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August 12, 2017 18:06

Compact toilet : hanging and angle options , size, selection and installation

Compact toilet
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  • Cons
  • Types
    • Suspended
    • Corner
  • Popular sizes
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  • Tips for Choosing
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making global repair toiletroom, many are changing and sanitary devices, of course, giving preference to modern models.Among them the most popular type of compact toilets, which have long established themselves as a reliable element of a bathroom.

Previously, the bulk of the market is unsteady with the upper tank.Their design takes up a significant part of the wall and was not very aesthetic appearance.Verbal designation "CD" arose when there were new more ergonomic model, in which the drain tank is attached to the toilet bowl.This construction takes up little space, even though the amount of water content in about one.Therefore, a compact model is increasingly included and are part of everyday life so far.


What are these sanitary devices gained such great demand?Of course its advantages over other types of toilets.

Namely, they are:

  • simply mounted;
  • do not have too much
    difficulty in the service;
  • reliable and durable;
  • have different discharge modes, allowing you to save water;
  • harmoniously fit into any decor;
  • have a wide range;
  • not require a lot of space for their small size;
  • pleased that model domestic producers are of good quality and in comparison with foreign models feature low price range;
  • now design design of toilet or bathroom is much easier, thanks to the variety of colors toilets CD.
Advantages compact toilets
Benefits toilets CD


These devices are deprived of any shortcomings and that they are not there, when you buy should pay attention to the integrity of the product and reliability of materials.



These toilets are considered more modern in contrast to the outdoor units.They not only decorate the interior, but also perfectly cope with their duties.In spite of the brittleness of design, they can withstand up to four kilograms.Their versatility will emphasize the design of any bathroom since the visible is only the toilet bowl and drain the tank and all communications hidden in the wall.Maintain the cleanliness of these devices is much easier.

downside is its overhead plumbing installation, which is a complex process, requiring special equipment and expertise.In addition, in the future, if you have any problems, fix them will be quite difficult.

Suspended toilet CD


best option for small toilet rooms.Only the triangular shape of the tank differs from the usual toilet corner, but the volume of the tank is still the same.drainage system in these models can be both single and double.The market offers mounted and floor standing models, as well as mini bowls of this configuration, which greatly save space.The minimum amount of this type of toilet takes you just half a meter in length, as its dimensions are 38h50 cm.

Corner compact toilet
Corner toilet CD

Popular sizes

All Manufacturers plumbing stickstandard size devices.As for the compact toilets, the difference in width of no more than 10 centimeters, and 15 centimeters in height. Thus, the narrowest bowl can be 33 cm, while the widest of 45 cm. The length of the bowl also varies from 59 to 74.5 centimeters.And the height of the toilet cistern with 47 to 90 cm

most popular toilets with compact dimensions -. 35h63h77 cm (w / d / h).But in order to understand if it fits you chosen model, it is best to test it in the store, just sitting on it.

Popular sizes of bowl -type CD
Popular sizes of compact toilets


All the toilets of this type are arranged identically and represent a bowl and drain the tank, which is installed directly on it.Between them fit the rubber seal for reliability of the connection.The connection is performed by means of plastic bolts.

Now consider the structure of each element separately toilet.


  • volume it is eight, ten liters;
  • Eyeliner water side or bottom;
  • mechanism button to drain is located on top, the lever - side;
  • inlet valves fill with water in the tank.The main role it performs locking diaphragm valve (valve piston less), which regulates the filling of a tank with water.
  • drain valves open water drain hole using a push-button mechanism, and when the tank becomes empty, it closes the water inlet valve and allows you to fill it again.
Device toilet tank


Compact toilet bowl is different, which can be a funnel, a plate or visor.From its shape depends on the water will be sprayed by washing or not.The first option would be to protect against splashes, if the rear wall of the bowl is rolled.II - does not create a splash, but it is less hygienic because of the constant stagnation of water on the platform.The third - the most successful and hygienic version where there is no splashing and water retention.

also the cup may have a different sewer issue: horizontal, oblique, vertical.Choosing toilet-compact, with any challenge, guided by the location and the slope of sewer pipes in the bathroom.

toilet bowl device CD
Waste outlet device compact toilets

Tips for Choosing

order not to doubt the correctness of the choice of toilet-type CD, follow these guidelines before you buy:

  • The first is to measure the areafor the future of the device, which is especially important when little space in the bathroom;
  • Ask the material from which made the toilet, and give preference to the one that is the most practical;
  • Before buying make a thorough inspection of the equipment that was nowhere to be cracked;
  • Make sure that the height of the product is right for you - in a sitting position should not strain the muscles of the torso and legs;
  • To preserve the toilet stool choose from damage and cover with lifter system, which smoothly opens and closes the bowl;
  • A bathroom to use was the most convenient and comfortable, use the multipurpose cover-bidet, which also saves space of the room.
Recommendations for choosing a compact toilets
Tips for Choosing a toilet CD


buy toilet type CD is possible as in parts and assembled.Self-assembly is not always ensure a secure connection, but it is cheaper.

Installation of equipment is better to entrust that company, which was purchased by plumbing.This is especially true of expensive models, for which the manufacturer gives a long warranty.It must be remembered that the user loses the right to free warranty service device if it has been installed or repaired unskilled craftsmen.

Installation compact outdoor toilet is easy.It is set on a prepared flat surface.With the corrugated pipe is connected to the sewer drain hole.Afterwards, the tank is connected to the water supply side, or bottom.Lower water method eyeliner to hide any unwanted communications that provide the aesthetic appearance of the bathroom.You can then attach the toilet to the floor.

Installing hinged models, requires appropriate knowledge, skills and equipment.Therefore it is better to seek help from a specialist.In addition to the correct selection of the installation of the system, keep in mind that it "eats" at least 13.5 centimeters usable area bathrooms, and thus save space will not work if the dressing room is already small.

Installing compact toilet