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August 12, 2017 18:06

Shower trays : a deep , low .How to make and install their own hands

Shower trays in an interior bathroom
  • place to install
  • Dimensions
  • Forms
  • Materials
  • height
  • Installation
  • Safety and accessories
  • Shower tray with your hands
  • Tips for Choosing

The high pace of modern life and the desire to save time and money makes us a new look at the question of equipment bathroom sanitary equipment.And if a small room bathroom replacement tubs shower - it is an opportunity to significantly expand the usable area, the large bathrooms and shower cabin installation due to a desire to save time on the adoption of water treatments and reduce water costs to pay.

In this article, we'll show you what options to consider when choosing a shower tray, in fact it is the foundation of the whole structure and carries the maximum load during operation.

Glass shower trays

place to install

If you start to make repairs from the ground, before the stage eyeliner water and sewage pipes, then position the shower trays can be anywhere in the bathroom.In this case, carry out liner sewage and water supply systems need to be

based on the location of plumbing.

Shower tray before installing

If the pipes have already been conducted, the choice of location for the shower is limited, because it should be as close as possible to the sewer and water pipes. However, the latter are much less of a problem, because the stretch of water eyeliner to your destination can be quite independently.With the sewer pipe, such experiments are not always possible, so it is necessary to focus on it, including, necessarily take into account its bias during assembly of the shower tray.When choosing a location for the pallet soul plays an important role, and its size.

Selecting a location for the shower tray


determine the size of the shower tray, you must take into account two important factors: the area of ​​the bathroom and the size of the people who will use the shower.

Standard size square shower trays are as follows:

  • 0,8x0,8 meters;
  • 0,9x0,9 meters;
  • 1x1 meters;
  • 1.2x1.2 meters.

The smallest pan perfectly fit even in the tiny bathroom in "Khrushchev".

A small shower tray

go shopping shower tray is best as a family.Let the largest representative of its experience in the pallet itself: whether it is closely inside if he freely move his arms and legs can bend down, etc.In addition, if your family is, the elderly or small children who need help during washing, you should opt for a large pallet, which can easily accommodate two people.


choice of the form of the pallet, too, it depends on the size of the room.For owners of small bathrooms perfect solution would be square and rectangular trays, and the best option - corner shower tray, it is called a radial as well as in form, it is a quarter circle.

Radial shower tray

If at your disposal there is a little more square meters, you can choose not only from the correct geometrical figures.In the shops you will find a huge selection of pallets of different shapes - round, semi-circular, pentagonal, spiral and in the form of more complex, irregular shapes."Curved" shower trays look certainly very unusual, but also partitions for these pallets have to do to order or buy directly into the kit.

Asymmetrical shower tray


the production of shower trays are used primarily the same materials as for the production of bathtubs. Consider the most popular ones:

  • Acrylic products buyers love for pleasing the eye shining white, by the way, white - is not the only possible color of acrylic sanitary ware, light weight, excellent thermal conductivity, and ease of care.acrylic tray downside is that it is quite fragile and often require additional reinforcement.
  • cast iron plumbing pleases us already for many decades, but in recent years its popularity falls.This is due to the fact that products of iron is very heavy and the installation process is not without outside help.
  • Steel pan - the most inexpensive.Steel plumbing is renowned for its durability and reliability, however, it is not without drawbacks.Enamel coating susceptible to damage and therefore quickly loses its form.In addition, the level of sound insulation have cast iron products is extremely low.
  • earthenware plumbing can now be found in almost every bathroom.From pottery produce not only toilets and sinks, and shower trays.They possess excellent characteristics: very aesthetic appearance, stability, and durability.Lack of earthenware in the same as that of the acrylic, namely brittleness.
  • pallets artificial or natural stone will give you a pleasant tactile sensation, in addition, you can choose from many options of shapes and colors.In addition, these pallets are perfectly absorb noise of running water.
  • Kwara - the newest submissions. It is a fusion of quartz and acrylic.Quaryl shower tray has all the advantages of acrylic products, but relieved of its shortcomings.The only disadvantage of this pallet is the high cost.
Acrylic shower trays
Cast iron shower tray
Steel enamel shower tray
Ceramic shower tray
The pallet is made ​​of natural stone
Shower tray from Kwara

In addition to these materials for the production of shower trays onplumbing market you can find products made of tempered glass, wood, and combined models.

Combined shower trays


height or depth of the shower tray - an important characteristic that should not be ignored.


  • deep,
  • low shower trays.

height pallets typically ranges from 4 to 25 cm It does not depend on the availability of space in the bathroom, but it depends on many other nuances:.

  • ceiling height and the height of the shower partitions. Here everything is simple: the important thing is to design that turned you in the end, fits between the floor and ceiling of the bathroom.
  • design siphon drain. When selecting the depth she hooked, we must remember that the siphon will be located underneath.It is important to mount the tray in such a way that at any moment it was possible to get to the siphon for its repair or replacement.
  • physical health of all family members. If a family has old people or people with disabilities, it is better to buy the smallest pan to entry and exit from the shower did not represent for them difficulties.
  • presence of small children or animals. Children love to splash in the bathroom, which can replace a deep pan with success.This palette is also useful, for example, to wash the dog after a walk.
  • presence or absence in the bath house. bath If not, it is better to opt for a deeper pan, since it can perform some of its functions.For example, if the washing machine broke down, in a deep pan is quite possible to do your laundry.
Low shower tray
Deep shower tray


If you have already had experience in dealing with sanitary equipment, the installation of the shower will not make you any work. Beginners builders come to the aid of our recommendations.

  • Shower trays are available with legs or without them. If you are not sure that the floor in your bathroom completely flat, buy a model with legs.Adjustable legs will help to give the pallet exactly horizontal position.
  • Pay special attention eyeliner water and sewage pipes. Check the quality of the connections, seal if necessary.In the future, it may save you and your neighbors from unpleasant consequences of a breakthrough pipes.
  • If the tray is mounted against a wall, be sure to treat the gap special sealant to the bathroom.
  • After installing the tray and connect it to the sewer and water pipes, let the water run and check the tightness of the whole system. Eliminate leaks discovered.
  • If the design provides for protecting partitions, you are ready to install them.To start using the building level, put on the wall layout.Then, at the appropriate places fasten metal profiles.
  • Insert the partition profiles, they are usually made of tempered glass or fiberglass, and fix them.

Shower is ready to use!

Wiring pipes for installation of the shower tray
Processing sealant

Look at the following video the installation of the shower tray.

Safety and accessories

Bathroom - one of the most traumatic rooms in the house.Who among us has not slipped on the wet tiled floor or strike the bath rim?The shower cabin also is a danger of injury or more serious injury.In order to avoid this, stop your choice on a pallet with a relief pattern.If you still have purchased a pallet with a smooth surface, you can protect yourself by using special anti-slip stickers or rubber mat, lying on the bottom.

Rubber mat for shower

If the house is older people, do not forget to equip the shower handrail, which will stay on his feet and avoid falling.Grandparents, and young children will love seat installed in the shower.Even a small stool for them to do the washing process much easier and more convenient.

Comfortable chair in the shower

Shower tray with your hands

If you are still unable to find in stores shower tray that fits your requirements, or presented models seemed to you too expensive, we recommend to make a showerpan with your hands.

  • On concrete screed previously put on the bathroom floor, put wooden blocks on which device and install the drain discharge pipe.These stands will provide the necessary water pipe slope.
  • Put wall next pallet of bricks or cement blocks.
  • At the bottom of the pan, place another layer of concrete screed.Try to do it in such a way as to form a slope, through which water will go into the drain.No need to lay concrete flush with the drain neck, leave a space for the tiles.
  • Give screed to dry, then prime the resulting pallet.Once the primer is dry, treat it with sealant.
  • Next you need to make the lining of the walls and floor tiles.Use the special tile adhesive.
  • Treat grout joints between the tiles.

Congratulations, you managed to make the shower tray yourself!

Pallet own hands
The original shower tray with his own hands
Facing shower tray

Tips for Choosing

So, in order to make the right choice, you need to determine the size and shape of the pallet andthe material from which it is made.These factors depend on the size of the room and the bathroom of your family composition - important age category, as well as height and weight of each of its members.

Shower tray , bowl

choosing a shower tray, do not forget to ensure that, as far as it is safe for your household, and, purchase additional accessories, if necessary.And those who do not accept ready-made solutions, armed with our article, can build a shower tray with his own hands.