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August 12, 2017 18:06

The tank for the toilet : the device , valve selection and installation

Toilet tank
  • Types
  • device
    • valve
      • Croydon
      • Piston
      • Membrane
  • Tips for Choosing
  • Installation
  • Repair
    • Pushbutton mechanisms
    • Lower supply
    • Side inlet
    • Hidden devices

Today we will deal in the toilet tank of the device, look at its features, installation details and other issues.


Today draining tanks are presented in an incredibly wide range.Thus they are separated according to various criteria.For example, by the method of installation, they are:

  • Suspended;
  • Compact systems (one-piece);
  • Hidden (capacity "stitched" into the wall).

also classified according to the trigger:

  • Pushbutton;
  • Lever;
  • Location of this page.

Pushbutton system the most advanced and proven best.drain side button may be located above or even in the middle.Due to the location of the tanks are mounted variations of trim from drywall to provide a silent install.

Location of this page and lever somewhat outdated, although it is still found in some models.They actually used if the tank is

suspended.It's easier to get to the chain, rather than reaching out to the button.

Push the tank for toilet
Linkage tank for toilet
Location of this page for toilet tank


tank can be safely regarded as a technically complex device.This simple user think that it is enough to press a button, and pour the water itself, then miraculous way inside the tank will again be a certain amount of water.

In fact, for all of these processes meet the special devices. Divide them into three possible categories:

  • tank, ie a container of water;
  • water supply system;
  • liquid discharge system.

device Knowing these mechanisms, understand the features of the functioning of the drain the tank will not be a problem for you.So you will understand how the water is dialed why supply is stopped at a certain level and so on.

Device toilet tank


Today cistern mechanism employed float valves.Their task - to let in and let out the water. However, they are several types:

  • Piston;
  • Membrane;
  • Croydon.


valve Croydon got a shell on its float is located axis of the lever, the piston and seat.It causes the piston to move the lever that moves perpendicularly.Typically, such devices are now used very rarely and only installed on the old model.


Piston equipped Rychagova axis, which is fixed to a bifurcated pin.When moving the arm in a horizontal plane, the piston is activated periodically regarding saddle.Due to this, the water supply is regulated inside the tank.

At the end of the piston seals are provided.In his contact with the seat, the seal closes the water.These valves are used quite widely.


Membrane model instead of the traditional use of the membrane lining.It is made of rubber or silicone.When the piston there is a displacement of the membrane, whereby it closes the path if necessary, entering into the water tank.It is a modern, widely used type of valve, which stands in the past toilets model systems.

The valves on the tank of the toilet bowl

Tips for Choosing

To make the right choice in favor of the right for your tank, you should take into account several features of various designs and solutions.

  1. separately. These tanks are mounted high above the bowl.Externally created an imbalance within the premises, plus the device produces a lot of noise.But erosion is very effective, such a solution is suitable for interior in retro style.
  1. compact model. They are put directly on the toilet.So far the most popular option, but it gradually replaced the hidden systems.
  1. Hidden tank. He stitched for plasterboard wall is lined with tile or other finishing materials.Stylish, neat, minimum space requirements.Visible is only flush button.The only drawback - the complexity of prevention and repair of valves, to which access is possible only through the drain hole buttons.
  1. Option trigger. on separate structures apply only side arms and chains.For conventional models, you can use the buttons, levers, which are located on the top or side.The hidden key output from the front side of the tank.In fact to make a choice is not difficult.
  1. method works. Triggers can be divided into automatic and mechanical, ie manual.The auto-washings enough once lightly press the button or pull the lever to the bowl left a certain amount of liquid.On the mechanical pressing need, as long as you harvest, the water goes.Today the popular dual-mode auto-plum.The button can be one or double.From the pressed button is pressed or the extent (if the button is one) depends, will there be more or less water.Such systems can seriously save water.
  1. defined the main parameters of the choice, take into account shape, color, that is the aesthetic side of the issue.
Tips for choosing a tank for toilet


  1. For the installation of the new tank should perform the primary task - to get rid of the old.
  2. Turn off the water supply, drain the entire contents of the tank into the bowl.
  3. disconnect couplings from the old tank, remove all fasteners.
  4. Clean surfaces, replace the gaskets in the connecting nodes.
  5. Place the tank on its new location, do the layout as needed.
  6. Connect it to the drain pipe, follow all connection activities.
  7. Practice shows that most people set the same tank when it fails when it is not provided for the replacement of the toilet.
  8. If you are thinking about changing the conventional tank to a hidden, be sure to immediately change the toilet itself.The fact that they are created depending on the type of tank.
  9. make sure that all connections are made, gaskets and seals in place, turn on the water supply and check the effectiveness of the new tank.
Installation of the toilet tank
Install toilet tank


There are different kinds of issues and problems that are typical of certain types of tanks.Because the repair will consider on the basis of this.

Pushbutton mechanisms

It is likely, in such devices flows tank is a continuous flow of water. This can happen because:

  • lever is shifted or twisted.Return it to its original position, place a couple of centimeters lower than the supply;
  • Lock pad does not work anymore.In this case it is necessary to dismantle the cover, fix the float so that it is in the top position, unscrew the nut, remove the valve and replace it on a bad gasket good.
Repair toilet tank lever

Lower supply

In these tanks the most popular fault following:

  • Weak pressure fluid supply system.It diaphragm valve may not react, because of which tank is leaking.The required rate pressure for the operation of such a valve is 0.05 MPa.Sometimes the best solution - is to replace it with the stem analogue;
  • incorrectly performed installation.Before the assembly of the tank is important to visually inspect it.Valves in any case should not touch the walls.Simply adjust the mechanisms follow all according to the instructions.
Repair of the lower supply tank toilet
Troubleshooting toilet cistern

Side inlet

tanks with side inlet is used today very often in the toilets of apartments, houses and more.If the failure reason is defects of valves, nothing can be done, it will have to be replaced. But some other problems you can fix yourself:

  • Insufficient pressure.It is possible that clogged the intake filter.Remove it, wash thoroughly and put on a proper place;
  • rod incorrectly installed or incorrectly adjusted.Check the location, correct, if mistakes were made during installation.
Repair toilet cistern inlet side

Hidden devices

tanks, installed in the wall, have limited access to your system.Because the problem will have to try to solve.

There are two ways to eliminate a nuisance:

  • leakproof hoses.Rectify the situation will help hatches, which should be considered at the stage of repairs inside the building.Plus, these hatches will help if the tank will start to flow;
  • damaged valves.Fix it will not be possible because of the design features.Remove and place the new one.
Repair toilet cistern hose

As you can see, remove the set of faults is quite possible without the help of professionals.However it is better not to deal with such situations.

To do this, experts recommend to buy high-quality plumbing , wisely choose tanks studying the whole wide range of market.Trusting such products, they will tell you long and trouble-free operation.You will save a lot of money on prevention, repair, parts replacement, will not be in a couple of years to think about the complete replacement of plumbing in your closet.

Yet to understand the repair will never be over.Even the highest-quality products are to fail.And often - the fault of the user.

Toilet tank