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August 12, 2017 18:06

Children toilet : the pros and cons in comparison with overlays with steps , a choice

  • "For" and "against" the children's toilets
  • Features
  • Tips for Choosing
  • Installing child toilet

Despite numerous adaptations for children's bathrooms equipment, they are not soeasy to use and reliable as a special space-saving plumbing.Due to the size of an adult toilet seat in a child may see the fear of falling, which generates a negative attitude to this type of plumbing and provokes the development of phobias.

"For" and "against" the children's toilets

One of the most important advantages - the amount calculated on the growth of the preschool child. child to sit comfortably, there is a psychological comfort.The height makes it easy to reach the drain button that teaches baby to self-reliance and responsibility, there is easier separation from the pot.

use the toilet on the growth of a lot safer.No risk of slipping, tripping on a step, failed to jump, hit the bowl.It is important to note that the special plastic devices are not very durable.

Benefits children

Do not forget about the s

terility of such a place.Bowl of porcelain or china is easy to wash and keep clean, handle a variety of anti-bacterial compounds, while plastic can not tolerate abrasive and corrosive materials.

Among the shortcomings can be identified:

  • short-term use - the children are growing rapidly, and is already 7-8 years old child can safely use an adult toilet;
  • extra space in the bathroom - if the size of a bathroom is quite modest, place the second toilet is problematic;
  • costs - the price for children toilets are not much inferior to adults;
  • repair installation work.

possible, can be equipped with a separate bathroom for the children.Children's well-maintained toilets adult weight, and a bathroom can use each as needed. Of course, not always rational to install a toilet, especially in a small apartment, but for a large family or a kindergarten - an excellent option.

Shortcomings Children


Often children's toilets are not only the size but also design. different colors, the image of cartoon characters, animals and other hygiene procedures converted to an element of the game, causing concern and raising spirits.There are models with two seats, each of which is designed for a certain age the child that extends the use of the toilet.

But the main difference - the size.Children's toilet is much less at the same time easily withstand the weight of an adult.Otherwise, the space-saving plumbing is no different from an adult.

Features children

Tips for Choosing

By buying toilet can attract the baby becauseit is important that he, too, liked the design.But the main criteria should be: convenience, the age and weight of preschoolers. is important to figure out how many years you plan to use such equipment.Here you can select the toilet a little bigger, so to speak, for growth.

you can buy a color instead of white toilet.It will cause greater joy in a child, it is important to take into account the overall design of the bathroom.If the choice is made in favor of the white toilet bowl, but I want to highlight, you can decorate it yourself or use decorative stickers colored seat.

From the materials is better to stay on the classics - faience or porcelain.The principle of the toilet is fully consistent with the adult, for example, it can be built-in or outboard tank.

Tips on Choosing Children
Recommendations regarding the selection of children

Installing child toilet

compact plumbing installation is no different from an adult. Location toilets should be such that no problems of access to communications.The best option - to place next to the toilet for an adult, which is already connected to the drain and cold water.

Installing a toilet bowl for baby

further prepared base and the substrate is placed.Itself toilet is attached with anchors, mortar or special glue.Once connected communication.It is important to pay attention to the tightness of connections.Upon completion of the installation work checked the children's toilet for leaks or assembly defects.

When the need for a second toilet disappears, to make its dismantling.Rational to perform such work during the repair around the bathroom.

Installation of children
Installation of children