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Shower Cabins

August 12, 2017 18:06

Assembling the shower : instructions for installing and assembling their own hands

installation of shower cabin with his own hands
  • Kinds and types of showers
  • Required tools and materials
  • Step by Step
  • Drainage
  • Water
  • Power
  • What if there is no right angles
  • Installation homemade pan
  • Installing a low pallet

increasingly showers act as an alternative to a full bath.Benefits showers are obvious - they take up much less space (which is especially relevant today in view of the cost of housing), inexpensive and durable.Buy shower today can be virtually any furniture store, and how to install it, you will learn in this article.

Kinds and types of showers

Modern shower - it is not just one of the elements of the bathroom, but also a work of art, science and technology.Many manufacturers offer a wide range of cabins to suit every taste and wealth, and do not just cabins are equipped with shower and Jacuzzi, and a steam generator, a music player, and even a telephone.showers and shower enclosures -

modern shower

two main types of what are called walk-in showers can be identified.Showers are characterized in that

their construction and they are cabin surrounded on all sides by wall panels.Shower corners is installed in the room corner and wall thus used instead of one or two side panels in its design.

shower cabin

Read more in our article on how to choose a shower.

principal device

Regarding the fundamental unit of modern types of showers, it is customary to distinguish:

1. Prefabricated showers.This type of cabin is going to the buyer or by a qualified installer by hand on site.On the one hand, this gives the customer a certain freedom, on the other their assembly requires effort.

2. Monoblock showers.They are manufactured and assembled at the factory and the customer only needs to mount and connect them to the network communications.

composing and monobloc showers

Check packaging

Building even the simplest shower - it's not the easiest thing for a layman, therefore, first of all, it is necessary to make sure 100% that all the necessary tools and componentsassembly available.

When choosing a shower enclosure in the store special attention should be paid to the quality of the product and accompanying details. Ask the seller to check whether all the necessary details on the site , and, in the case of necessity, have to replace the shower or acquiring the individual items in the same store.

shower accessories

Especially carefully it is necessary to check the safety glasses and availability on assembly instructions, as current models are often quite difficult to gather without instruction.

Required tools and materials

To assemble the shower enclosure of a special tool is not required, but be prepared for the fact that you will need skillful hands, up to 2 hours of free time, as well as :

  • Pipe andspanner
  • screwdriver and drill with a set of drill bits
  • Hacksaw and a sharp knife
  • fittings, pipes, hoses and siphon to sewerage
  • level, measuring tape and a marker
  • sealant and adhesive tape
a set of tools to install the shower enclosure

depending on the cab models toolset may vary slightly.Step by step instructions

Given that a great many models of shower enclosures creates a large number of nuances in the assembly, in this article we offer step by step instructions, based on common basic rules and principles, common to most modern showers.

shower unit

preparatory stage

The first step is to prepare the floor, as the installation of the shower enclosure is only possible on a flat surface.If there is a better opportunity to make waterproofing the floor - it will allow in the future to secure an apartment or house from the water flow.

Before installing the shower enclosure must be carefully unpacked items, as some of them are made of glass and can be damaged by rough handling.More often than not attached to each set of special instructions for use of the product and its assembly, which can vary dramatically depending on the model.

bath with shower


tray is the basis of any shower enclosure and is used to collect water.Depending on the model of the shower, it can be collected completely or only partially.Typically, attached to the bottom pan is made of metal cross-piece, which will be attached to the legs.

to shower located exactly and rocked, her feet must be screwed in the same plane and measure the process of using a level.

shower tray

After installation, the design of the legs, pan set into a corner, and then siphon connected to the general system of sewerage and drainage is left on the floor.Between the walls of the tray and there should not be gaps, and for greater strength joint between the tray and the cabin wall is treated with silicone adhesive.

Low shower tray


After the pallet assembly can move to the next step of the build process, but do not forget about the important rule - should first assemble the walls and ceiling of the shower, and only afterthis door.

Installation works Installation wall shower may vary depending on the chosen model.But often, the walls are fixed by means of special bolts.However, there are other types of fasteners. If connecting bolts do not seem reliable, it is better to buy more.

type and availability of fasteners Always check in the store before buying.

build the walls of the cabin


When buying a shower enclosure must be borne in mind that the stock distance between its roof and the ceiling of the room should be at least 25 centimeters .

roof shower is attached with screws and bolts, it is recommended to pay special attention to the tightness of fit to the cab roof.


doors Installation of doors for any shower is performed at the final stage, when all major work already completed.To start to establish the rollers at the top and bottom of the structure where the door to be fixed.

addition rollers for doors work correctly you need to install seals and magnetic tape, which is necessary for a strong closing two valves

installation of shower doors


After door installation is finished, you can attach the handle, which,depending on the model, a shower cabin, mounted in a specially designated place on the door.

After you set the handle, check the correct assembly.To do this several times, open and close the door.



Now you need to take care of hoses, designed to divert water.As experience shows, complete with shower can be attached not very high quality hoses, and if you can not find them on the thread, better to buy new ones, which are more reliable .



In order to ensure the shower in a continuous water supply, install a tee for hot and cold water.

hook up to the water supply system of modern shower must be carried out only according to the instructions!


Depending on the model, the shower may need a separate connector, so you should think in advance about its installation.It is best if this is a special plug designed for use in rooms with a humidity higher than normal.

Locate the socket should be in such a way to avoid any tension electrical wires.

best place for the socket will be posting the side or back, if the shower has a rear wall, which will be protected from ingress of water.

shower with lighting

final stage

When assembling the shower enclosure is completed, should be treated with all the joints between the shower tray and silicone sealant in order to avoid the operation of the flow of water.After the sealants dry out, turn on the water to test their reliability.If somewhere still leaking water, connecting seams need to re-process the insulating compound.


What if there is no right angles

happens that the geometry of space is not ideal, there is a right angle and the pan can not fit snugly to the walls.This problem can be easily solved with the help of the Bulgarian - on pallet level, you need to cut the tiles.This will help to achieve a snug fit.

Main, before starting the circumcision extra centimeters of tiles, it is necessary to make accurate measurements .

in places of contact with the wall of the pallet should be applied silicone layer.


Installation homemade pan

In some cases, use a regular pan is impossible (for example, does not allow the construction of the premises).This is not an insurmountable obstacle, because the pan suitable shape and design can be done independently.The most popular of stone and concrete trays.

Installation homemade pan is almost identical to a typical installation, but in this case, special attention should be paid to the equalization of the cabin walls, as well as additional sealing points of the cab and the connection of the pallet.

homemade pan

Installing low pallet

Depending on the product configuration, the shower enclosure installation process with low tray may differ, but the basic steps that are listed in this article will help you to collect the shower quickly and reliably.