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August 12, 2017 18:06

Nozzle on the toilet : children with a step , for the disabled, ladders and cats

Nozzle on the toilet
  • For the disabled
  • Children
    • Standard models
    • with steps
    • Extension
    • Folding
  • For cats

maximum comfort during operation of plumbing fixtures - itone of the main objectives pursued by the manufacturers of plumbing.However, each has its own needs and their own ideas about comfort so if we say, for example, on the toilet, it is difficult to find a model with the same comfort that could be used by an adult male, an old woman and a young child.Most of our apartments are not rich square meters and the number of bathrooms in them is rarely more than one, so all members of the family have to use one toilet, no matter how it is convenient to them.To solve this problem, many manufacturers of sanitary equipment attended to the development of special nozzles on the toilet, designed for people (and not only) with a different complexion and different physical abilities.

nozzles on the toilet are not stationary - their removal and installation takes a few seconds.They are firmly attached to the toi

let bowl by means of clamps.With such nozzles convenient to travel - some models fold up and take the baggage is not much space.Most often, these products are made of plastic, so they are very light and does not need special care.any non-aggressive cleaning agent is suitable for maintaining health.

Nozzle on the toilet for disabled
Nozzle on the toilet for increasing the height of the toilet bowl without handrails
Nozzle on the toilet for children

For the disabled

among different population groups, which produced the nozzle on the toilet, much attention is paid to people with disabilities.For them, it is important that the seat is high enough - so the toilet operation requires significantly less effort. That is why many tips on the toilet height adjustable.

Another important detail is the presence of handrails.They are equipped with not all models.If in the bathroom, which is used by physically challenged persons, permanently installed rail, there is no need to purchase an additional seat with handrails.However, in this way the nozzle is able to render good service.While on the train, in a hospital or in any other public place, an elderly person would be much easier to use the toilet, if with him he has a comfortable seat (after all, despite the requirements of SNIP, only a small part of public toilets has cabins equipped for disabled personsmobility).

Nozzle on the toilet for disabled


Another important part of the "target audience" manufacturers of nozzles on the toilet - children.At the age of 3-4 years, when the child has grown out of the pot, but still not up to the standard the toilet, such overlays are simply irreplaceable.Using this device, the kids quickly learn to do their business on their own without parental control.Adults can not be afraid that the child will not stay in the seat is too wide for him.

Nozzles on the toilet for kids

Standard models

There are several modifications of nozzles on the toilets, intended for children.

Standard models are seats, similar to adults, but with a smaller diameter of the hole.They can be made of the "bare" have a plastic or upholstered.The second option is much more comfortable and, in addition, such seats are often decorated with bright pictures.Mounted children's attachment to the toilet in the same way as conventional.Thus, one toilet can be equipped with child seats and adults at the same time, it is not only convenient, but also hygienic.

Standard children
Installation tips for toilet

with steps

Models equipped with a stepping stone. Some tips are sold complete with pristupkoy, which allows the child to easily climb up on the toilet, and serves as a support for the feet during operation of the device.This step can be purchased separately, but the items that are sold in a set, usually have the same drawing or painted in the same color (so if you prefer the style of unity, this option is preferable).The boy's parents say that with this pristupochki children quickly learn to walk in a little stand that is not so easy to do in a pot or in the toilet.In addition, the step can be used to climb into the tub or sink to brush your teeth.

Nozzles with a step


Extension model - it is a kind of ladder, equipped with comfortable Seats that are installed next to the toilet.Usually these nozzles are also handrails, which makes their use more comfortable.This solid construction easy enough, so the child can move it.Auxiliary seats are generally governed by the size, which allows use of a nozzle for a few years of life. The advantages of this model include:

  • versatility - it is suitable for toilet bowls of all shapes and sizes;
  • convenience - most models are equipped with anatomic seat;
  • security - handrails and stairs are covered with anti-slip material.
Extra- nozzle model toilet
Extra- head on the toilet for children


Mobile and folding models are designed primarily for use on the road. On the road, it is difficult to find a public toilet equipped with a child seat.In addition, many parents do not wish their child to avoid contact with the sanitary equipment in public restrooms (and they can be understood as the sanitary condition of such institutions usually leaves much to be desired).Folding seats sold with the container for transport and when folded is very compact, so they are an ideal solution to the problem.Almost all models can be adjusted in height and width, therefore, such seats are suitable for all toilets.

Foldable portable model overlays on toilet
Foldable model child overlays on toilet
Foldable model addl model overlays on toilet

For cats

toilet - is a subject, which is used by not only people, but also some pets.Many cat owners boast that their pets can easily mastered the plumbing fixtures.Do not be discouraged if your mustache-striped one did not learn to relieve themselves in a human. For lovers of cats the whole system was invented, allowing within a few weeks to accustom the animal to the toilet.

The kit usually includes cat litter and one or more nozzles on the toilet with different holes.Each manufacturer has its own recommendations on how to teach a cat to the nozzle, but the principle is the same everywhere around.

first nozzle is put on the floor and in the first few days the cat uses it as an ordinary tray.Then, the nozzle is mounted on the toilet, and the next couple of weeks, your pet learns to climb on it and keep the balance during use.Further changes to the nozzle tip with an opening of larger diameter (or, if this involves design, cut a hole in the first nozzle).The hole increases every two weeks.In the end, there is no need in the head, and the cat can comfortably use the toilet.You just have to teach her to flush!

Strap on the toilet for cats