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August 12, 2017 18:06

Repair of shower cabins with their own hands : Pallet Repair , plum and other damage

Shower in the bathroom
  • most common faults showers
  • Repair
    • shower tray
    • Plum
    • Mixer
    • Door rollers
    • Electrical
    • housing and glass
  • Preventing breakdowns

Everyone understands that nothing durable does not happen.In a life as there are different breakdowns and defects.Today, we'll tell you about the most common faults of showers and how to deal with them.

Repair showers

most common faults showers

If you do not make any mistakes when installing the shower, you can be sure that your health area will not bring you any problems for many years.However, if you have not been taught any nuances, you can prepare to engage in the repair stall.The most common problem is a part of the shower stall control unit that is responsible for the timely operation of the keypad soul.One mistake in the installation and the button will not work.

Remote control shower

Others breakdowns are mechanical in nature.These include:

  • cracks on the pallet;
  • defective rollers responsible for opening and closing the stall doors;
  • substandard faucets a
    nd hoses.
A crack in the shower

As soon as you notice the appearance of a defect, should immediately do the repair, because if time does not prevent a malfunction, it "will" for a second, third and so on.

Repair plumbing in the shower


shower tray

In most cases, trays, made of acrylic.Of course, it will just replace the easiest old pallet new, but not everyone has the opportunity to do so for various reasons.This problem can be solved independently.If you have a crack in the pan, you can paint over it themselves.In this case, you have to spend only on acrylic and hardener and update a coating that will last you for years to come.

Restoration of cracks in the pan

If you have decided on their own to deal with the problem appeared, the entire amount of work should be divided into stages:

  • tray should be separated from the rest of the design and check it for any otherdamage.
  • checked?Now carefully washed out and dried pallet.
  • Next you need to embroider crack.Embroider crack using a drill and a special nozzle.Note that the depth should be no more than 2 mm.
  • the same procedure should be to embroider the very edge of the crack.This crack will not increase.
  • next step you need to degrease the surface of the crack.To do this, you have to find a solvent designed specifically for acrylic surfaces alcohol-based.
A large crack on a pallet shower cabins
  • proceed to the kneading of the solution.In the proper proportions, which are indicated for use in acrylic and hardener instructions, mix these ingredients.
  • Poluchennuoy mixture is first treated with a crack.Apply to be so over the place, where there was a crack, was a small hillock.After solidification of the solution bump schesyvaetsya conventional sandpaper.
  • If the through hole appeared, then in that case you will have to patch up Teschin fiberglass and epoxy resin.Remember, to start the process embedding holes should be on the outside.
  • When everything is ready, we can only dry sump.Where do you do it is entirely up to your decision.Just do not forget that the drying should be carried out in a well-ventilated area, balcony is quite amiss.
Refurbished shower tray


drain system, which allows the water to leave the shower stall, the same may be subject to repair.There is one problem - blockages.When they are not strong, that is, the water is drained, but it is clear that the slowdown, you have enough ordinary plunger or any chemical agents to clean the blockage.They will help you cope with this little problem.

Repair drain shower

But if the blockage serious, the above means will not help you, but on the contrary may worsen the situation.Often, to solve the problem we have to deal with so-called "settler" and wash it.However, if the blockage is very much stronger, then you may need to disassemble the entire drain system, which is under your bathroom, and carefully washed and cleaned it.Experts say that sometimes the reason for the slow draining of water are far from clear, and improper location of pipes, because they are inclined at an angle insufficient, then drain the water is slower.

drainage system shower


in the shower faucet is the most fragile place, and often subjected to damage.We will tell you in what cases you will be able to podremontirovat this or that detail of the mixer, and when it is necessary to do a complete replacement of the structure.

Repair is possible in the following cases:

  • Wear pads.Basically, the problem with mixing of the start of the most conventional gaskets.No matter from which they are made, gaskets tap very quickly wear out, this may be because of water quality, mechanical stress, or poor quality of the material.Replacement can make absolutely anyone.
  • Faulty cartridge. The fact that there is a problem with the cartridge, you will be able to see if the water is mixed poorly and did not fully overlap.The failure of this part there is nothing wrong, it is relatively inexpensive, and it's very easy to replace.You will not be a problem on their own to replace the cartridge.
  • faucet flows at joints. cause of the defect can be only two: a weakening in the fixing connections or worn seal.In the first case, you can simply pull your mounting bolts to understand whether in this matter.If the mixer does not stop leaking, you should grease the seal.
Replacement of gaskets in shower mixer
Replacing the ceramic cartridge

replacement mixer required if:

  • Broke thermostat. mixer installed in the kit thermostat is quite expensive pleasure.That is why in case of breakage, it is better to replace this item with a new one will be cheaper.
  • There were cracks in the mixer. The breakdown of this nature can be safely classified as serious.If you notice cracks in your mixer, replace it immediately.Cracks appear as a result of depressurization, which is why your mixer at some point may simply fail and flood the bathroom with hot and cold water, will have to repair and throw money.
  • cartridge is not held in the nest. We have already recalled the cartridge.Only here, in this case replacement of the cartridge can not do, because of the fact that he is loose in the socket, faucet leaking.It should be noted that replacing the mixer is best only if you have no money to repair the cartridge slot.It is worth it is certainly not small, but it is better to solve the problem.
Shower mixer with thermostat
New faucets for shower cabins

Door rollers

In order to open the door shower stall, a mechanism used small rollers, which tend to deteriorate over time from constant contact with water.

Replaces they elementary, you just need to purchase a new, similar rollers and reinstalling faulty.It is worth remembering one thing after the replacement, new rollers must be lubricated by special means against water corrosion, which greatly extend the service parts installed.


solve the problem with the electronics of the failed shower stall is much more difficult than to understand its mechanical breakdowns type.Recently, all booths stuffed with a wide variety of electronics, which is why its repair is a highly complex process.That is why we do not recommend that you try to fix your own electrician.

If you do not want to harm your health and the health of your loved ones, it is best to immediately call a highly qualified specialist, who knows a lot about electronics.

Repair of electronics in the shower

housing and glass

housing shower cabin is made of very ordinary glass.When there are various kinds of mechanical problems, you can easily break it down for repair, which is why you should always be very careful.If, however, you have damaged the body and need to be replaced, it all depends on the shape of the glass.

Corpus direct type, that is, without the various bends, you can replace by buying new glasses.Of course, glass shower stall is costing you a penny, but the choice remains.If you have a body in the cabin glass is used bent form, everything is much more difficult, you have to look the same original body, and make it hard enough.

Glass Shower cabin

mirrors shower stall, like any item, do not last forever.Over time, the deposition of which is applied to the glass, it begins to break down, which is why the glass itself loses its neat appearance.The chance of breaking glass deposition of crystals is increased if you use a detergent "aggressive" chemical composition.

Replace the glass is not very difficult, you can easily buy it on order.Just remember, if you want the new glass will serve you as long as possible, then the inside of the booth you need to cover it with a transparent airtight solution.

Shower with a mirror

Preventing breakdowns

Do not forget that you should take care of the shower.But not only is that you keep it in a perfect cleanliness.Periodically check the mechanical component of cabins: faucet, hoses, and everything else that never had any problems.Also, before you install a shower cubicle, install filters on water pipes.This is done to ensure that the sewers along with the water in your home do not fall sewage, which adversely affect the condition of the entire mechanism of the shower stall.

Prevention of faults shower