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August 12, 2017 18:06

Poppet toilet with oblique and direct release type tselnootlitoy shelf

Poppet toilet
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    • With tselnootlitoy shelf
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Poppet toilet -it is familiar to many kind of sanitary ware, which has a flat bottom bowl.Today, these products hardly available because manufacturers have developed a more efficient, modern solutions - with direct access.

But the few companies engaged in the production, ready to offer a comprehensive range with various materials - faience, porcelain, plastic, glass, iron and steel.If you are a fan of very unique and unusual solutions to your order can make a toilet, covered with gold.


The main advantages of such sanitary ware include:

  • If flushing does not form spikes.Actually, because of this characteristic, many bypass the scores of shops in search of the poppet toilet.Modern versions, though equipped with a so-called antivspesk systems, the same effect can not be achieved;
  • There is an opportunity to explore the waste.Before they hit linger on the
    "ease" into the sewer, which is especially important for hospitals;
  • affordable price.As the analysis of the market, these products are sold for a small sum.
Advantages of plate bowl


When buying any product it is important to examine not only the strengths but also weaknesses. In our case, we are talking about such shortcomings:

  • "Plate" holds dirt, so do not do without their brush;
  • From bowls often appear waste odors;
  • water consumption is high enough to call because such systems can not cost-effective;
  • On a shelf water is formed, which leads to divorce, rust and other troubles.
Disadvantages Belleville toilets


Bowls, plates differ in that the drain hole is slightly offset forward, and on the way of following the water from the drain to the drain has a certain groove.

When flushing all human waste, waste first appear on a plate with a recess, which removed the flow of water from the tank.

As practice shows, mounting a plumbing requires additional tank setting to adjust the flow of the liquid medium. If the pressure is too strong, formed a vortex, resulting in resulting in the appearance of the spray.

Features Belleville toilets


In fact, disc bowls can be divided depending on the issue features:

  • Vertical;
  • Horizontal;
  • Skew (Regiment located at 45 degrees).
Types Belleville toilet drain

To select a suitable option, contact a professional plumber.It is not always possible to connect a toilet bowl vertical type, if the riser is at an oblique release.

Your choice depends entirely on the type of water and sanitation devices.

Bowls with shelves have three types of discharge:

  1. Cascade. It allows uniformly rinse the inner surface of the bowl.
  2. shower. water flow should be around the perimeter of the inner space of the cup, creating a funnel.It effectively washes away waste.
  3. sharp relief. system involves filling the bowl with water in a large volume, after which the liquid abruptly goes down the drain.Not the most efficient way, but quite economical in modern variations of litter-trays.
Cascading water in the toilet drain
Shower drain water in the toilet bowl
The sharp discharge of water in the toilet

With tselnootlitoy shelf

Rack provides a platform, which is provided toilet design with its casting.It is located horizontally relative to the floor.

That regiment leads to the fact that when the sink is not generated unpleasant spray.An important caveat is that you can avoid draining some things down the toilet if they accidentally fell from his hands, from his pocket, had thrown a small child.

Tselnootlitye shelves have a huge advantage - they are not connected, the seams.Thus it does not result in their clogging, contamination does not accumulate waste residues.

Plate with toilet tselnootlitoy shelf

With oblique release

popular version of the toilet, which is adapted to most types of sewer laterals in typical apartment buildings.

to connect enough to connect the outlet using a cuff, inserted into the pipe and put the toilet itself to its rightful place, fixing it to the floor.

Poppet toilet with an oblique release

With direct release

you install the algorithm is as follows:

  • Connect the output and the pipe, using a cuff;
  • If the floor is laid with tiles, put under the base of a piece of rubber, linoleum;
  • Place the plumbing on the floor, after substituting linoleum, trace the contours, make a mark on the attachment points;
  • scissors or a knife cut the appropriate holes;
  • Apply the gasket using epoxy glue;
  • Secure the toilet to the floor with dowels;
  • Perform final connection of communications.
Poppet WC Direct issuance

Tips for Choosing

We figured out that the Belleville toilets are quite interesting, rational choice in many situations.Not surprisingly, they remain popular to this day, despite the low production figures.

  1. Get ready for what will have to visit more than one store plumbing.Small production volumes have led to the fact that not every retail outlet sells similar products.But the big problem finding should arise.
  2. Note the manufacturer.The best manufacturers of such recognized plumbing company from Sweden, the Czech Republic, Poland and Bulgaria.Products are of high quality and long service life.
  3. Personal preferences.Under the current situation, with an assortment, you can safely make their own preferences in the first place - the design, size, height, volume of the tank and so on.
  4. compatibility.Before buying, always make sure that the toilet bowl and tank are the same, the type of discharge is similar to your type of sewage.
  5. material.Today the range is wide, but the main competition is between the ceramic, metal and enamel products.Leader Still ceramics, because they surpass analogues in terms of durability.But again, it's a matter of taste.
  6. Appearance.Parameter as an individual.But it is imperative that the appearance did not go at the expense of practicality.
Tips for Choosing a plate toilet
Recommendations for choosing a toilet seat poppet

understand all the nuances of the selection, you can safely go to the plumbing store for purchase.Set Belleville product is not difficult, even without experience and specific skills.But still we recommend to consult with experts, carefully read the instructions from the manufacturer, and strictly follow it.

If the slightest experience in dealing with sanitary equipment is missing, then proceed as easy - contact the store where you buy the goods.Often they offer their services for delivery and installation.It's better than sitting on the instructions and do not understand what's what and where mounted.

Selecting plate toilet