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August 12, 2017 18:06

Toilets with a picture : colored seats and covers , model Painted

Black hanging toilet with the golden graphic pattern
  • Finished model
  • Colored
  • Covers and seats with patterned
  • painting with his hands
  • Making toilet in technology "decoupage"
  • Features care of the toilet with a picture

InThe way most toilet should be exclusively white.Some allow weak beige, gray or blue.And only one, going to the store of sanitary equipment, set out to buy a bowl, painted in custom color or painted ornament.

Toilet bowls, decorated with a picture - a bright and unusual solution which exactly give your bathroom personality.However, such models often can be found in the collections of the elite plumbing, so it is fun is not cheap.

However, if you put a little imagination, and the standard white toilet seat can be turned into a work of art.In this article, we will tell you about the features of toilets with a pattern and how to make your existing plumbing original designer items.

Toilet with gold pattern
Toilet bowl painted with flowers

Finished model

Toilets with a pattern represented in the collections of well-known companies involved in the product

ion of sanitary ware, is a great variety.This model can be completely covered with a pattern or model in which only some elements are painted, for example, the lid edge or cistern.The choice of patterns is also quite large.Very popular floral ornament, ethnic motifs and abstract paintings.The color scheme of the pattern is usually chosen by the dominant colors in the design of the bathroom.

Collections plumbing with a pattern
painted toilet
Toilet bowl with graphical pattern of the Eiffel Tower
Toilet bowl painted by Dutch tiles

special place among the toilet is occupied with drawing models that represent a kind of reconstruction of the old plumbing.Just two centuries ago painted bowls were quite common and takes pride of place in the toilets nobles.Therefore, if you want to make your bathroom look like a restroom in a luxurious castle, look at it to these models.

Toilet bowl painted in the style of Provence


If you are not willing to experiment with painted toilets, but add the original interior of the bathroom still want, we advise you to pay attention to the color model toilets.Most buyers opted for plumbing in pastel colors, soft, pastel colors.In high demand are light blue, light green and beige toilets as this - the most popular colors used in the design of the bathroom.

more effectively looks plumbing, painted in bright, saturated colors.However, in this case, the color scheme of walls, floors and ceilings should be more restrained.

There are two ways to produce colored plumbing fixtures.The first method is to apply a colored coating on the finished product, and the second involves the addition of pigment in the mass, from which will be made toilet.Coloured sanitary ware, produced using the second method, is more abrasion resistant and less demanding to maintain.

lime toilet
Rose Collection plumbing
Two-tone bowl

Covers and seats with patterned

One compromise option - instead of a toilet bowl with a pattern to buy accessories and components with design. It may be their brush holders and toilet paper or the toilet seat and lid.

Decorated with bright pattern cover a large variety presented on the shelves of hardware stores.They cost quite inexpensive, the installation takes just a couple of minutes.All this allows you to change this accessory often enough to refresh the interior of the bathroom, but not while making major changes.

very popular covers for toilet bowls with a nautical theme.The image of the underwater world and the sea buyers choose more often.You can also find images of plant and animal subjects, simulate different textures and fun comic drawings.

Colored cover for toilets

painting with his hands

are painted white toilet on their own - not an easy task.In the first place, because the paint on the products of sanitary ceramics goes bad.If you do not have at least minimal skills in painting the furniture is better to choose some other equipment, for example, to decorate the toilet vinyl stickers or draw in decoupage technique (more on this will be discussed below).

Before you get started, you need to choose the appropriate pattern.If the technique of drawing you are not going smoothly, then zagotovte stencils (in any art store, you can buy ready-made).

Working surface should first be degreased with alcohol or solvent and wipe dry. Before that, some advise sanded the product, but if you are not sure of the strength of the coating, it is better not to do so.Figure it will be better to lie on the tinted surface.Tinting is done with a soft brush or sponge paint, designed to work in ceramics.

When the background is dry, proceed to spray pattern.This can be used acrylics.They dry quickly, so after a few hours it will be possible to start the final stage of work - spray lacquer.It would be better if you're not limited to one layer of varnish, and repeat this process 2-4 times.

Toilet bowl painted with his own hands
Toilet bowl painted
The painting on the toilet with his hands

Making toilet in technology "decoupage"

decoupage - a technique of interior decoration items using pictures cut from paper.Usually this is done using napkins or special decoupage card.If you are just beginning to develop this technique, it is better to stay at the last variant.

  • Prepare images: you can cut them with scissors, and can gently tear the hands - in this case, there will be a sharp boundary between the image and the background, that is, the effect disappears applications.
  • toilet Wash and degrease the surface (how to do this, we have already told in the previous section).
  • following is primed toilet.For this purpose a suitable tone paint dilute mixed with PVA glue.Blot better in two layers.The second layer is applied after drying the previous one.
  • After the primer has dried, you can start drawing the image.If you use wipes remove all layers except the first.Decoupage card should be pre-soak in warm water for a few minutes.
  • work technique with napkins and decoupage different cards.Napkins, you must first attach to the surface of the bowl, then fluff with white glue, carefully smoothing out irregularities from the center to the edges.Decoupage card must first lubricate the back side glue and then glued to the surface, avoiding the formation of folds.
  • If your bathroom has a high level of humidity, it is recommended to dry the finished work a hairdryer.Thereafter, the surface should be covered by several layers of lacquer based on acrylic.
Decorating toilet in decoupage technique
Decoupage in the design of the toilet bowl
decoupage technique to create an interior bathroom

Features care of the toilet with a picture

One of the big advantages of toilet bowls with a pattern is that they badly noticeable smudges of water andrusty stains (of course, with the appropriate pattern of colors).Therefore there is no need to constantly take care of meticulously clean toilet.

However, if you need to clean all the same there, avoid hard brushes, aggressive detergents, especially powders.It will be quite enough a soft cloth, warm water and soap.When care products decorated with decoupage, try to use as little water as possible.

painted toilet