate to give their own hands : from the designer to install

Shower Polycarbonate
  • Stages
    • Creating a project
    • Construction cabins
    • Warming
    • selection and installation of tank
    • Create heating
    • Organization drain
  • rules of operation

Have cottage orsummer house - that's fine.Here you can engage in the cultivation of vegetables, fruits, to create a beautiful garden, relaxing with the kids, friends.That is more than enough options pastime.

However, you will want to take a shower, freshen up after work in the garden or in the garden.To do this, of course, you need the appropriate tools.

Just pour a bucket of water - not the most pleasant option.Making the whole bathroom is not always possible. Because the optimal solution - is to build with their own hands shower.A as perfectly suitable polycarbonate material.

Pros and cons of polycarbonate were discussed in detail in our article about the outdoor showers.


Having decided to build his own hands the shower cubicle, using polycarbonate, we recommend to split the work into several stages:

  • Creating a project;
  • Fitted shower;
  • Warming;
  • selection and installation of the tank;
  • Create heating;
  • drain Organization.
Stages of construction of a shower enclosure made ​​of polycarbonate to give

Let's discuss each of these in more detail.

Creating a project

At this stage, you need to take a piece of paper, or use the computer's capabilities.

Consider what form you want to do, will have a booth space for changing how the growth and size of the largest member of your family.The calculations should be done on the basis of these parameters.

Standard dimensions for the shower are:

  • 1 square meter - square floor area;
  • 2,5 meters - the height of the booth.
Draft shower to give polycarbonate

Of course, the project could have a number of specific features, based on your wishes, requirements.The most important thing - to think through every centimeter pinpoint design dimensions, to provide a place of its location, and the ability to bring communications as needed. Do not forget to drain the system.

Construction cabins

  • Make layout area for the foundation.
  • Dig a pit depth of about 80 centimeters.
  • At the bottom lay profiled steel pipes, which are installed at the same level.
  • Fill the hole with concrete mortar.
  • Proceed to assemble the metal frame.Metal Corners going square and fixed welding machine.So you create the area under the tank and the floor.
  • angles obtained squares are mounted racks, to create something like a box.
  • Plan the location of the door before you fasten the cross bar.They are suitable for pipes with a diameter slightly less than the diameter of the pillars.They are welded or fixed by bolts to the base frame.
  • Now hang the door hole and treat metal parts with special primers and paints.
  • Proceed to the arrangement of the floor.Then you need a special tube.Through it will leave the water in the drainage system.This water can come in handy for watering the garden.
  • If you do stall with a cloakroom, limit the possibility of getting water there.It's enough to make the trip or on the floor threshold.
  • resulting structure is sheathed polycarbonate.As practice shows, the optimum thickness of the sheet - 20 mm.Fixing is carried out by means of bolts.
Yama for a shower enclosure made ​​of polycarbonate
Fill the floor for a shower enclosure made ​​of polycarbonate
Building a framework for the shower and cottages lining him polycarbonate
Construction of the floor shower enclosure made ​​of polycarbonate
Construction of the floor shower enclosure made ​​of polycarbonate to give
Construction of the shower enclosure made ​​of polycarbonate


If you plan to winter use walk-in shower,it means necessarily Insulate it.Here, the best solution will foam.Fill them to the frame compartments before plating.It is also recommended to close films polymer sheets that protect against moisture and steam.

Making booth more attractive appearance will help linoleum, PVC panels or oilcloth.There are already guided by their own preferences, but choose only washable materials.

Selection and erection

tank tank must be installed on the roof of the cab, so that it is exposed to direct sunlight.So the capacity to quickly and efficiently warm.

Tank for shower from polycarbonate

Think about how you will be more convenient - to fill the tank manually or connect it to the hose from the water pipe.

Form your pick, exactly like the material - aluminum, plastic, steel. Note that plastic the most simple to use, easy to transport, they quickly warm up the water.However, in the winter be sure to cover the plastic container to protect it from frost.

Tank for shower on a summer residence
The capacity of the water for the shower at the cottage

Metal heavy and bulky, require regular maintenance and a more powerful frame.

As for the volume, then guided by the number of family members and the intensity of use of the shower. Generally, 200 liters is enough.

Create heating

heating can fully charge the sun. often many do.However, in a short time, the water is heated.Therefore it is necessary to look for alternatives.

The natural way of heating water for the shower at the cottage

For example, you can make something like a greenhouse on the roof of the booth.This is the simplest design of the slats covered with polyethylene.Such measures can increase the heating temperature at 10 degrees.

Heated water for shower of polycarbonate in the country

also good at helping the mirror foil, which are mounted on the north side of the structure.

Do not forget to install the float in the tank, which will raise the cold water upstairs and take a shower, you can have a heated water.

For winter operation the heater is recommended to install high - something like a boiler. better with divided tank into two sections - a hot and cold water.In 50 liters of water heating boiler with a capacity of 2 kW you need half an hour.The simplest mixer will make a warm shower.

Organization drain

To do this, you need a small depression, the compost pit, the drainage system and the quality septic tank.

Note can not be directly under the cab post septic tank and drainage, as it will lead to the emergence of unpleasant smells.Also, do not forget to make a drain hole is greater than the volume of used water tank.

The pit in the country to drain the water from the shower enclosure made ​​of polycarbonate

Operating Rules

beauty of polycarbonate is that it does not need special care and careful.

  • become dirty stray jet of water from a hose.
  • Do not rub the panel with a hard cloth, do not use detergent with abrasives, so as you create a lot of scratches.
  • before using this or any other means, ensure that its constituent components are not dangerous for polycarbonate.
How to use the shower enclosure made ​​of polycarbonate in the country

That's all.Build a cabin in the cellar, and simple operating rules will allow for many years to enjoy the warm, reassuring shower on your summer cottage.