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August 12, 2017 18:06

Shower with steam generator sauna and steam bath in the shower , features and options

Shower with steam generator
  • Types
  • Features
  • Options
  • Tips for Choosing
  • How to install a steam generator
  • Care and Preventive Maintenance

no secret that modern technology has leaped forward, touching virtuallyall parts of our lives.The en suite bathroom is no exception.How I want to come home, cold autumn evening a good warm up and relax.Previously, this was only possible by taking a hot bath, but now it can be done easily in the presence of the shower with a steam generator.

Shower with steam


steam generator allows you to maintain in the shower saturated steam at different temperatures. It turns out that at the maximum humidity, we also have a high temperature, as in a bath.Pleasure is not cheap, but worth it.

These showers can be fitted with additional devices:

  • phone;
  • stereo system;
  • additional ventilation system;
  • aromatherapy treatments.

all conditions to ensure maximum comfort, relaxation and pleasure.

manufacturing material can be quite varied.Of course, if a manufacturer produces a booth made

of natural stone, then, respectively, and it will cost more expensive than usual.

Shower of plastic is cheaper, but the heating we are exposed to harmful chemicals.

most ideal material is considered to be tempered glass.It is durable and can withstand high temperatures.

steam generator

showers with steam generator necessarily equipped with ventilation systems.It provides air circulation: the exhaust air is removed, and ensured the influx of steam-saturated air.Use of the steam generator leak requires a cab.

to heat retained as long as possible, the roof and the cabin once a pallet assembled by the manufacturer, and delivery to the buyer is carried out already assembled.Thus, to establish the booth will be much easier and simpler.

Dimensions showers with steam generator can be very diverse, and include seats, and components for the SPA procedures.

most optimal size will stall, having a side of 90 cm or more.

Ventilation in the shower
A small cabin with a steam generator
Shower with a steam generator for two


As mentioned above, the shower with a steam generator is very expensive.Therefore, in order to save, you can buy a separate steam generator and install it yourself.And it will be 10-15 times cheaper than purchasing the cabin, complete with a steam generator from producer. If the criteria to take the water heating process and a way to create steam, the steam generators can be classified: on the electrode, and TENovye induction.

Steam in the shower

They differ from each other:

  • electrode electrodes heat the water. steam formed by the water heating electric current through the electrodes.
  • TENovye steam have heaters to produce steam.
  • Induction steam generators use high-frequency radiation.

most optimal location of the steam in the shower - it's bottom.Thus, the cabin will warm uniformly, due to the action of steam which rises vverh.Nalichie ventilation will generate the desired temperature.

The steam generator for shower - cabin heater
electric steam generator
Infrared sauna


manufacturers offer a choice of showers with additional options.

Key additions functions:

  • option "Turkish bath" is already considered a basic equipment.Dimensions a shower not great.Humidity in a cabin is 100%.At the same time it is heated to the optimum temperature of + 45 ° C in a short time.This temperature is considered to be very comfortable, because it does not allow us to burn on contact with metal components kabinki.Plyusy Turkish baths that our body is perfectly exempt from all toxic substances, the accumulation in the body.As a result, we feel much better.
  • often specified as an option Finnish sauna .In fact, it is - a publicity stunt producer.Start in the shower Finnish sauna conditions with an air temperature of + 100 ° C is not possible.Even in terms of personal safety.Therefore, buying a cabin with such a function, be aware that the conditions there are, of course, far from the real "Finnish".A distinctive feature of the Finnish sauna to the Turkish bath is the humidity.The booth with the "Finnish" options has a moisture content of 20-30%.
  • Another view of cabin - sauna with infrared radiation. Typically, this shower is divided into two parts, one of which - it's just a shower, and the second is equipped with infrared lamps and wooden flooring.It warms the human body in a shower faster than in the Turkish bath.Medicine officially declared about the benefits that accrue from such a device.Healing and tonic effect showers with steam generator confirmed scientifically.And in the winter and autumn, they just need our body.
Turkish bath in the shower cabin
Shower with the function of the Finnish sauna
Finnish sauna

Tips for Choosing

should be noted that any steam generator is powered by the mains.Therefore, initially to determine which steam generator you need, based on the classification above: an electrode, or the induction of heaters.

Each steam generator has two component parts:

  • body;
  • control panel.

case protects the tank, where the water evaporates, the heating devices and other components.

Control Panel monitors and changes the operating modes, steam supply, controls the process as a whole.

choosing a steam generator, pay attention to the amount consumed by their power, its function and power.

Also important is the material from which made the floor of your cubicle.

preferable to wood becauseit is heated gradually.Plus - it is a real natural ingredients does not release toxins when heated, unlike plastic.In the process of heating the tree will exude a unique flavor.

Plastic shower with a steam generator

Do not forget to pay attention to the content of resinous substances in the wood.Agree, if in the process of heating the resin will perform - it will be quite an unpleasant surprise.

The wooden floor in the shower

How to install a steam generator


  1. To begin with check how tight our shower.It is better if the steam generator will be out of the shower stall.After all, it is equipped with electric cables and their contact with water can cause a short circuit with all the ensuing consequences.
  2. is a place where our steam generator will be installed.It can be located on the wall or on the floor.The main thing - to its distance from the shower stall was not more than 10 meters.At least 50 cm should be between the wall or the floor and the steam generator.Steam pipeline must be tilted to the bath, so that the steam can freely 'leak'.
  3. If you want to install the steam generator on a wall, always with a drill, drill holes into which dowel set and then screws.
  4. flexible metal hose pipe, in which water is supplied, is connected to the water inlet ball valve.
  5. steam generator and a steam line connected copper pipe, plastic pipe and connects the steam pipe and sewage.
Installation of the cabin wiring
Installation of the steam generator
Connecting the steam shower

electrical connection - the final stage of installation.

before full operation, you need to check: fill with water the water supply pipe and turn on the steam generator.If done correctly, then after a 4-5-minute steam generation process begins.Turn off the device and turn on again.Therefore, we produce all the steam out. After that you can safely use the steam generator.

Even minimal cost steam generator is able to transform your shower stall in a great place where you can improve your health and stay in a stressful situation, on which we, unfortunately, are not insured.

Care and Preventive Maintenance

To enjoy a long time your expensive purchase, you must follow it and periodically inspect.In the operation of the sensors on the water may appear plaque.

If you have found it, then they need to be removed and placed in a solution of vinegar.Further sensors are dried and placed back into place.

sure to periodically inspect electrically!Damage to this component is fraught with life-threatening consequences.Other appliances also need examination.

Electrocable in the shower

Scale formation - is an inevitable process, which deals with the heating elements.Work tank also affected by this "disease."

With special solutions, the formation of scale is easily eliminated:

  1. steam line is disconnected.
  2. Poured special solution.
  3. unit runs for 3 minutes with the composition.
  4. steam generator is switched off
  5. solution is drained.
  6. system is thoroughly rinsed with water.

Do not forget that any device will be longer retain its functionality when it is neat and careful operation.This also applies to the shower with a steam generator.