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August 12, 2017 18:06

Toilet bowl with shelf in a bowl : advantages and features , manufacturers

The toilet bowl with a plate
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the model
  • Splash and the system "Antivsplesk"
  • False CD
  • Manufacturers

Manufacturers produce bowls of various materials, shapes, and designs, and althougheyes and run away from that presented in the stores of choice, everyone will find the most suitable option for themselves.

The shape of bowls are divided into:

  • sloping or visor;
  • with the funnel;
  • with shelf.
Belleville toilet bowl with shelf

Advantages and disadvantages of the model

Toilets with a shelf or, as they are called, Belleville toilets are considered outdated model, but will not be if you want to buy them easily.Check them easily - in the bowl of toilet present horizontal ledge.The main advantage of disc toilets is that you can sit on them and no trouble in the form of spray you will not be disturbed.Useful shelf and if you inadvertently dropped into the toilet any thing, let's say the phone - to get his problems will not be.

However, this dignity and an end, and further disadvantages are:

  • At Belleville toilets uneconomical water consumption.
  • often necessary to use wire brush as shelf quickly and easily soiled.
  • water that remains on the shelf over time leads to the appearance of unsightly streaks.
  • From the toilet bowl before you reach the outskirts are often unpleasant odors already washed away waste products.
WC CD tray with cup
Hanging toilet with a shelf in a bowl

Splash and the system "Antivsplesk"

Toilets with shelf used to be ubiquitous.Today, however, other manufacturers produce more comfortable models, for example, toilets with a visor.Instead of traditional shelves provided in such toilets bias, and it can go in the direction of the rear wall, and from it.This bias and rescues a man sitting against splashes from the toilet.This toilet also not sin unpleasant odors and demanding frequent use wire brush as waste almost do not contaminate the walls of this product.

But most manufacturers now prefer the toilet bowl with a funnel.As can be seen from the name, shaped like a funnel, they are easily drawn into the sewers and all waste products need to use with the brush almost does not occur.These toilets are also distinguished by low water flow, you will not feel them, and unpleasant odors, but the main and very bad lack of them at the same time - it splashes and sprays, such that the unit can douse the person sitting on it.And there are not only spray during spravleniya natural needs, but also for flushing waste.

antivsplesk system
Toilet without splashing from the cup tray

Manufacturers struggling to combat this phenomenon and on the form of a bowl, which would protect the person from the spray experiment.For example, the system Ā«Antivsplesk" leaves a minimum amount of water at the bottom of the bowl. However, these measures do not always help, but because the toilets with a shelf today take on a second life.

Modern Belleville toilet bowl

False CD

Toilets with both the shelf and without distinction depending on the type of installation:

  • Floor
  • Suspended
  • Bar

squat toilet - a classic of the genre.They are most often found in modern bathrooms.The characteristics of such toilets - low cost and ease of installation.To install this toilet requires no additional tools are needed, for example, if you select the type of hanging.

If you are worried about the safety of sex or you have decided to equip their homes heated floors, then you should pay attention to the suspension model.In addition, these models will allow free up more space on the floor in your dressing room.They are fixed to the wall by means of a rigid frame, and drain the tank is placed in a niche in the wall of plasterboard.These models create a feeling of lightness in the room, the air, and therefore, if you avoid cumbersome - it's a great option for you.

squat toilet also come with a compact tank or a tank of toilets can be hidden in the wall.But if you have a toilet has large dimensions, it can not be penny wise and buy a candy bar with a very original design that will decorate one room in their appearance.

Hanging toilet with a shelf in a bowl
Bar with a cup tray
WC CD tray with cup


Toilets with shelf can be found both at the domestic and foreign manufacturers.Most often they are released Polish companies.Qualitative models can be purchased from the Czech, Swedish and Bulgarian producers toilets.on the toilet The prices depend on many factors.But the most important - is the material from which made the toilet, and "untwisted" brand.

German toilets from Gerebit, Villeroy & amp;Boch - is a guaranteed high quality products.Italian manufacturers have Jacuzzi, Catalano, Hatria can pick up bowls of unusual colors and shapes.Finnish Ido produces unconventional lineups with armrests, backrest.Among Polish and Chinese a lot of high-quality porcelain products at an affordable price.Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian companies produce a relatively inexpensive, accessible toilets of acceptable quality, often from imported parts.

Toilets these manufacturers can be made of various materials: steel, cast iron, enamel, plastic or ceramic. Experts advise, by the way, to draw its attention to the last.These bowls will last a long time without causing any complaints to his work.Among them are models of pottery and porcelain.Earthenware - budget analogue of porcelain, but also the quality of their respective lower and care for them need to be careful.But porcelain differ attractive appearance, they transcend caustic detergents, which must be used when cleaning, also thanks to the fine-pored surface, they stay clean longer.

As we can see, to care for toilets with a shelf - not such a difficult task.It is necessary, of course, often put more effort and more likely to use with the brush, but no spatter certainly worth it.

WC Santek CD tray with cup
Import toilet with a shelf in a bowl
Caring for the toilet bowl with a plate