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August 12, 2017 18:06

Manufacturers toilets : the best Russian and foreign brands

WC Geberit
  • Proper toilet
  • Manufacturers and prices
  • Russian manufacturers of low-end models
  • Hersteller "comfort" class models
  • Hersteller models premium

Proper toilet

Professionals in the world of plumbing advised when choosing a toilet follow the simple instructions:

  • determine the type of structure (floor or hanging);
  • determine the type of the old toilet issue (oblique, horizontal or universal) and when buying orient on him;
  • decide how eyeliner will be water (above or below);
  • determine how much money you are willing to spend on the purchase of the instrument;
  • choose manufacturer;
  • choose a model based on the presence of additional functions.

Although the choice of the manufacturer is practically at the end of the list, this step - one of the most important process in the purchase of a new toilet bowl.After all, such a large number of companies exhibiting their products in stores, and you can get lost.The purpose of this article - to talk about the most popular producer of sanitary war

e, managed to earn the trust of the Russian buyer.

Collection of toilets and bidets
Suspended toilets
Attached toilets
design models

Manufacturers and prices

name Country Price range Products
Santek Russian 1500 - 5600 rubles. Classic, low-end models toilets
Keramin Russian 1600 - 5500 rubles. Cheap toilets standard forms
IDDIS Russian 7500 - 1000 rubles. squat toilet at average prices
Sanita Russian 1600 - 12700 rubles. Floor and suspended toilets various modifications
Cersanit Poland 1700 - 11500 rubles. Large selection of different types of toilets in a wide price range
Geberit Switzerland 22500 - 423000 rubles. overhead and floor models, candy bars, toilets, bidets
Laufen Switzerland 4500 - 82800 rubles. wide range of models made in different style
Duravit Germany 5200 - 125700 rubles predominant model in modern and classical style
Gustavsberg Sweden 3500 - 20300 rubles. There are toilets collection created for use by people with disabilities
Ifo Sweden 3200 - 32000 rubles. Also toilets, a large selection of bidets and urinals
Ideal standard America 1400 - 40300 rubles. There is a very interesting model with the original design
IDO Finland 11600 - 28200 rubles. overhead and floor toilets of high quality
Jacob Delafon France 3400 - 44200 RUB Stylish plumbing, elegant design
Villeroy & amp;Boch France 7000 - 101400 rubles. Strict classics at high enough prices
Jika Czech 2100 - 15000 RUB Large selection of inexpensive models, including those designed specifically for children
Roca Spain 3100 - 83500RUB There are toilets with electronic control
Vitra Turkey 4400 -50000 rubles wide range of toilets, bidets and urinals for different types of premises

Russian manufacturers of low-end models

Sanita- domestic brand of sanitary ware, known since the middle of last century. equipment manufacturing plant is located near Samara.During the war, the factory engaged in the manufacture of products for the army - parts of ceramics used in certain types of weapons and military equipment.After the war, the company focused on the production of sanitary ware.

Advantages toilets Sanita:

  • simple, strict forms;
  • low cost;
  • high-quality materials;
  • presence shower wash;
  • new models are coated with a self-cleaning effect;
  • fittings in Switzerland;
  • installation lifter - optional;
  • good service in stores and offices of the company.

Disadvantages toilets Sanita:

  • no "antivsplesk" system;
  • some models plums weak.
WC Sanita Series CD
WC Sanita series Deluxe
The toilet from the Russian manufacturer Sanita
The toilet companies Sanita Series Suite
WC from the company painted Sanita

IDDIS - a Russian company, which is engaged in production for more than ten years of sanitary equipment. Among domestic manufacturers of sanitary products of this company is one of the most sought after.

Advantages toilets IDDIS:

  • ease of use;
  • aesthetics;
  • low price;
  • good installation guides.

Disadvantages toilets IDDIS:

  • some models have non-standard fasteners.
Toilet bowls from the Russian company IDDIS

Hersteller models "comfort┬╗

Gustavsberg - a Swedish company with a rich history, founded more than three centuries ago. first years of its existence, the factory engaged in the production of bricks, and then for many years the main focus of its activity was the manufacture of porcelain and jewelry.toilets production started only in the middle of the XX century.

Advantages toilets Gustavsberg:

  • environmentally friendly materials;
  • focus on saving water resources;
  • ease of care;
  • ease of operation;
  • quiet;
  • high-quality components;
  • warranties up to 25 years;
  • available parts.

Disadvantages toilets Gustavsberg:

  • difficulty servicing;
  • buying fakes;
  • small coverage of the Russian market.
WC Gustavsberg
WC Gustavsberg Nautic CD
WC Gustavsberg Hygienic rimless
WC Gustavsberg Artic pendant

Jika - products of this Czech company appeared on the market of sanitary ware in the 90s of the last century. Thanks to affordable and good quality products, sanitary ware, produced by Jika, quickly became popular in our country.Today, the plant is a part of Roca Group and supplies equipment to many European and Asian countries.

Advantages toilets Jika:

  • long service life;
  • beautiful appearance;
  • economy;
  • many modifications;
  • wide range of prices;
  • compactness;
  • strong seat, many have anti-bacterial coating.

Disadvantages toilets Jika:

  • costly repairs;
  • some models of water spray;
  • sometimes found an incomplete grade.
Jika outdoor toilet
WC CD Jika
Jika outboard WC
Suspended toilet and bidet Jika

Hersteller models premium

Jacob Delafon - French company, which is engaged in the production of sanitary ceramics are verylong time, since the last century. During this time, engineers and designers the company produced about 10,000 lines of plumbing for the bathroom.The equipment of this company is established in many luxury hotels and restaurants.

Advantages toilets Jacob Delafon:

  • beautiful design;
  • wear;
  • warranties up to 25 years;
  • water savings;
  • ease of care;
  • quiet operation;
  • seats are equipped lifter.

Disadvantages toilets Jacob Delafon:

  • difficulty servicing;
  • buying defective products;
  • instability of the coating to UV rays;
  • mounting difficulty.
WC Jacob Delafon
Wall-hung WC Jacob Delafon
Corner WC Jacob Delafon
The toilet and bidet Jacob Delafon

Laufen - Switzerland company which is engaged in the production of the elite plumbing, different original design. was founded in the end of XIX century and the first years of producing building materials - bricks and ceramic tiles.

Advantages toilets Laufen

  • use of materials and components of the highest quality;
  • existence of a double sink;
  • water-saving technology;
  • ease of care, which is provided by a special coating;
  • the ability to install the lifter.

From lacks toilets Laufen can be noted the high price.

So, going to the store for a new toilet, we should remember that it is important to focus not only on the technical characteristics (although they must be considered in the first place), but also to the reputation of the firm, which produces sanitary products.Successful to you of purchases!

WC monoblock Laufen
The toilet and bidet Laufen
WC Laufen CD
WC Laufen pendant in black