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August 12, 2017 18:06

Shower tray with his own hands

Shower tray with his own hands
  • height Selection, shapes and sizes
  • Preparations
  • Manufacturing
  • ladder mounting Features
  • Step by Step
  • grouting the wall and finish waterproofing
  • Finishing materials and laying

alternative to the purchased shower trays are the trays, made with his own hands, because even the layman is quite able to make their efforts and make a pallet on their own.This will save money and at the same time express their imagination and creativity.

Shower built yourself

height Selection, shapes and sizes

for repairs in the bathroom planning stage you decide to install a shower tray or a shower?You have several ways to implement this idea.Buy ready-made shower, buy ready-made shower tray or shower to make your own hands.

The advantages of self-production are the following arguments:

  • significant savings;
  • opportunity to pan of any shape and size;
  • choose decorative coating, in accordance with the design of the entire room;
  • to establish exactly what the per capita equipment that is necessary for you;
  • select or order individual guard.

As a result, you will have an exclusive shower, as to which you are absolutely sure.In this article, we'll show you how to correctly build a shower tray, what materials and tools you'll need, and help you avoid mistakes in the construction and decoration.

Individual design of the shower

Choosing a place for the construction of the shower tray. It is advisable to place it near the communications, but this issue is not critical, with the competent communications wiring, you can make a pallet anywhere in the bathroom.Pay special attention to the screed and waterproofing the floor in the room:

  • for a city apartment is best suited lightweight screed and lightweight design of the pallet.
  • in a private home or at the cottage weight of the structure is set only at the organization bathrooms on the upper floors of the house.In this case, you must calculate the permissible load on the overlap.
Alternative arrangement shower

Select pallet form. It all depends on your imagination and experience in the construction and size of the room.Equally important is the ease of future pan for all family members.For example, if you have a full or elderly pallet size should be large, and it is desirable to have a streamlined shape.The absence of sharp corners will be a guarantee of security.

Select skirting height of the pallet. Choices for pallet height is huge, you can do without a side by purchasing a special ladder or build a mini-pool.However, these options are available in the main only the owners of private houses, because the installation of the shower ladder "on the floor" requires raising the general level of the floor and a larger layer of screed.Mini-pool - this is a very heavy design and completely filled with water, it can lead to the collapse of supporting structures or ceilings.

Standard height of shower tray can be considered the height of one brick from the inner surface of the pallet.

The pallet is asymmetric form
Pallet semi-circular shape
Tray without sides


When ready to plan for the future design and made all the calculations, is to buy all the necessary materials, it can be:

  • ladder;
  • bricks;
  • cement mortar and sand;
  • waterproofing sealant or other material of a similar purpose;
  • waterproof film or roofing felt;
  • finishing materials and adhesive or mortar for laying a decorative coating.

more you need the following tools and fastening materials:

  • roller or brush;
  • marker;
  • punch;
  • screwdriver;
  • trowel;
  • building level, beacons;
  • screws, dowels, plugs and gaskets.

first stage - is to prepare the base, which will be built on a pallet.Clean the surface of the floor and the surrounding walls.If the floor is not the initial concrete screed, then do it.Gruntuem base.It is necessary and in order to seal the construction of your future and to prevent formation of mold and bacteria in operation.If you want to make a more comfortable pallet, under the subfloor can pave the system "warm floor".

Prepare the base
Primary waterproofing
construction design
Secondary waterproofing
Filling solution

second stage : mating pipes inclined ramp with sewagerigidly fix it.The angle of drainage must be at least three degrees.

third stage - fill it with cement-sand mixture and lay the foundation of bricks and bumpers, given the height of the ladder and leaned toward him.Next, carefully sealing the entire structure.The tray is ready for final finishing.


tray can make use of cement and ready-made concrete blocks or bricks.Bricks better not buy silicate and ceramic, as this type of brick is resistant to water.

For wooden floor will be right to make the concrete floor and lay on her ladder, and then lift the tray to the level of the ladder.In this case, it will be necessary to do the formwork and a few weeks to wait until the concrete hardens completely.In no case can not use cement-lime compositions for surfacing.It should take only pure cement and sand.

Brick and concrete for the construction of the shower tray

mounting Features ladder

Sewer ladder - a drainage system from the pallet. Usually bathrooms are choosing plastic models.They are lightweight, easy to install, easy to clean, and they are resistant to corrosive household chemicals.

Current models are equipped with a siphon, which prevents the penetration of the unpleasant smells of sewage in the room.

drain hole of the ladder can be placed in the corner of the tray, and maybe in the middle of the structure.Note that to make the right slope to the drain, placed in the corner of a lot easier.

If you still choose to install the drain in the center of the pan, arrange the right level of the water draining him.There are solutions to embed the ladder is not on the floor, and the wall that is the latest fashion trend, but it requires a lot of effort and knowledge of installation technologies.

The ladder in the center of the pallet
Corner stairs
Ladder in the wall

The shape of ladders can be different: square or curly, round or oval and triangular.They can be equipped with different grids, gaskets, seals, with a different diameter of the siphon and outlet pipes.There are entire shower trays that perfectly disguised as tile and sink will not be noticeable at all.

Shower tray long

most important point that we must always remember when dealing with water - a quality waterproofing.Any joints and assembly seats are installed only with the use of gaskets and seals.Even if they are not provided in the purchased ladder, it is better to buy separate pads and further process all joints special silicone sealant.

Installation of the shower ladder

Mounting ladder usually begins with the establishment of pipe, which must be fastened tightly in the pan, so that no influence could not move it and thus disrupt the integrity and reliability of the system.Remember the drainage slope.If your pan is lower than a sewer drain, the inclination at least not be able to achieve 3 degrees, in this case raise the pallet level and provide the necessary slope drainage.When the entire drainage system is installed, install beacons level height of the internal space of the pallet.Beacons to help make the right slope of the future pan.Then we proceed to the formation of rough ground.

Installation of pipes and ladder

Step by Step

Given that each case must be treated separately, and that all options for the features it is your way of arrangement of the shower tray, take a typical example: the tray is made of concrete.

  • Paul and part of the wall, which will adjoin to your soul, you must thoroughly clean, fluff waterproofing composition, such as mastic asphalt with high adhesion.
  • then set the ladder and poured a concrete screed.floor level should be such that subsequently laid tiles would be flush with the ladder.That is, provided the thickness of the tile plus the thickness of the tile adhesives.Make sure that the slope of the floor has been sent directly to the opening of the drainage system.
  • After drying set wooden formwork, the width of the board should be at least 4 cm, and fill the bumpers.Masters are advised when a thick layer of poured concrete to wait for the complete drying of at least two weeks.

grouting the wall and finish waterproofing

As already mentioned, waterproofing - overriding stage in the construction of the shower tray.First seal the joints between floors and walls should occur during the preparatory phase, or when the film, and preferably several layers of roofing material to be laid on the floor so as to completely close any gap in the field docking walls and floor.After that, the floor and walls adjacent processed carefully waterproofing compound - it is applied as a primer mixture evenly.The required layer thickness is determined by the instructions on the package.On the walls and floor joints Ideally I would like to lay special waterproofing tape.

Next waterproofing layer is done after drying the pallet base, before tiling.Once again, to paint the same mixture, lay at the junction of special tape.After finishing all the joints of the shower tray with walls or fences treat the sealant.

Finishing waterproofing

Finishing materials and laying

Self-erection of structures can be finished to your liking, the only requirement for decorative coatings - a moisture resistance and anti-slip properties.Information on these indicators can be found on the packaging of tile or other finishing materials.Laying tiles on the floor and a side wall of the shower tray is not different from the usual installation of tiles on the floor.Starts a notched trowel, apply tile adhesive, then the tiles are well and evenly pressed.It is desirable that the joints between the tiles were minimal.

tile trim
Finishing tray mosaic
Finishing with stone

It is best to use a pallet mosaic tiles. It is easier to install, virtually non-slip and provides an opportunity to realize the creative abilities.If the shower tray is adjacent to walls or partitions, you can fully decorate the adjacent space or put a mosaic on the wall mosaic in harmony with the foundation.

After drying is required to overwrite the seams between the tiles or mosaics waterproof grout.

rim angles in order to avoid injuries can be finished with special areas.Do not forget to pick up a shower.

If you are all right angles are sustained, and the surface is well aligned, then the mosaic will lie smoothly, beautifully and will be pleasing to the eye, and the shower tray will be a long and trouble-free.