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August 12, 2017 18:06

Colored bowls : popular colors , manufacturers and maintenance

Coloured sanitary and toilet
  • Black, red, blue - a new look bathrooms
  • Overview manufacturers
  • Features care

We are all accustomed to the traditional plumbing in white.White toilet bowl, white shell and white bath.However, why not bring into your life more colorful and does not install itself colored toilet.So you create individual, unique interior that will delight your eyes, lift the mood of its bright appearance and is sure to amaze guests.

Gold plated Toilets
Design model of colored toilet

Black, red, blue - a new look bathrooms

From rich red to sky blue, lush green and deep purple - color bowls can be the mostdifferent colors, both warm and cold.Here, there are no restrictions.Should you only want to and those toilets are overflowing with various shades, creating the illusion of depth and charging with positive emotions.

toilet unusual color your favorite tone for the walls of the toilet or the floor can be made to order.At your request, it will cause all sorts of patterns, prints, for example, imitating animal skins, and even the full pictur

e, encrusted with Swarovski crystals or decorated with elements of marble or glass.In some models, the appearance of the toilet bowl by means of special interchangeable inserts can periodically transform beyond recognition.

And if the budget allows, to design studios, you can find true works of art: toilets the most unusual shapes and colors, which will emphasize your individuality and originality.Such toilets immediately attract attention, making the interior of its flavor.

Colored toilets often made of porcelain or sanitary ware.Bright appearance they give two ways:

  • In the first case paint is added to the material from which made the toilet.As a rule, this type of plumbing has a pale matte colors.The most attractive look model made in a dark color palette, primarily black.
  • In the second case, a special colored enamel glaze cover already a finished product.As a result, the colors are bright and juicy, and with proper care will last a long time without losing saturation and brightness.
The toilet and bidet purple
Red toilet
lime toilet
Пятнистые унитазы "Корова"

choosing color toilet, be sure to make sure that a quality check or uniformly colored surface for cracks and other defects.It is better to give preference to more expensive models, as cheap is often covered with a thin poor quality colored glaze ball.Over time, this can go enamel cracks and lose their presentable.Be sure to ask the seller a certificate of quality to make sure that your selected model is made of durable materials.

Коричневый унитаз "под дерево"

Overview manufacturers

Colored bowls can be purchased already producing such well-established brands like:

  • Oskar;
  • Monaco;
  • Oskolskaya ceramics;
  • Monarh;
  • Rep;
  • Kirov ceramics.

Chinese manufacturer of plumbing supplies Oskar on cheap market, but at the same time high-quality toilets from saturated to subtle shades.Another Chinese Monaco factory pleases the buyers item as a non-standard form, and non-standard colors.Rich black, rich burgundy, pale pink - toilets this company undoubtedly will decorate your bathroom.

Factory "Oskolskaya Ceramics" produces mainly models in four colors: black, bright red, deep blue and emerald green.

want something exclusive, luxurious and fashionable, then you should pay attention to the well-known Italian manufacturer of sanitary ware Cielo, over the appearance of products which work best designers in Europe.The greatest demand is for the collection Shui and Jungle.The first - for original and stunning views, and the goods of the second draw attention decor under the skins of amphibians and animals.

Blue ceramic toilet Oskolskaya
Black toilet Monarch
Maroon toilet Monaco
Black ceramic bowls from Kirov

Features care

If you want to color the toilet for a long time to please you with its appearance, the contact should be with himcorrectly.For preventative cleaning use a mild detergent, do not pour on the wall toilet hot water and then he faithfully serve you for many years.And limescale on these toilets is less noticeable.

Care colored toilets