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August 12, 2017 18:06

Toilets Roca: suspension and floor , Victoria, Dama Senso, compact model

toilets Roca
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Roca Group - is a Spanish companywith nearly a century of history.It was created in 1917 by Roca Barcelona family names.The first years of its existence the company produced cast iron radiators, and then added to them boilers.The first sanitary ware produced in the cast iron bathtub steel factory.Today Roca - one of the world leaders for the production of sanitary ware and plumbing.It has offices in more than 130 countries around the world.In our country, a factory for the production of sanitary ware products located in the Leningrad region.Roca - the first among western manufacturers to open a factory for the production of sanitary ware in Russia.The plant produces the sanitary equipment of the highest class, created using the most advanced European technologies and materials.

Toilets Roca in the interior


  • reliable manufacturer. firm Roca is known worldwide.Today it is
    one of the best sanitary ware manufacturer.The company's products meet all international quality standards.
  • wide range of models. rich range of toilets, Roca made companies, it allows you to choose the right product to the consumer, even with the most stringent requirements.
  • stylish design. over product development company employs leading European designers, so beautiful incarnation - one of the undoubted merits of toilets made by Roca.
  • Sustainability. Roca Company is positioning itself as a champion of environmental conservation.Therefore, it seeks to use the most safe in terms of ecological production processes and materials.
  • Cost .In order to protect the environment must be reduced resource consumption, water and electricity.Roca company's engineers take into account this factor in the development of new products plumbing, so a product from Rock focused on saving natural resources.
The original design of toilets Roca
Unusual forms of toilets Roca

Floor models

toilet bowl floor mounting more than eight models in the lineup of Rock.The vast majority of them have a double release type (also called "flip"), and only some have only horizontal or only vertical outlet.

toilets length ranges from 27 to 39 cm, and width -. From 41.5 to 61 cm Outdoor toilets are round or square, most of them are designed for mounting directly to the wall.

Standard equipment:

  • toilet bowl;
  • cistern;
  • seat;
  • set of fasteners;
  • installation instructions.

For some models, an opportunity to install the lifter or bidet.Almost all models are equipped with the function of 'antivsplesk ".

WC Outdoor Victoria
squat toilet
WC Outdoor Dama Senso

Model Series "CD»

«Compact» - is a model of the toilet, which is familiar to all of us the design of the thicket and fixed on ittoilet tank.Compared with the first models, in which a tank suspended from the ceiling and was connected with a bowl long pipe, the new models quickly became popular, they take up much less space and therefore got its name - "CD"

Toilets series "Compact", produced byRoca, can be found in virtually all rulers producer.Most models are equipped with a double issue, on the second place in popularity horizontal outlet, vertical and issue type has the least amount of toilet-CD.

Compact toilets Roca from the company have the following dimensions: length from 29.5 to 44 cm, width of 59.5 to 79 cm

Унитаз серии "компакт"

Suspended model.

suspended toilet is a structure consisting of a bowl and flushing tank, hanging on the wall.There are two types of suspension systems and a block frame.Modular system involves installation of the toilet tank into the main wall or partition plasterboard.Frame system is a structure on a solid frame that holds the weight of the tank, the bowl and the one who uses the toilet.

Such models have many advantages:

  • they differ original appearance;
  • convenient in terms of saving space in the bathroom;
  • facilitate cleaning of the room.

Roca company Suspended toilets are present in the collections of W + W, Khroma, Element, Happening, Hall, Meridian, Dama, The Gap, Debba, Dama Senso, Nexo, Victoria, Accses.

All models have a horizontal type of issue and a standard form - round or square.The length of the suspended toilets from Roca producer is from 35 to 86 cm, and width - from 48 to 70 cm

Hanging Rock toilet
Model suspended toilet


One of the most modern design solutions, presented today at the plumbing market, this toilet-piece.This device is a monolithic structure out of the bowl and the cistern without any connecting elements.This decision is interesting, first of all, in terms of usability.

This toilet features easy installation - you can install a monoblock much faster than a regular toilet.The one-piece design is characterized by high wear resistance, the minimum probability of formation of leaks or blockages.In addition, the toilet-in-One allows you to reduce water consumption.Another advantage of this model is its compactness.

Toilets-piece modules from the company Roca is in the collections of Happening and Dama Senso.It draws attention as a monolithic structure consisting of a toilet and sink, which is called W + W.

Bar with sink

most popular models

Among toilets by the manufacturer Roca there are models that always in demand by buyers all over the world:

  • Victoria - most selling model Roca,squat toilet with a double sink;equipped with a comfortable seat and a rigid cover;possible to install the lifter.
  • Victoria Nord - toilet, designed in the style of Scandinavia;ergonomic model, which is installed on the floor, very close to the wall;the benefits of the toilet bowl is high and the universal issue.
  • Dama Senso - floor model toilet in the classical style;It has a double sink;installation lifter - optional.
  • Giralda - toilet in a modern style;floor model shower drain, which effectively cleans the bowl.
  • Sidney - beautiful model, with its smooth, clean lines, the system is equipped with a double sink.
  • Nexo - standard model, equipped with a system of dual flush and shower drain.
WC Tiber
Adjacent WC
Side toilet Meridian

accessories and spare parts

Roca The company not only produces high-quality toilets, but also accessories for them.

  • Taps - pipes connecting the bowl to the sewer pipe.By purchasing the Roca toilet, the right to buy retraction made by the same manufacturer.
  • Caps-seat - Roca company produces accessories for toilet bowls of the strong, anti-bacterial materials.Most models are equipped with a soft closing system.
  • holders accessories - the company produces a variety of Roca bathroom accessories that can make an space in the same style.For example, any toilet you can easily choose the right style toilet paper holder.Also in store is a wide selection of holders for brushes manufactured by Roca.
Cover with microlift of Doom
Accessory toilets Rock