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August 12, 2017 18:06

My shower : how to clean properly , wash acrylic, metal and glass

My shower
  • Types care
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So you - happy owner of a shower enclosure.What tools are suitable to care for her, and how to preserve it as long as possible in their original form?

Types care

To shower cabin delight you with its purity, often spend its disinfection.Judicious use - is a pledge of longevity.

Typically, manufacturers of components cockpit a large set of elements of different materials.Caring for them is not difficult.

Warn problem better immediately.Routine maintenance takes so much time.

When all water treatment is finished, rinse the remnants of hygiene products.After the procedure, wipe the doors and bumpers, keep an open booth.Let it enter you into the habit.Then pernicious fungus and mold is not exactly zavedutsya.

How to clean shower

General Cleaning is carried out at least once every two weeks. Although it depends on the frequency of use.Do not drive the cab until the stubborn lime deposits.Display them will be quite difficult.

Many manufacturers recommend that showers its specialized tools for ongoing care, as well as compounds with water-repellent effect.

Aerosols - the most popular.They are fairly easy to apply on the surface and after a while simply rinsed off with water.If cleaning must be carried out while standing in an enclosed cabin, the nozzles should be avoided in order to avoid poisoning pairs.Foams, gels and creams are distributed manually, in which case their cost and use.

Note that different household chemicals performs different functions, some suitable only to maintain cleanliness.

Purchase several types of cleaning products for surfaces of different materials, but never mix.

Observe the dilution.Do not exceed the specified exposure time.Immediately after cleaning rinse with plenty of water, completely removing the residues.Again, do not forget to collect all the water with a cloth.

Means for cleaning shower

My glass

glass enclosure showers eventually lose their luster.Premature contamination can be avoided.Therefore, after every shower, use a rubber or polyurethane scraper for eviction water.These devices fit snugly to the surface and remove dirt effectively.But soap plaque and stains can still be.Return the transparency of glass pieces to help special sprays.They contain in their composition or alcohol and ammonia left little residue.But they can cause allergies.

My glass in shower

doors made of frosted glass, dirty less.Spots and stains on it will be virtually unnoticeable.


The vast majority of models of shower enclosure is made of acrylic.It is basically a pallet and the wall, which is built into a hot shower or installation.

Acrylic - quite cheap material, but from the point of view of sanitation, almost perfect.Behind it is easy to look after. It is well washed with soap and a soft sponge. If particularly dirty, use the cleaning products in the form of is not necessary to rub too vigorously, so as not to have been scratched.

However, there are special funds for this material.Polishing with wax to prevent the settling of dirt and create a water-repellent effect.But they should only be applied with a soft cloth or sponge.

If somehow appeared on acrylic damage and wear, use a special set.They restore and polish the surface, as well as fill up defects.

Read more in our article about what to wash acrylic bathtub.

My acrylic in shower


The production of shower enclosures and can not do without the metal, it is more durable, unlike plastic.This material is used in the manufacture of cabin frames, trays, faucets and hoses.The surface can be either chromed or anodized.Such materials fade with time.The reason for this is water containing various impurities.From them, and then there is limescale and scum.

Experts advise to set filters based on ionoobraznyh resins for water softening.This will reduce unwanted "education".

clears all without difficulty, if it is done regularly.Making metal shine can be special means.To do this they must apply and sustain a certain time.Then rinse thoroughly and wipe with a soft cloth.Always strictly follow the instructions on the packaging of household chemicals.Otherwise, the metal is not only clean, but also lose shine forever.

Pure metal in shower

means that you can not use

Remember: never use abrasive cleaners, as well as hard brushes, steel wool and microfibre.They are harmful to all surfaces that are discussed above.Even if a chemical product packaging states that it is "universal", better leave it on the shelf.

All pastes and powders scratch as glass, metal and plastic so.Of course, the fine particles contained in them cope with a touch and dirt, but regular cleaning, the surface will be rough.

Over time, more and more dirt will be collected in scratches.Remove it with each cleaning becomes more difficult.It is clear that it will forever ruin the appearance of the shower.

Acrylic is not suitable household chemicals, which includes ammonia, various types of acids and alkalis. Cleaning with color pigments and organic solvents also can not be used for cleaning.

Metal, in turn, "fear" means containing hydrochloric, formic, phosphoric and acetic acid. Just do not use drugs, which include the bleaching liquor with active chlorine, since these may be stained.

We do not buy cheap equipment and want to use it as long as possible.Therefore, such care will ensure many years of service and proper appearance.