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August 12, 2017 18:06

Black toilet : suspension and floor versions , the design features

Black toilet
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Having passed the way from the toilet of the "toilet"to today's ceramic masterpieces, we are increasingly trying to ennoble the place where there is a toilet.Many owners tend to bring into your life something unusual, of course, modern and always individual, even in the bathroom.For fans of unconventional solutions, this article would be useful, as will be discussed on the toilet black.


Let's start with the advantages of these plumbing fixtures.First, the dark colors always give a special charm to the interior, making it a luxurious, refined and elegant. The main objective here is competent dosing of the color, so as not to get in the end a dull room. Secondly, black contrasts perfectly with many colors that will create the design of bathrooms in almost any style.Third, thanks to toilet black individuality of your washroom is immediately provided , because few people dare to such a bold mo

ve.And note also that these products are made complete with the rest of the plumbing done in the same style, and it greatly facilitates the task of designing the room.

Advantages of the black toilet
Advantages of the black toilet


Black sanitary devices not claimed as a white classic, for several reasons:

  • main problem is the constant cleaning of these instruments.This is due to salt deposits which remain on the pan of water and only visible on the dark products.Therefore, many buyers just are not ready for daily cleaning;
  • Not everyone will dare to have black toilet in his dressing room because of the dark color;
  • complexity is still in the creation of a properly sized room design for this outstanding plumbing element.
Disadvantages black toilet


choosing plumbing fixtures for bathrooms, it is necessary to bear in mind that the toilets are of two main types - floor and attachments.And those and others can be included with a conventional tank, and with built-in wall.


It is the most common form of toilets.Like the classical model white and black is also produced in this configuration, - when the tank and bowl are two separate structural element.Another popular color in the so-called one-piece, tank and bowl which form a coherent whole.Also, manufacturers offer electronic bidet toilet seats, which have a wide variety of functions and features.They allow you to efficiently use the space of a small room.

Outdoor black bowls
Outdoor black toilet monoblock
Outdoor black electronic toilet


Black instruments with the installation system is also not uncommon today.Like any hinged toilet, they have a number of advantages.Namely: compact size, ease of cleaning, the ability to set individual mounting height, that is, to make allowance for the owner of anthropometric data.

Stretch black bowls

As regards the choice - floor or mounted, you should know that the classic squat toilet easily mounted and mounted with embedded cistern good in the case where there is a technological niche in the wall, in which thethe tank can be embedded.Otherwise, save toilet area will fail.In addition, it is considerably more expensive than a traditional toilet.

In form, the black products are round, square and classic oval configuration, however, as the toilet and any other color.

bath design features

To create the right atmosphere you need to adhere to the aesthetic perception, and yet it is all different.That one seems perfect, the other deemed ugly.The main thing - to avoid redundancy in color and accessories.But sometimes too correct, and sustained plunge in the interiors of some consternation.While there, do not know how to behave.In this general atmosphere should be relaxed and like a man who will live there.

Choosing for your home plumbing products in black, we understand that they are not suitable for every toilet room or bathroom, but the problem is solved.With proper planning and design of the room you'll get the perfect "image."This will help many stylistic directions.

Design bathroom ( toilet ) room with black toilet bowl

Take, for example, ethnic style .This name summarizes several styles - Africa, Asia, India and Middle East.Each of them had different compositional rigor, and even creates a sense of randomness and relaxation.Ethno, especially etnoshik, makes it possible to fill the room with the exotic and allows you to use the boldest colors (where dark and bright colors at an advantage).

also good classic , that never gets old and is always in fashion.It is interpreted using the most unconventional materials and a wide variety of forms.Black toilet seat will be here just in time.

perfect solution would be high-tech style , which embodies minimalism, functionality and manufacturability.This interior is distinguished by its uniqueness, and meet all modern standards.

A style of art and inspiration - art deco , suitable for lovers of decorative sophistication and luxury.

Style bathroom with black toilet bowl
Bathroom with black toilet bowl in a design style

Striking contrasts

most classic version of a combination of colors will contrast of white surfaces with black elements plumbing .Bright shades perfectly reflect light and thus create a balance for dark.

Black goes well with a bright palette , provided that it does not dominate the room.It is not necessary to decorate the wall behind the toilet in the same tone to it.Color and so is heavy and should be thinned.Stylish and extravagant looks, our toilet on a green background.Also, original combination with yellow, orange, gold, and silver colors.Note that the deep red or purple create a calling, an aggressive environment.But blue or dark gray, on the contrary, boring.

ideal combination for the equipment will be dark wooden surface , let the furniture, walls or other interior items.

Optionally, select all sanitary devices only black.If there is a mix of light to dark in the design of bathroom or toilet, and the contrast between the equipment is also admissible.

Black toilet in a white room
Black bowl with contrasting toilet walls
Design a bathroom for a black bowl

Perhaps some individuals want to execute and the room itself in one color with a toilet.Of course, in this case, the bathroom will lose its spectacular.Regulations save mixers, cranes, a variety of decorative elements and accessories chromatic colors, but especially sumptuous companion to gold and silver.

Features bathroom design with a black toilet


Plumbing black instruments look very impressive, but be ready for the regular and thorough care for them.White counterparts here are in a better position.We are not talking about sanitary cleaning that is required of any color device, the problem here in the ever forming mineral and lime deposits in the form of light streaks.Glossy surfaces more than others are subjected to the effects of hard water.Get rid of the stains forever is unlikely to succeed, the only way - every day to wash the bowl and wipe it dry with a cloth.

Care black toilets