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August 12, 2017 18:06

WC with concealed ( built-in ) tank toilet : choosing , ladders , overhead and floor

WC with concealed cistern
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    • Suspended
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Today we talk about toilets with concealed cistern.This is a very convenient form of plumbing for the simple reason that on completion of the installation, it takes a minimum of space inside your closet.Consequently, there is more space for the realization of design ideas, extra plumbing, what some home appliances and so on.

Let's understand in more detail what is this type of tanks.

Key features

Key nuances hidden reservoir may include four things.

  • material. Hidden tank is not similar to those familiar to us tanks that we see on a standard toilet.First of all, we are talking about the material used for its manufacture.Manufacturers use a durable polyethylene plastic.
  • form. All of you know what a toilet tank and it usually looks.But in the case with hidden tanks, the situation is somewhat different.Such tanks resemble cans, deprived unless the handle in its design.This canister ha
    s several openings for connection to the sewage system, water supply, plus special tabs that allow you to secure the product inside the wall.
  • Purpose. Such "cans" is used if you want to install the floor or hanging type of toilet.
  • installation method. Some models can be mounted only on solid, load-bearing walls, for others enough and thinner walls.This will be discussed later.
Features concealed cistern toilet


These types of toilets have serious advantages.In many ways they have led to the fact that the hidden tanks have gained such popularity in the plumbing market.Increasingly, consumers are inclined to this option.

By main advantages include.

  1. High rates of hygiene.On tank collects the bulk of the dust settles in the toilet.Hiding in the tank wall, you get rid of the dust collector.Along with a tank hidden communications, unsightly pipes, liner and other connections.Murk room becomes easy.Especially when it comes to the suspension models.
  1. Quiet operation. From behind the wall, the work tank during filling and draining almost no notice.
  1. Excellent ergonomics. installation system offers an excellent opportunity - to install toilets in different parts of premises used for this angle.
  1. Attractive design. Buck often frankly spoils the appearance of the room.Get rid of it by installing on the wall, you will create a more interesting and beautiful interior sanitary unit.
  1. reliable and continuous operation. design built tanks developed very carefully, use high-strength materials, reliable valve.This allows for a long time not to worry about the effectiveness of the device.In case of failure the valve, get to it will be through the flush button.For situations with the overflow tank manufacturers are also provided protection - challenge.Through it, the water will go down the drain, and therefore afraid of flooding the apartment is not worth it.
Pros toilets with built-in tank
Advantages hidden ( embedded cistern for toilet
Concealed toilet cistern and its advantages


With all the advantages, disadvantages hidden tanks do exist.Their little, but pay attention to them is.

  1. price. cost of buying and installing especially quite high.This is a relatively new development that is good value for money, if only because it is much safer and more efficient counterparts.For such a long list of benefits will have to pay.With the money spent are beginning to justify itself over time.
  1. installation. independently establish such a structure is difficult if you do not have the skills and at least minimal experience.In order not to complicate your life and not to take risks with new equipment, entrust the installation work to professionals.Their services will have to pay, but you will be assured of the outcome.
Disadvantages concealed cistern toilet


Toilets with concealed cistern, divided into two main types:

  • Extension;
  • Suspended.

device of each of them is different, because we consider separately.


This monolithic design, which adheres to the wall of his body, thereby closing all existing communications.When setting plays an important role release type.The toilet should be selected on the basis of what the release is provided inside your plumbing site.

you do not use the standard tank.Instead, he used the flat "cans" that hide under the thickness of the wall.In contrast to the installations for Extra toilets are required special frames that hold the user.Buck simply mounted on the wall and "sewn up" skin of drywall or other finishing materials.

Side WC with concealed cistern
Side toilet with integrated ( concealed cistern


Here we have talked about mounting a solid frame that includes mounts tank.The tank is mounted in this structure, creating a single unit.

Such structures mounted on partition walls, thin walls can not.It is allowed only the use of brick and concrete walls capable of withstanding heavy loads.

To make the frame strength, the lower part of laying the brickwork, and then perform the lining.When the frame is installed, you need to be mounted on the frame itself fasteners toilet.As a result, we can see what's inside the toilet outboard type with a hidden tank.There

frame version, which rests on the floor.It is relevant to those cases where the wall is not enough space sturdy and reliable.

Suspended toilets with concealed cistern
Wall-hung WC with concealed cistern
Wall-hung WC with integrated ( concealed ) tank


Installation wall-mounted, it is desirable to professionals. But this does not prevent you to know how this type of work is carried out.

  1. You must purchase a toilet tank, as well as the very system installation.
  2. Determine the height that is best for you and other family members.As practice shows, the height of the cup with respect to the location of the floor - 40 cm.
  3. Follow the installation setup by following the manufacturer's instructions.It can be outdoor or near-wall system, the installation of which is slightly different from each other.The frame
  4. special pins are required for mounting of the toilet seat and clamps for connecting a plastic tank with water.
  5. In this case the most important thing - it correctly pick accessories to match every element of the others do not have to perform complicated operation to connect to the sewer or water mains.
  6. Upon completion of the installation will be necessary to sheathe plasterboard installation, revet it in accordance with the surfacing materials that you use for the repair of sanitary node.
Installing a toilet with concealed cistern
Installing a toilet with a built-in ( hidden ) tank

Tips professionals

We have prepared for you all two tips that most experts consider the most important in the case of installing and using hidden cisterns toilet.Therefore pay special attention to them before you start to perform the installation.

  1. strainer. sure to put it on a pipe that carries liquid supply function inside the tank.The device is not expensive, but it protects the valve from rapid wear, blockages.You do not have to carry out regular preventive maintenance, dismantle and mount the back button again and again drain.
  1. Breakdown possible, even if there is a filter, used high-quality products.Plus Prevention, which is mandatory for any plumbing.All this makes it necessary to have access to the device.drain button in this case is not the best assistant as work hard through it.Because experts recommend to make a special hatch in falshstene enough size that you perform after installation is complete.With such access, problems with repairs, preventive maintenance or replacement of parts you will not have.
Professional advice in the use and installation of toilet concealed cistern

Thus the most important recommendation of all is called a bit different - the purchase of a proven product quality, reliability and durability which can not be doubted.Once you have decided on the installation of the tank is a hidden option, then act wisely, buy the product with the characteristics that will meet your requirements.You may also want to consult with the experts involved in the installation issues.They can recommend a good model for a reasonable amount.Do not be afraid to ask for advice in those things that you do not much understand.

Tips for operation and installation concealed cistern toilet
Recommendations for use of the toilet with concealed cistern