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August 12, 2017 18:06

stainless steel toilet bowl : the pros and cons , price and installation

Stainless Steel WC
  • Advantages Disadvantages
  • Features forms
  • Fitting locations
  • Installation


main advantage of steel toilets - it vandal-proof characteristics.It is firmly attached to the floor, it can not be dismantled without special tools, it does not break and is completely safe for the user.Moreover:

  • for stainless steel toilet very easy to look after, it is quite easy to clean from dirt and grime;
  • stainless steel structure devoid of pores and therefore easy to operate, it does not stay on the dirt;
  • on the surface of the toilet do not breed bacteria and under normal use does not appear rust;
  • it does not absorb odors;
  • Ā«stainless steelĀ» will not hurt acid, the material is not afraid of changes in temperature;
  • despite its apparent simplicity, stainless steel toilet perfectly joins the interior of the toilet room;
  • stainless steel bowl will serve its owner for a long time;
  • served their service life, stainless steel bowl can be sent for recycling, thus contributing to environmental
Vandalism toilet
Plumbing steel in public places


Of the minuses can be noted the high cost of stainless steel toilet and its specific kind.Last for many is a plus. Prices for these toilets tend to start at 30 thousand. Rub.

Features forms

If the basis for the classification select the shape of the product, the unsteady distinguish toilets:

  • suspended;
  • floor.

Style toilets flushing from the "stainless steel" are classified into:

  • with the presence of the tank with water;
  • without waste tank;
  • who wash is carried out using a manual valve flushes.
  • with automatic flushing.

In a separate group can be assigned a toilet called - cup genoa.Typically, they are installed in public places.They have no seats.A sort of a hole in the floor in stainless steel frame having a support under his feet.

Hanging toilet
Normal monoblock
Bar with sink
Bowl Genoa for public toilets

Fitting locations

toilet of "Stainless Steel" - a thing quite specific and "official".Comfort from it is not blowing, so it is usually put such toilets in public places.Although, if your toilet is made in high-tech style, the "stainless steel" does not hurt, but on the contrary, successfully joins the interior.Typically, stainless steel bowls are found in cafes, restaurants.Caring for them is simple.In addition, the product is very durable and will not break (like a porcelain toilet) and not injure a visitor.

Another place where we encounter the toilet of "Stainless Steel" - a wagon train and airplane.The ease and convenience of use played a major role in the choice of this type of toilet in these forms of public transport.Bowls of Genoa can be found in the toilets road and / Railway station.The design is really strong, and it is - the most important thing.Patency of people is a huge and not all show awareness and respect for government property, flushing cisterns will be broken in a matter of minutes.Bowl of Genoa break is almost impossible.

Toilet bowl in a steel transport
Option to hotel design
Interior design variant with a steel toilet


In fact, installation of toilets, stainless steel is not particularly different from the toilet bowl assembly of any other material.As the mounting screws are used, which provide a very strong tightening of the product.If such a toilet is installed on the street, but it needs insulation."Stainless steel" - is still metal, and any metal tend adoption ambient temperature.Therefore, if it is cold outside, the toilet seat warm not warm and special pleasant feeling does not deliver.In this case, experts recommend to warm the toilet seat.For this fit the foam material, or you can simply build a removable cover made of wood.

In any case, the installation of a stainless steel toilet bowl, carefully read the attached instructions.

Installation of steel sanitary ware