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August 12, 2017 18:06

The height of the toilet from the floor , overhead and floor type

the height of the toilet from the floor
  • types
  • height
  • Standards Selection Process
  • Without spray
  • Specifications quality installation

The problem of the choice of the toilet bowl at least once in life faced by every resident of the city.After all, the toilet - the thing though and durable, but still need to be replaced starting in ten to twenty years.In addition, when you move to another apartment, new owners often choose to change all the plumbing fixtures in common areas.And of course, buying a new toilet can not be avoided, if you move into an apartment without refurbishment.Thus, sooner or later, the question of the acquisition of the toilet certainly affect you as well.To be ready for it in advance, you should have an idea about the main factors that should be considered when choosing this sanitary unit.One such factor is the height of the toilet bowl.

Low hung toilet and bidet unusual shape
Installation with height adjustable toilet


Height toilet will largely depend on its type.

By way of fixing toilets are divided into:

  • Floor. This model is now installed in most ba
    throoms.This is a standard toilet, consisting of a base of the cup and attached to her toilet tank.Such a toilet seat is mounted directly to the floor, that is, at the same time plays the role of the cup rack.
  • Suspended. more modern models, which is not widespread.Most often, they can be found in bathrooms, located in public (restaurants, sports clubs, etc.).Suspended toilets are mounted above the floor right up to the wall using a rigid frame, retaining all the design.This cistern is often hiding behind a false wall.
squat toilet
Hanging toilet

The shape of the cup are the following types of toilets:

  • with funnel bowl. Inside this bowl has no projections, so all uncleanness immediately get into the drain, which is located horizontally.The big drawback of this design is water spray, which occurs when flushing.
  • With diaphragm cup. Bowl this form inside has a projection with a small recess in which initially contains all uncleanness.The disadvantage of this design is considered part of the need to use their brush, big water flow and splashing when flushing.
  • With Visor bowl. The shape of this bowl is similar to the previous one, but instead of going into the ledge it has a small bump.Thus, the impurities do not accumulate in the bowl, and roll directly into the sink.For this type of toilet is not typical water spray.
toilet bowl form

Depending on the type of release:

  • With oblique release. Such a model is needed when the bell sewer is too close to the floor level.
  • With horizontal outlet. This model should be purchased when the bell sewer is at a height of 5-10 cm from the floor.
  • With vertical outlet. This model is advisable to buy when the bell sewer located away from the wall to which the toilet is to be mounted.
Driving types of issues the toilet

height standards

For more than a century of production of sanitary equipment to establish certain standards relating to the size and height of the toilet installation.These figures are directly dependent on the growth of the average man - a metric that is slowly but surely changing in a big way.That is why every decade standard height toilet is increased by a few millimeters.

dimensions and the height of the installation for the toilet are shown in the following figure.

installation height toilet


So that existed in recent years, the standard height of the squat toilet - 40 cm, is already giving way to a more modern standard -. 42 cm And in some countries, the population of which are especially tall people, began to produce toilet bowls half-meter height.

The size and height of the squat toilet

Before selecting try different options and find the best for your growth.

height toilet Standards
Low toilet
High toilet


For suspended toilets numbers will be different.Here the main thing - to take into account the distance from the floor to the toilet bowl.Ideally, it should be 20 cm.

The size and height of the wall-hung WC

It should be borne in mind that if after installing the toilet followed by installation of the finish flooring, this distance will be reduced, and the position of the toilet would be inconvenient.

Suspended toilet at the standard height

process of selecting

In order to select the model of the toilet, which will be comfortable to use all members of your family, you need to deal with some important nuances:

  • Price .Depending on the cost, we can distinguish three types of toilets: low-end models (usually applies to them the products of domestic producers);middle segment model (usually the products of Turkish, Czech, Polish producers);Luxury model (Swiss, Austrian and German production).
  • height. By choosing the height of the toilet bowl should be involved in all of your home.Sit on your favorite model, if you are comfortable, feet touching the floor, and the muscles are relaxed, this means that the height is right for you.
  • flushing type. On this basis distinguish bowls with straight and circular sink.The models of the first type when flushing water moves in one direction only;this type of flush is considered more economical in terms of water consumption.In models with a circular flush toilet bowl is washed with water in two directions, which provides a more thorough cleaning.
  • material. Today, for the manufacture of toilet use a variety of materials: plastic, artificial stone, cast iron, steel, porcelain and earthenware.The most modern and the most favorable ratio of "price-quality" are the last two options.
Selecting the toilet

spatter splash

often hinder the comfortable use of the toilet, not to mention the fact that this phenomenon is very unhygienic.toilets Manufacturers offer a variety of solutions to this problem.toilet models "antivsplesk" system - this is one of the relatively new engineering developments.

Ā«AntivspleskĀ» - a feature of the toilet construction, which is designed to compensate for the splashes occurring during its operation.Marking the existence of this system often deceive the buyer.To determine the presence of "antivspleska" yourself, look in the cup you liked the toilet model.To water movement was suppressed, the drain hole should be very narrow and as low as possible.Also pay attention to the fact that the drain hole is offset from the center, and the water level in it was rather low.On the contour of the drain hole should be circled in a special rim.If all these factors are present, then, before you model the toilet, equipped with "antivsplesk" system.

antivsplesk system
Special cover increases the height of the toilet bowl

Specifications quality installation

  • release of the new toilet must be the same as the release of the old, otherwise you will have to carry out extensive construction work.
  • Calculate the distance from the toilet tank to the toilet the cold water supply point.The water is supplied by means of special flexible hoses.
  • If your old toilet was installed in the floor and is secured by means of cement, after its dismantling, clean the subfloor from the screed residues before installing the new toilet.
  • for different models of toilet installation rules vary, so we recommend that you carefully follow the installation instructions that the manufacturer offers.
Installation of the toilet