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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bathroom with shower : design and interior features

Example shower
  • Replacement tubs shower
  • Choice
  • Shower without tray
  • Select pallet
  • version We combine the shower and bath
  • types and styles
  • Possible showers location

to repair the apartment, the bathroom arrangement traditionally pay much attention.Due to the modest size of bathrooms in the majority of housing options in our country more and more people are thinking of installing in the bathroom shower.However, buying a shower enclosure is interested not only those who are contemplating design small bathroom.Now there are showers and large rooms, because it is practical and beautiful.

choose a model shower in interior color, and choose a convenient and beautiful doors, you can radically transform the appearance of the bathroom, making it a stylish and modern.

Stylish interior

Replacement tubs shower

In place of the usual bath in the compact cabin for a shower basically resolved for the sake of space in the bathroom.Due to the considerable variety and great aesthetics of modern models of showers them

are successfully used in the creation of an ergonomic and attractive interior.

Use as bathtubs

presence in the apartment shower stall allows for a home-contrast water therapy, massage shower.This cabinet can be a substitute for the sauna or spa.

And if the owner really need a bath for bathing or washing the baby, everything is solved buying a shower enclosure, which has a deep tray.Calling it with water, a pallet may well be used as a standard bath.


Showers selected based on multiple criteria.This appearance, and size, and the design and equipment features, and price-performance ratio.

Among the advantages of installing a shower booth is not only the economy of the area, but also the reduction of water consumption, as well as safety through the use of its structure "slip" materials.

Shower cubicles are easy to install and can be used for water massage or as a sauna (if installed infrared heaters).

The compact cabinet

However, going home to install a shower, and it is worth considering the possible difficulties and disadvantages of such an option.

The full cabinet, with all its versatility can not replace a bath, especially if it is very compact and easy. And if you buy a spacious shower in a pallet which can lie down in the bath, the space-saving benefits will be gone.Another disadvantage is the need to constantly clean the walls and tray booths, because the relief material is constantly formed a white film.

Shower without tray

In very tiny bathroom often prefer to install a shower cabin without a pallet.It is as simple and economical form of showers.This booth is easy to clean and can fit almost any style.In addition, this option is preferable shower for the elderly or disabled as it allows to enter the shower or in a wheelchair to enter without crossing a side.

Basis shower in such cases are often laid out in the same version of the material, as well as the floor in the whole house.

shower without tray

disadvantages lack of a pallet in the shower are the lack of extra features and rather laborious process of draining devices.

recommended to install underfloor heating, while showering is more comfortable, and the water on the floor will dry faster.

An example of the shower tray without

confining bathroom with shower without shower tray, use a tile, drywall, stone (natural, artificial), moisture-proof paper or waterproof laminate.It is desirable that the base engaged a specialist who can provide a good seal and the proper slope to drain water.

Select tray option

minimum size of pallet manufacturers have offered showers is 70 to 70 cm. However, this tray can not be called very functional.

Deep tray

optimally allocate to the cockpit area from 90 to 90 cm, then you will be available to model and gidroboksom showers with plenty of extra features.

pallet depth may also be different.If the bathroom in the bathroom is not expected, it will only benefit from the deep pan.It is possible to soak the laundry, wash the little things or even buy a small child.

We combine the shower and bath

Those who bathroom is quite large and spacious, it is not necessary to think about the confined space area and saving types of doors.They have the opportunity to fully concentrate on the design to your liking.

If the room is fitted traditional bath, then for a more rational layout of the interior elements are advised to supplement it with a corner shower.Although generally no restrictions on the choice of model no showers in big bathrooms.

spacious indoor bathroom space often zoned, allocating space for bathrooms, showers and furniture. for zoning, you can use contrasting colors in the decoration or a special selection of lighting.The large size of the bathroom give scope to the selection of furniture.In this room you can put a wardrobe, chair and other furniture.It is important that it is resistant to moisture, because the moisture in the room is always increased.

Zoning bathroom with shower
Bathroom : bath and shower
Zoning bathroom

types and styles

If some work, your bathroom can be very original.To do this, first select the style direction, designed to act as the foundation of your future interior.

most often embody the styles of finishing the bathroom are:

  • Classic style - is quite popular in the design of the bathroom large and combined bathroom.This interior is refined and with great attention to detail.For example, it uses the gilding on the walls of mirrors, floral pattern on a ceramic tile, marble finishing, and other natural stone.In such a bath with a classic style looks nice rectangular or square shower cubicle.
  • Hi-tech - modern style, which is characterized by a minimal amount of furniture, practical and high functionality.The hallmarks of high-tech bathroom interior are smooth surfaces, an abundance of glass and metal, geometric shapes.In this style of shower cubicle fit very organically.
  • Ethnic style - unusual and a rare style to bathroom design.Japanese style is often chosen with rectangular / square shape, a minimum of furniture.Shower cubicles are usually installed in the corner of the room.
  • retro or country - styles that are poorly combined with modern shower cabins.
Classic style
In the high-tech style
Ethnic style

Possible showers location

Free gidroboksom location suitable only for large bathrooms.

most rational option for small-sized room - a corner cabin, the shape of which the pallet is 1/4 circle.

If there is a niche in the room in an oversized bathroom stall quite fit a square or rectangular shape, but you need to guess with the size, as well as be able to take the necessary communications.

doors is better to choose sliding or folding as for hinged doors in front of the model should be a free space.


In a small room transparent shower cubicle has a winning look.This bathroom visually looks easier and less cluttered.Thinking more ergonomic placement of the shower in the bathroom, it is necessary to consider some distance.For example, before the doors are advised to leave at least 75 cm of free space.It is necessary for the person who is going to take a shower, to undress, as well as dressing after logoff.

An example of the shower in a small room

Do not place close to the rest of the shower plumbing fixtures.Between bidet, toilet or sink and stall shower should be at least 30 centimeters.On closer location to use such equipment will be uncomfortable.

Angular placement of booths

If your bathroom has a square shape, and the entrance is in the middle of one wall, booths should be installed in a corner. It can also be put along the wall to the right or left of the entrance, but not along the wall opposite the entrance.If the door to the bathroom is a square side, the cabin is mounted opposite the entrance or at a diagonal from him.

rooms for rectangular cabin accommodation for the soul often chosen along the farthest wall or in the most distant corner from the entrance.Only when the door is in a middle of the bathroom "long" walls, better place for a booth to pick up in a corner, which is adjacent to a wall outlet or along with any "short" wall.