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Shower Cabins

August 12, 2017 18:06

Showers : high and low tray , deep , bathrooms with shower

Shower bath
  • Selection Rules
  • Forms, their sizes and shapes
  • design and materials, types of doors
  • Manufacturers
  • Prices
  • Species
    • Showers with hydromassage
    • bath in the shower
    • Other features of modern models
    • for a small bathroom shower corner
    • for cottage or private home
  • Care Tips for choosing

preconditions to give preference to the shower a lot.

Chief among them - small gabirity bathroom and savings in water in the presence of counters, as to fill the bath requires much more water than to take a shower.

Selection Rules

should consider a number of criteria by which selects the shower stall:

  1. facilities size in which it will be installed
  2. itself shower Size
  3. materials from which the component parts
  4. Form booths
  5. pallet depth
  6. type doors (curtains)
  7. presence of additional functions in addition to the water supply
  8. price you are willing to pay
  9. manufacturer.

Forms, their sizes and shapes

There are two types of showers:

  • shower cabin, which consists of
    a pallet and doors, he put in a room corner and needs in the wallsno,
  • box (tray, door, wall, sometimes with a roof and without).

The choice depends on the parameters and design of the bathroom.An important aspect is the size of the shower stall.The size of the booth should be selected based on the largest member of the family, so it was convenient to make conventional washing movements - tilts, squats, swings his arms.

Popular sizes:

  • 80x80 cm,
  • 90x90,
  • there is also a semi-circular shower 70x70 cm

Forms showers striking diversity - from the classic square and rectangular to the multi-faceted, round, oval, in the form of a sector.range and even in the form of an oval.Rectangular and square showers cost less because of the directness of designs, but the booth with rounded forms are convenient and original because of its aerodynamics.

Shower interior

design and materials, types of doors

As for materials - pan made of cast iron, steel, ceramic, artificial marble and acrylic.

Recently less buyers choose cast iron or steel. First they create a lot of noise.Secondly iron is slowly heated and enamel with the steel pan obluschivaetsya over time.

Ceramic trays undoubtedly beautiful, but like any piece of pottery - brittle.

marble bathroom is a classic, the only question in choosing - the price.

in recent years have increasingly chosen acrylic (or its variant - KVAR), becauseit heats up quickly and is inexpensive.The only drawback - a serious man pallet may sag.This is achieved by an additional five feet under the tray, which is placed in the center and takes over the entire load.

Doors and walls in the shower

As for the doors and walls are used for polystyrene or glass. Polystyrene cheaper glass, but in view of the properties over time, the material loses its original form.Glass is more expensive, but easier to care for them.Transparent cabin look good in the interior, but require immediate care after taking a shower, or remain divorces and streaks, which are then difficult to remove.Most use frosted, tinted and patterned glass.

Two kinds of doors in the shower cubicles - hinged or sliding.

Swing door hinges are attached to the walls of the bathroom and opening to the outside, and, due to the simplicity of the mechanism, cheap.

sliding door moving along the rails, folding or Entering the cabin wall, which increases the cost of such a system, but in the case of a definitive lack of space is the best choice.


Regarding the choice of the manufacturer - it is possible to give preference to foreign or domestic producers.

Popular European producers: Germany - Villeroy & amp; Boch and Huppe, Italy Jacuzzi and Albatros, Austria - Laufen.Acquisition of data producers cabins - a guarantee of style and quality in the operation of many years.

Cabs average price of produce: Italy - Roca and Hatria, Finland Ideal Standard, Switzerland - Geberit, Sweden - Gustavsberg, Slovenia - Gorenje.

Low prices in Finland - IDO, Poland - Cersanit, Czech Republic - Ravak.

Manufacturers from China do not specify because of low quality of the equipment produced.

Shower known manufacturer


Cheapest booths - booths open type. The material used plexiglass.According to functional features - a hygienic shower and whirlpool

Cabs average price category - open and closed. walls and the door they are made of different kinds of glass and plastic, different kinds of hydromassage.

Shower expensive are made from various materials, including stone (artificial and natural). have an electronic control system, a variety of massages, baths mode, forced ventilation, built-in lighting, radio, telephone.

Shower mid-market


Showers with hydromassage

integral attribute of each multifunction shower stall is hydro.

number of massage modes for each make and model of their own.To determine the number of modes is quite simple - to calculate the nozzles (holes in the walls) in the booth.For simple mode rather two rows of nozzles.Massage is made by the point of water pressure, direct or alternating, different orders of the water supply through the holes.

interesting variety of massage - "waterfall" or, as people say, the water barrel.The water accumulates in the tray beforehand and then pumped up through and poured all at once to the human at a rate of 170 liters per minute.

There is also a contrast shower regime - pouring warm water, then 5-10 seconds cold and warm again.

bath in the shower

in many multifunction shower cubicles built steam generators, which makes them a bath.

The steam is heated to 40-50 degrees, as in the Turkish hammam.The steam is fed from the bottom, the top must be placed fan to circulate warm air through the booth.And in a special compartment can be poured aromatic oil or healing balm - get aromatherapy or inhalation of respiratory tract.

Have a nice steam room: first - good for health, and secondly - it is possible to quickly warm up from the cold.For example, the water in the bath cools rapidly, and in the cabin temperature is kept constant.

Shower bath with function

Other features of modern models

There are booths European producers as such devices:

  • Seats - good if small children or elderly family members, and very nice to sit down afterwork or run (and warm up).
  • Backlight - allows you to save electricity, because they do not have to turn on the lights in the bathroom itself.The only thing - it is not necessary to use it unnecessarily, lighting elements may soon fail
  • Radio - you can listen to music or news with the sound of water does not drown out the radio.
  • Caixa n - can call if necessary.
  • color-sound therapy - produced by the light source and the speaker system
Showers with different functions

For a small bathroom

choice in favor of the shower stall is most often due to the small area of ​​the bathroom.

to the bathroom with a small area is better to use a corner booth semicircular plan with sliding doors.By streamlining the forms do not have to bump into corners, and sliding door to help free up space for a washing machine or a cabinet for household chemicals.Square or rectangular shower small area as appropriate, provided that it fits in a row - the cabinets, appliances, and other plumbing.

Small shower

Shower corner

It consists of a pallet and doors.

Walled corners are pre-finished walls of the room (such as tiles and waterproofing).

tray made of different materials, has a rough shape, the door is usually made of thick glass.The doors may be sliding and hinged, depending on available space in the bathroom.Because of the small configuration is relatively low cost, the quality is not inferior to cheap shower.Easily installed and dismantled.It can be installed where it is impossible to put a shower.A good option for apartments and villas.

only nuance is that the joints between the tiles on the walls must be waterproofing.When installing a door between a wall and must not be in the slits and floor pre-aligned.

Shower corner

for cottage or private home

choice depends on whether there is in the house bathroom or showers should buy for the streets.

In the case of bathroom selection criteria are the same as for the bathroom in the apartment.It is only necessary to take into account that the cottage - a place for rest and work, that is,pay attention to the cabin functionality and materials from which it was created.

As for outdoor showers, the requirements for their unpretentious - the supply of running water, you can put a heater if necessary.Cabs desirably set on a concrete base and to ensure outflow of water in the right direction - for example, in the cesspool.

Shower for dacha


on whatever the shower did not lose a choice, care for it the same.After the operation the stall pan should be washed with special detergents and dry.When washing the doors and walls need to make sure that was not soap and water drops divorce.Later, when the water or soap dries, wash booth will be much harder.They should also be cleaned and wiped dry.

Metal surfaces should be regularly handle means to avoid metal plaque.Illumination should be shut down immediately after taking a shower.This measure will improve their life.

Caring for the shower

Tips for Choosing

Shower cabin - is not only a means for hygiene.It is also a piece of furniture.It is necessary to consider not only the functional content, but also appearance.Another important criterion is the size.For example, a suitable model with sliding doors for small bathrooms.A variety of materials and color characteristics allow them to fit into any interior, whether classic pastel bathroom, country wood or bright bathroom creative young individuals.

Shower bath

can collect the shower with his hands, it read another article.