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Shower Cabins

August 12, 2017 18:06

Best showers : small , angular , open, closed , shower box

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  • Interior
  • Design features
  • Calculations and measurements prior to installation
  • variety of models
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    • Enclosed cab
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Modern cockpit for showering appeared in people's lives recently.But its popularity they have gained quickly.This shower enclosure is called and equipped place in which to take a shower.Its functions are quite diverse.

In the past, such a cabin belonged to the luxury items, but now it is a very affordable device that is more convenient than a bath.


Shower set to the bathroom more often instead of the usual bath and sometimes as a supplement to it. It has certain advantages:

  1. cab is more than twice saves space in the room bathrooms.
  2. bathing in the shower saves water consumption, which is especially important when using water heaters.
  3. Taking a shower is more economical over time than swim
    ming in the bathtub.
  4. In the shower by flow of water washed away the dirt more effectively and wrought on skin soap.
Benefits shower

Shower considered economical option equipping bathrooms when staying in a big house on the square, equipped with separate rooms for guests.


The easiest option is considered to be a shower cabin corner with a tray that is placed in any part of the room, and the walls of the cabin are installed in place of the lack of a bathroom wall.

shower corner


When planning the repair of an apartment or house, and attention is paid to the room bathrooms.Every owner dreams of a bathroom with a stylish interior.But a small area of ​​the room does not allow much to diversify its design.

Even before the advent of modern showers, many people have tried to increase the space of the room in different ways. most extreme of which was the elimination of the bath, leaving a drain in the floor, and the shower was mounted on the wall. surrounding area from the water spray was protected with plastic curtain.Become a free area of ​​the premises used for the storage of household devices.

Shower as part of the interior

Change the interior helped showers, because using them space in the bathroom was larger.Design of modern cabs quite diverse.Such devices differ in form and size. Transform the room interior and give it a modern look will help compact size cabin for making semi-circular type shower. Purchase a cabin give the interior a modern look great, and the room will acquire the vacant space.Such a purchase would be very rational.

Successfully matched in color cabin, equipped with beautiful doors, completely change the interior ambient and easily turn it into a magnificent and quite stylish bathroom.

stylish shower

Design features

In order to successfully choose the right model shower, you need to determine exactly its construction.The cabin may be a fixed or built-in, and are not equipped with a top cover.

In modern shower open-no walls that replaced the walls of the room.This cabin is very easy and fast to assemble yourself and is perfect for small size premises.It consists of fences, low pan and shower accessories.For a cab tray made yourself or purchased ready-made.

cabin without cover

to create fences used plastic or aluminum frame.Partition walls are made of glass and plastic.For the manufacture of expensive cost per capita high-strength glass is used.

The cabin is equipped with a tilt-sliding and hinged doors.The most popular are hinged model, equipped with two beautiful doors, so they do not take up space in the room.

Inside shower faucets are sure to regulate the internal temperature and water flow rate. shower head mounted on the wall or mounted on the ceiling to simulate a rain storm.

hinged doors

In some models of shower enclosures installed hydro massage, light therapy and aromatherapy are present.


Calculations and measurements prior to installation

Before purchasing a cabin to accurately determine the location for its installation.

On this depends not only the shape but also the type of cabin design, as well as technical specifications and features of the shower drain.Choosing a location is considered to be the first to shower and quite an important step.

The next step is to carry out all the measurements for the correct choice of cabins.This is measured by the height and width of the room and the size of the selected place under the cabin.The findings orient in determining the type of the future shower.

The third step is to calculate the size of the cabin, suitable for the premises, which takes into account its type.The height of the shower should be 25 centimeters smaller than the room height.

height shower

variety of models

Currently, to install at home taking a shower booth, it is desirable to get acquainted with its rich assortment. Depending on where your location, such booths may be made in the form of cabins, or corner of the box.The shape booths are semi-circular and square.

The combination of a modern shower and hot tub are boxes for showers that are created in various forms.

square cabin

Currently, the most common are showers that are created in a single box, equipped with plumbing appliances.


Open type

This shower is called the open due to its construction without a closed ceiling. overall cabin space is limited to the four surrounding sides.

If the three sides are walls of the premises, and others formed the walls of the booth itself installed, it is called an open area for the shower.

Such glass booths greatly enhance the surrounding space of the room, at the same time giving a kind of elegance of its design.

open type

Enclosed cab

Enclosed cab also called for shower boxes. They are equipped with a closed space and roof.They also stipulated the presence of a pallet and closing doors, faucets and watering.They are mounted in any convenient place most bathrooms equipped with water inlet and outlet.

These cabins have a lot of different functions and have very different shapes.Often in the cockpit combines the functions of the steam bath and whirlpool useful.

Closed stall for showering

Besides enclosed cab is sealed, which prevents the appearance in it of mold and mildew.


Today people demand a modern cabin corner.They are considered to be sufficiently practical and very convenient.

Corner shower

They help save a total floor space toilet, which can be used for installation of household appliances.

These cabins are ideal for interior and are equipped with a variety of different functions.This can be a Turkish bath, hot whirlpool, or different directions of water jets.

to testify

Shower, established in the country, it is not a luxury, but a necessity, because after the garden and the garden work is absolutely necessary showering and removing fatigue.

Currently, to testify from a wide selection of the proposed sanitary products can be purchased at the price of relatively inexpensive modern shower cabin.

Today on sale there are many types of cabins for the shower to be installed in the country.They can be equipped with doors, heating, dressing room and toilet.Showers are often made to order.

very simple in its design cab is made of metal and plastic frame, which is covered with film of polyethylene or durable tent.

Shower for dacha

For installation in an apartment

Before buying a shower cabin, which will be installed in the apartment, must be considered all the options for choosing the best of them.This cabin is a fairly expensive thing and sold for a long time.

most suitable option for an apartment is considered to be the cabin, equipped with walls of glass and the bottom of the ceramic by means of which retains its shape and prevents the appearance of craters. Enough durable enamel is protected from scratches.These cabins are equipped with sealing gaskets located on the perimeter of the walls, so the possible leaks are excluded.

Shower for installation in apartment

Deep shower

also called "Shower with high shower tray."

Looks like a bathtub with low walls, shower enclosures and shower.Multifunctional, can be used as a bathroom, or as a shower.

Deep shower

Assembling the shower was reviewed by us in another article.

Shower Room

modern area is considered a kind of popular cab option for a shower. He is a semi-closed type design, placed in contact with the corners bathrooms.The wall in a place of contact shall consist of tiles, which prevents the appearance of mold and mildew, as well as the destruction of the humidity.

This area is equipped with sliding or hinged doors, created from impact-resistant transparent glass or high quality plastic.The model, equipped with doors made of glass, is considered a cheaper cost than the cabin with acrylic doors.

Shower Room

shower box

Modern shower box is the improved analogue of a popular shower. Such a device is equipped with a variety of a variety of functions and has a great view of the external storage, that tells about the wonderful taste of the owner.

This model is a perfect decoration bathroom facilities, particularly if the design space in a contemporary high-tech style.All procedures carried out in the shower box have comfort and convenience.

Shower box

Russian and foreign manufacturers

Before buying a shower cabin, you need at least a little familiar with the main producers of sanitary products.In the absence of large amounts of money to buy the most budget will be booths of Russian production.

most famous Russian producers are:

  • Acrilan , ensuring quality and great design.He firmly occupies a niche in the domestic market of modern shower cabins.
  • Candours produces such cabin ten years.Therefore, the company is well-known to many consumers.
  • « Radomir » is located in the three main leaders among the Russian creators of the plumbing.The company produces high quality products at reasonable prices for the buyer.

The products are being improved each year, rising to a level with the world's main producers.

Among foreign creators showers are recognized leaders Finnish, German , as well as Italian known company, engaged in the production by innovative technologies from the highest quality materials.

Modern Finnish plumbing Timo and Ido are durable and the most excellent quality.This company is always present in the presence of high-quality fittings and sanitary models.

Recommended Italian company is Jacuzzi .Currently, the company has become a world famous brand that produces showers expensive premium.



Self-assembly of the shower enclosure will require specific knowledge and skills.

cab assembly begins with the installation of the pallet on which the seats are fixed to the legs of sound around the nuts and washers.Central leg and secured with nuts.Next, the adjustment to determine the imbalances and their correction.

walls are mounted on the factory markings, and their joints are treated with silicone sealant.Partition walls inside cabins are fixed using screws and washers.

Before installing a roof on it set watering and lighting.The roof is fixed with screws and self-tapping screws, and all of its joints are also treated with silicone sealant.

Modern shower is ideal for rooms with limited space.Allow yourself this remarkable device can each buyer.