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August 12, 2017 18:06

Squat toilet : a lifter with an oblique release , size, manufacturers Roca Vitra

squat toilet
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  • attachable called Why?
  • release Types
  • Types of tanks
  • bowl form
  • Drain
  • CD
  • with bidet
  • With microlift
  • Manufacturers
    • Roca
    • Vitra
    • Jika
    • Cersanit
    • Gustavsberg
    • Sanita
  • Installation Tips for choosing

now the most popular and in demand are considered to toilets that are installed on the floor.They may be of various forms and modifications which allows itself to find the most suitable model.


All kinds of outdoor toilets have many positive characteristics:

  • The first is easy to install;
  • Easy maintenance;
  • durability;
  • reliability;
  • Availability economical water treatment;
  • Reasonable prices;
  • variety of models;
  • different color palettes.
Advantages squat toilet
Benefits squat toilet


As such shortcomings, this plumber has.There are minor errors in candy bars - this is their big enough size and cost.

attachable called Why?

toilet, which is installed close to the wall, is attachable.Drain the tank of such models is removed at the wall.Well, if it will be a niche te

chnology, which precisely fit the tank, it will greatly save space.If the grooves in the wall there, the room would have to be reduced by closing the plasterboard wall cistern - about 14 centimeters.

Side squat toilet

Types release

Before you go shopping for a brand new plumbing, locate the drain in your closet. issue, is of three kinds:


The new buildings now used a horizontal drainage system.We toilets designed for this release, sewer hole goes straight into the wall.

Horizontal outlet squat toilet


devices with this release are installed where drainage is a way out of the floor.This version of the device drain is mostly found in very old houses and cottages.To alter this system is very difficult.

Vertical release squat toilet


Most Russian typical apartments are toilets with an oblique release.In this case, the tube exits from them into the wall at an angle of forty-five degrees.

Oblique release squat toilet

Types of tanks

first noted long known vintage tanks, that were attached to the walls of any height and had a chain to drain.Now they can be seen mainly in expensive retro collections.

Tanks, which are located on the most toilet bowl is now the most popular due to its compactness.

drain tank from the toilet candy bar is presented in the form of a cast design with the cup.It is very convenient for installation, and most importantly safe.The only disadvantage of monolithic devices of large dimensions.

becoming increasingly popular with a squat toilet tank embedded , who hides behind a false wall.Typically, these tanks are made of plastic material, closed by a special casing.It is completely silent, easy to install and maintain.

Types squat toilet cisterns
Variety squat toilet cisterns
Types squat toilet cisterns
Variety squat toilet tank

bowl form

In the Russian market floor toilets in three different kinds of bowls: with shelf (springboard), biasor funnel.

Toilets with jumps, designed to prevent splashing water all long familiar, as in Soviet times they were equipped with bathrooms in almost all homes and institutions.The main drawback of the design is such that the surface water is continuously bowl, which is formed from the yellow-brown coating with time.

products are rolled with a bias, which is directed from the rear wall, or from the front, but the principle one.Surge is no water, but the brush is still useful here.

funnel-shaped devices are the most common today.They are very hygienic, all waste products fall into the water and a brush enjoy it almost does not need.

Forms squat toilet bowls


Probably many noticed that the toilet tank is one or two buttons.One-Touch devices are mainly designed for single flushing a full tank, which is not very profitable.To save water, toilets are good with a two-button flush system, where it is possible to merge part or full tank.Depending on the volume of the tank, it can be 3 liters and 6 or 6 and 9 liters.

System draining squat toilet


Compact floor toilets have become part of everyday life, becoming already traditional.Their design is simple and is a cistern and a bowl, which is located on the toilet or on the shelf attached to the toilet bowl.They may be of conventional configuration and angle.Such devices significantly save space, easy to install and maintain.

Compact squat toilet

with bidet

When space in the bathroom is small, and want to equip it with all the necessary, you can install it shower toilet .There are so many device features and capabilities - except that it does not fly.But the price he is much higher than normal toilet, but the spending is justified.Once the user takes his seat, automatically activates the built in air purification system.Bidet function is activated simply by pressing the remote control button.Shower is mounted directly below the toilet seat and put forward, where appropriate.Water is already warmed to body temperature (degrees can be adjusted manually), the jet can be a pendulum, pulsating massage or "ladies", adapted to the characteristics of the female body.Then the work is operated dryer that supplies warm air drying.But that's not all, the higher the price of the equipment, the more features it requires.

Alternatively, and as a cheaper version of the bidet, can only be purchased cover bidet , which can be of various modifications.Outwardly, it looks like a normal cover, but there is a thickening of the rim branch pipe supplying water.These devices are versatile and suitable for almost any model of toilet.

Squat toilet with bidet

With microlift

If you are tired of the constant bryakane lid on the rim of the toilet bowl, there will be a good helper to the toilet seat lifter system. The principle of this device, like a door closer, namely gradually lower and raise the seat. The main advantage of this mechanism is, of course, silent operation and protection of the toilet from the chips and cracks, which are formed in the fall cover.In addition to this, they are very easy to install, remove without problems, if you suddenly have to spend cleaning.And for the lazy user manufacturers offer automated device, that react to the movement - the approach they open and close automatically.

Squat toilet with the lid lifter


represent a small overview of the most popular brands squat toilet in the Russian market.


This Spanish multinational company started its activity in 1929, since 2004 has been successfully operating subsidiary of Roca Group in Russia.

squat toilet Pluses:

  • Sustainability;
  • There antivstplesk system;
  • wide range;
  • Rates from 2 000 to 500 000 rubles.


  • Problems seat mechanism;
  • Noisy draining;
  • Poorly flushing.
Squat toilet Roca


largest sanitary concern in Turkey, produces a variety of products for the bath and toilet rooms, which enjoy wide consumer demand.


  • functionality;
  • Quality fittings;
  • optimal form;
  • Economical drainage system;
  • wide range of models;
  • budget option;
  • cost 2000-30000 rubles.


  • Poor drainage system.
Squat toilet Vitra


popular Czech brand in many countries around the world.Their first plant for production of toilets and other sanitary ware was founded in 1878


  • reliability;
  • Ease of use;
  • Compact size;
  • Large assortment;
  • Affordable prices: 1000-12000 rubles.


  • lack of seats;
  • road repairs.
Squat toilet Jika


Polish leading manufacturer of sanitary ware.They specialize in complex products for bathrooms and toilets.

Advantages toilets Cersanit:

  • quality materials;
  • Easy maintenance;
  • reliability;
  • Price range 1500-10000 rubles.


  • No antivsplesk;
  • Weak flushing system.
Squat toilet Cersanit


Swedish squat toilet of the brand produced since 1939 from the materials used as a porcelain and earthenware.

Their advantages:

  • Ergonomics;
  • Easy to maintain;
  • Quiet operation cistern;
  • Quality fittings;
  • Long-term warranty (25 years);
  • Excellent drainage system;
  • cost from 3,000 to 20,000 rubles.


  • There are counterfeit;
  • not sold everywhere;
  • Not all service centers are serviced.
Squat toilet Gustavsberg


Russian brand of the city of Samara.Production runs from 1944 first Soviet plant, which has been applied from porcelain casting technology and apart from anything else it is not used.

Advantages squat toilet of the brand:

  • Porcelain premium;
  • Quality fittings;
  • Excellent flushing system;
  • Reasonable prices: 2000 - 8000 rubles;
  • Classic design;
  • self-cleaning coating on some devices.


  • Lack antivsplesk system;
  • unreliable mechanism seats.
Squat toilet Sanita


Installation of floor devices is easy.

The procedure is as follows:

  • originally set up permanent toilet bowl.Its base is fastened with screws to the floor, if there are openings, and if they are not there, they are drilled on their own;
  • further connected to the release of the bowl to the sewage system;
  • if the device was purchased unassembled, the next step is installed on the toilet cistern.Between these two elements for the connection and in order to avoid leaks, fit the gasket, which is attached to the device;
  • after, joined editions of the cup and the reservoir;
  • mounted drainage system, if this is not done at the factory;
  • connected to the drain water tank (bottom or side);
  • and turn on the water supply.
Installing outdoor toilet

Tips for Choosing

  • preferring squat toilet, should take into account some of the nuances in the selection of a particular model.Prior to the acquisition of plumbing, determine the area under it, to use it rationally as possible.Note the location of the sewage sludge to select the toilet in accordance with it.
  • Before buying pay attention to the location of the liner on the water tank, which can be above or below.The latter option provides quieter operation when filling the tank.
  • also suggested to experience the convenience of a toilet bowl.Sit on it to see if you are comfortable height.
  • Examine carefully the entire device, it should not have chips, cracks or sagging.Check it out for stability, no wiggles should not be.
Recommendations for choosing a squat toilet
Tips for Choosing a squat toilet

If all items are true, you can safely buy a new device.Moreover, any of them is warranted.On the domestic does not exceed six months, for business-class devices, it is three years, and some luxury models - 25 years.However, toilets morally obsolete faster than destroyed.Ceramic products are about 30-40 years old, 50-60 porcelain.A major repairs, on average, they need every 15-20 years.