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August 12, 2017 18:06

Child seat and cover for toilet : with a step , cover , THERMOBABY

Child seat ( pad ) for toilet
  • Pros Cons
  • At what age would be useful?
  • Types
    • Traditional children's heads
    • Child seat anatomically shaped
    • With handles
    • Seats-top boxes with steps
    • Thermobaby
    • Folding (road) seat
    • Stair Stand
  • Tips for Buying
  • Prices

Around the fourth year of life, children begin to reject its pot and showing interest in the toilet for adults.This is another important transition points in their lives, and from the parents depends on how successfully and painlessly it will.To facilitate the task of parents in the process of a child learning to toilet invented special attachments for toilets, which are also called "child seat", "adapter", "overlay toilet" or "children's dressing circle."


  • Prevents drop the baby into the toilet.
  • Do not allow baby's skin in contact with the cold toilet.
  • Provide security from the point of view of hygiene.
  • allows kids to sit by yourself and feel comfortable.
Benefits child seat toilet


For storage necessary to provide additional space.

more minuses in the s

ubject is not, except for the cost.

Among the "unwanted" child seat models are distinguished musical model. Their disadvantages are, firstly, the fact that they can distract children from the primary task.Secondly, children are accustomed to celebrate their needs with the help of such seats may be hindered to use the toilet or potty usual when they are away from home.

At what age would be useful?

According to many modern writers on education, children celebrate their needs in the pot should be taught from the age of one year old, and the toilet three or four years.Of course, if the baby himself insists to use the toilet before you can begin training earlier.Today, among children sanitary products can always find the most suitable option for your child, in addition to the currently marketed packing steps and stands.

The best age to start a child use the toilet


installation principle all types of children's attachments easy.As a rule, almost all types are equipped with a locking chuck, or have a rubber base, and some of them simultaneously.

So, there are the following types of children lining for toilets:

Traditional children's heads

Looks like the usual toilet seat for adults.The only difference - a slightly smaller size.Children nozzles are made of different materials, there are also soft and hard.These seats can be installed directly on top of an adult's seat, or under it.Ideal for large families, it is not always possible to ensure the cleanliness of toilets.The sale also features models of adult toilet seats, which already provides children's folding cup.It is not necessary each time to install, cover can be moved up and down.

Traditional children

Child seat anatomically shaped

Such repeats seat upper mold children's pots.Presence of bumps, barriers in front and behind the seat makes it even more convenient and safe.Often such material is the seat slip soft rubber, which makes the seat more safe and secure.

Anatomically shaped seat on the toilet for a child
Baby seat for toilet anatomical shape

With handles

In this case, the handle built right on both sides lining the toilet.Pad itself may be made of different materials.Handle material can coincide and not coincide with the lining material.Handles are for children on the toilet easy to climb and descend.

Seat with handles for the child on the toilet
Child seat on the toilet with handles
Trim the child seat with handles toilet

Seats-top boxes with steps

Represent nozzle equipped often one step and handrail on both sides .Very convenient and safe tool for children as a step up and allows you to easily sit on the toilet, handrails and save from falling.Degree step height can be adjusted.

This seat variant is ideal for very young children.Using this console, the kids will be easy to use the toilet, and they will not come into contact with the toilet itself.This model is the most secure in all respects.In addition, it is non-severe and easy collection.In addition to these advantages there are models that have a lid, which can be converted throwing in the back.The backrest serves as a barrier between the back of the toilet and a kid, and will protect the child from the water spray.

Seat - top box on the toilet for a child
Baby seat for toilet - top boxes


popularity among this kind of seat, children adapters toilet Thermobaby .Is an integrated nozzle completely different toilets, even for suspended toilet bowls.This console is equipped with a stepping stone, a comfortable anatomical plate, secure the backrest, armrests, bumpers and adjustable legs.Collection durable, but at the same time not heavy.You can add up quickly and easily, and take with you when traveling.For many parents, this model - an ideal option for the seats to accustom a child to an adult toilet.Sometimes gray-green, purple, pink, blue, green, and black and white colors.

Baby toilet seat Thermobaby

Folding (road) seat

This seat will need parents of young children at the time of travel and travel.Taking a seat is the parents to some extent create a familiar environment for babies and reduce the impact of stress when traveling.The main difference between these models is that they can be effortlessly sort and stack, adjust the diameter and thus adapt to any toilet.Such seats, some manufacturers are making containers in which laths can not only moved, but also easy to clean, adding only water with the disinfectant and shake several times.


Stair Stand

This accessory serves to prevent small children alone sit on the toilet, use the sink or bath without difficulty. And the boys still need such support in order to enable them to write standing up.For these purposes it is better to buy a step-stand with wide rubber base with non-slip surface and a mild weight that children themselves can move them to the right place.

Children step pedestal toilet
Stair - stand for the child to the toilet

Tips for Buying

When buying a child seat to be careful and take into account the following points:

  1. strength and reliability of the design. on the market of child safety seats have soft, semi-rigid and rigid lining.The optimum model is a semi-rigid structure.Their disadvantage is that they can break or bend.In this case, parents will have to buy new seats periodically.For those who do not like this option better suited model with a rigid structure, which will serve for a long time.In addition to the strength of the design should pay attention to a method of fastening seat.They should be installed firmly and securely.Sata seat can cause the fall of the child that will frighten the child, and then he will refuse to use the toilet.
  2. coating. In addition, the coating should be soft, yet it should be subject to washing.However it is better to buy the nozzle with an antibacterial coating.
  3. size pad. child's safety depends on the item.For lining the store you need to walk, just knowing the size of the toilet.It would be good if you take with a pre-made template toilet circuit.Children must be at least pad on the floor centimeter cover the entire bowl large bowl.There are patterns whose diameter can be adjusted to the size of the toilet bowl.
  4. seat form. should primarily be suitable for children.Parents should give priority to practical and model types.
  5. surface. Soft, smooth and smooth surface - mandatory requirements for children's nozzle.The presence of various irregularities may cause microbial growth and damage the baby's skin.
Tips when buying a child seat for a toilet bowl


baby toilet seat can be purchased at prices ranging from 100 to 2500 rubles.A disposable cover are inexpensive, such as a pack consisting of 10 pieces of disposable covers Aura, costs 45 rubles.

Prices for children
Prices for baby toilet seat