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August 12, 2017 18:06

Toilet bowl with a hygienic shower : toilet with bidet function and a built- hygienic shower , sink connection

Toilet bowl with a hygienic shower
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  • What can function as a bidet?
    • cover bidet
    • toilet-bidet
    • toilet with wall hygienic shower
    • Hygienic shower connected to the sink
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In today's world, taking care of the body clean is a very important place in human life.Today, buying all sorts of hygiene is given a separate item in the family budget, and to the choice of equipment for bathroom fit particularly well.Bath rooms is becoming more diverse: Now to the usual toilets and baths were added multifunctional showers, bidets, and other plumbing fixtures.

Ease of shower equipment proves long-term experience of its use in other countries.For example, in many Eastern and Asian countries, a bidet is almost mandatory attribute of a bathroom in every house.The use of this device is unquestionable and, certainly, many of us would not have refused to set this miracle machine at home.However, squaring our apartments is dictating its terms, and the owners of small bathrooms, which in the majority of high-rise

buildings do not usually have the opportunity to be placed in another bathroom plumbing fixtures.

excellent alternative to a bidet toilet with shower hygienic.This user-friendly solution to combine the functions of two devices in one.On the advantages and disadvantages of this type of sanitary ware, as well as its existing versions will be discussed below.

WC , bidet
WC , bidet


  • As already mentioned, the toilet with hygienic shower - this is the only opportunity for the owners of small "Khrushchev" toilets become the owner of the equipment, performing the functionsbidet.
  • toilet bowl with a hygienic shower not only saves space in the bathroom, but also significantly reduces the cost of sanitary equipment your apartment.After all, a bidet - a rather expensive equipment, and the purchase of multi-functional toilet will cost you much cheaper.
  • Mistress has come up with many original ways to use the toilet bowl with a hygienic shower for other purposes, but for the benefit of home and life.For example, it can conveniently collect water for washing floors, washing children's pots or trays or clean the cat's own toilet.
  • toilet bowl with a hygienic shower is very convenient for the elderly and young children, as it allows them to do all their business in one place without moving from one instrument to another plumbing.This is particularly appreciate the owner of separate toilets.
Advantages of toilets with hygienic shower
Advantages of the bowl with a hygienic shower


  • Some models hygienic shower have unpleasant feature: after switching off the water from the shower head for a short time, continues to trickle water falling on the floor and walls.
  • For kids hygienic shower - it is an endless source of entertainment.The consequence of fascinating children to play with the water usually becomes a general cleaning of the entire bathroom.
  • There are models of hygienic shower, which can be connected exclusively to the water pipes.It is not always possible to do without conducting a global redevelopment premises.
  • Usually something to learn how to use a hygienic shower in humans takes several attempts.But some owners of the device and through the years its use continue to complain about the water spray, covering the floor and walls of the bathroom.
  • use of hygienic shower can be a real problem for corpulent people, if they completely cover the toilet hole.Traditional bidet has several large, so it is convenient for people of different sizes.
Disadvantages toilets with hygienic shower

What can function as a bidet?

There are several types of toilets that can serve as a bidet.Consider the most popular ones.

cover bidet

This device will appeal to those who do not want to change their old, comfortable toilet, but simply wants to supplement its hygienic function of the soul.In this case, separately purchased cover, equipped with an electronic control unit (some models bidet lids are powered by electricity, which causes psychological discomfort for users, but these models are perfectly safe).

covers bidet can be equipped with various functions, for example, to maintain a comfortable temperature of the water, dry the hair dryer or gently lower the seat using the lifter.The disadvantage of this option is considered to be high enough price.

Toilet bowl with a hygienic shower - bidet cover


It sanitary appliance, representing a toilet with bidet functions. Equipment needed to perform hygiene procedures built into the toilet body is still at the production stage.That is why the cistern in these toilets a bit more than the ordinary - in fact it is integrated control unit for bidet.Bidet bowls supplying water and a comfortable temperature, as well as specialized covers are often equipped with additional capabilities.Toilet bowls with built-in bidet can be floor standing or suspended.Stand such devices more expensive than conventional toilets, but it's cheaper than a toilet + bidet.

Toilet bowl with a hygienic shower - shower toilet

toilet with shower hygienic wall

Hygienic shower is a small shower heads on a long, flexible hose, placed next to the toilet.This option is a budget, but it requires some construction work.Therefore, if you start equipping bathrooms with zero, equipment toilet with shower hygiene must be provided in advance. to the toilet location, bring the pipe with hot and cold water, which will be mounted hygienic shower.

Toilet bowl with a hygienic shower wall

Hygienic shower connected to the sink

Another inexpensive way to get a toilet with bidet functions.However, in this case in the vicinity of the toilet need to install the sink.If a separate bathroom, the toilet can put a tiny corner sink - it will be enough.To connect hygienic shower, need to install a special sink mixer with three outputs.

Hygienic shower connected to the sink

Features selection

  • Before buying, decide with the desired types and methods of installation of hygienic shower.This will help avoid problems during installation.For example, some models may only be connected to the hot water pipes.
  • If you opted for the traditional hygienic shower, which is a watering can with a hose, in advance there is a place of fastening and get a nice container for the collection of flowing water.
  • Look for models hygienic shower, which allows to fix the shower hose out of the reach of small children.Otherwise, cleaning the bathroom will become for you a continuous process.
  • Pay attention to the production of materials and decorative coating for hygienic shower him the same requirements as a conventional mixer - durability, ease of care and a beautiful appearance.
Tips for Choosing a hygienic shower toilet
Recommendations for choosing a toilet bowl with a hygienic shower