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August 12, 2017 18:06

WC -piece : the pros and cons , and especially lifter

WC monoblock
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market plumbing constantly preparing something new and unusual.One last interesting solutions can be considered bowls-monoblocks.They are similar in function to conventional toilets, but are more comfortable, have their own advantages.


The strengths of this type of sanitary ware include.

  1. Easy configuration. This candy bar, where the bowl and tank are one unit.No need something buy more for their connection.
  2. convenient form. Due to the special form on the toilet will sit comfortably to any member of the family, and even people with physical disabilities.
  3. durability. integrity of the product makes it stronger and safer analogues with separate design.Gaskets and seals no, no leakage.
  4. Easy care. They operate with a smooth surface and forms, avoiding crevices, corners.It does not accumulate dirt, wash-piece toilet easier.
  5. Design diversity. Today, manufacturers offer different shapes, colors, sizes, to suit the ne
    eds of any customer.
  6. Compact. Bar requires less space, because performs excellent alternative hanging toilet in small bathrooms.
  7. Economy.Most monoblock models are equipped with systems to save water consumption.
  8. Easy installation. problems should arise.Connect the water supply and discharge of wastewater, as well as fix the product on the floor.Done!
Advantages of the bowl -in-One
The advantages of one-piece toilets
Pros toilet -in-One


If we analyze the range of toilets in terms of cost, it will be monoblock considerably more expensive than conventional toilets. This is due to the production of feature.For the price - this is the main drawback.

But here it is important to take into account another matter - life.Bar works well about 15-20 years or more, thus spent on it shall be fully justified.

second disadvantage is considered an internal structure.More precisely nuances of its repair in case of breakage. replacement of individual elements is difficult, because the need to buy a new set of valves that is not enough.

Cons one-piece toilets

Masters advise when buying a candy bar once to buy a second internal system.After 10 years, you can install it as unlikely after such time equivalents your candy bar will be present on the market.

Disadvantages monoblock toilets


Monoblocks entered the market of sanitary equipment recently.But people are increasingly becoming their place of conventional toilets.

one-piece toilet is a one-piece structure in which the tank and bowl are one product. reason demand for the device is explained reliability.Between the elements no connections, no leakage, blockages.

Installation and adjustment of each element of the interior design is carried out at the production stage.Only after successful trials plumbing goes on sale.Additionally, to adjust anything in the installation process, you do not have to.

Features - toilet monoblock

With microlift

Such an arrangement as the lifter deserves special attention.

essence of this device is automatically picked up and closing toilet seat and lid. Simply put, men do not need to worry, they lowered the lid or not, and women will not jump every time, accidentally sat down on the cold ceramics.

Plus, lifter protects the bowl from cracking, chipping, which are formed as a result of a sharp drop toilet seat.

lifter Some models have a cleaning and heating function.Some candy bars are built in, but can also be purchased separately modern lifter.

WC -piece with microlift

Tips for Choosing

listened to the recommendations of experts, you will be able to competently select a candy bar and set it to private.

  1. Buying plumber, make sure the bundle includes a guide for that particular model.Some manufacturers are making generic guide for the entire line of candy bars.In some cases, the design is different, which may cause problems during installation and maintenance.
  1. Sometimes it is better to trust the professionals than their own to carry out the installation.Installation requires skill, a certain kind of tool that you can not be.Buy it impractical.Just be sure that you hired a plumber familiar with monoblocks.
  1. When choosing a product study of water saving system.Their presence is more influence on the price, but it is fully justified by the low flow rate.Also today, the majority of firms such as standard equipped with its one-piece systems.
  1. addition to toilet-in-One, it is recommended to buy the same type washbasin.This creates a pleasant interior whole picture.The combination of a monoblock with the usual fixtures striking.
Recommendations for choosing a one-piece toilets
Tips for Choosing a bowl -in-One
Features choice monoblock toilet