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August 12, 2017 18:06

Toilets with an oblique release : species with the function antivspleska , lifter

WC with an oblique release
  • What is it?
  • Pros Cons
  • Features
  • better to choose a lifter?
  • Antivsplesk
  • Without spray
  • Species
  • Installation

options toilets in modern plumbing stores galore.And in all this diversity is necessary to understand in order to correctly select the plumbing for your home.Today we talk about toilets with an oblique release.

What is it?

Diagon issue, that is the element through which flow from the bowl into the sewer pipe is given, it can be positioned at an angle of 30 to 45 degrees relative to the floor.

Such products are often found in bathrooms of domestic production, they actively release our manufacturers.This is due to the fact that a lot of the typical high-rise buildings are equipped with just such a removal system that is ideally suited for it is the toilet oblique release type.

Oblique release from the toilet bowl


noted that the main advantage of such plumbing are versatility and reliability.But there are other advantages:

  • They rarely clog, does not require constant cleaning system;
  • Pollution easy to go down the drain because of weak resistance;
  • Installation use just two wheels, steering angle which is 45 degrees.It is much more effective than one knee to 90 degrees;
  • Easy installation is also an important advantage.There is not a clear point of connection required.This greatly simplifies the task at malfunctioning exhaust funnel layout;
  • widespread.To find a similar product is not a problem.Because if the old toilet was broken, buy a new one with the same issue is not necessary.Therefore, no need to change the tap.
Advantages toilets with an oblique release
Advantages of toilets with an oblique release


But there is a skew issues are certain disadvantages:

  • If the old toilet has worn, and in its place you have taken the product toanother type of issue, you may need to change the thorough sewer outlet to connect the product;
  • important role played by the quality of the corrugations.If it would be bad, with any cracks and this will entail a leak over time.

have no products in the rest of the negative aspects.


The apartment building pipe already installed during the construction phase, because under it oblique toilet is not always suitable.The only solution is a reconstruction.But for many easier to just pick up with the appropriate plumbing issue than to perform such a complex operation.

outlet mounted at an angle of 45 or 30 degrees.Due to this, choose the best toilet is easy.Versatility oblique toilets makes them preferable to a variety of unique, because it is easier to connect to standard sewers.

product feature is the presence of such a one-piece or split design.

  1. Separate toilets provide a separate tank arrangement and bowl.This makes it possible to vary the installation, perform different tasks interior, making space of the room visually larger.After all, the tank can be built into the wall or fix it at a convenient height you.Also separate models give a more efficient wash as the water moves downwards at a high speed.In this respect, they are superior to candy bars.
  1. Bar. His device is clear from the title.The cup and bowl form a single whole.Mount it easier, plus the kind of product has to date.Plus exercise care for them easier.As for the disadvantages that it refers to a higher value, as well as the need for more space.Visually, they look is not as compact as separate.
Features simple toilets with an oblique release
Features one-piece toilet with an oblique release

better to choose a lifter?

lifter system is provided on the lid of the toilet. With it you get a number of advantages:

  • you will not be bothered by the sound of the falling lid.Going to the toilet at night, sometimes it is impossible to keep track of it, and it falls with a crash on the bowl.From such a family of noise likely to wake up.And if you have a small child to sleep you will not go;
  • microlift protects the entire toilet bowl and damage.They may be formed as a result of a sharp drop in the lid;
  • can avoid cracks, chips, significantly extend the life of the product.

Because the choice in favor of the lifter is entirely justified.It is a modern solution that is useful for a large family with children.

Toilet bowl with slanting outlet and the system on the lid lifter


Even modern sanitary devices can not protect you from splashes.It's not the most pleasant event, because it is desirable to deal with it.

Unfortunately, cheating you can lie in wait at the very plumbing store.Some manufacturers go for clever marketing efforts, focusing considerable attention on the term antivsplesk.That is, you can easily buy the toilet, which is in fact equipped with this system will not be.

Therefore we advise to familiarize with the essence.It consists in the nuances of the geometry of the drain holes.It moves in some direction.This makes the column of water to a minimum.As a result, spray excluded.

Toilet bowl with slanting outlet and antivsplesk system

Without spray

Is there some connection issue and splashing in the toilet?Absolutely not.No way one to the other is not affected.All depends entirely on the shape of the bowl.

are three types of forms:

  • off the shelf;
  • with a bias;
  • Voroknoobraznye.

In the case of the latter type of drain hole in the center.If the shape of a slope, then drain closer to one of the parties.And the shelves are used nowadays extremely rare, since they have serious drawbacks.Because they impose other types of competition may not.

Choose form, focusing on their own needs and desires.They are individual, for specific recommendations on this matter, we can not give.

Toilet bowl with shelf and oblique release
WC with a slope and an oblique release
WC with an oblique funnel outlet


Toilets with oblique release type may differ among themselves on several grounds.

1. material. Most popular - it is made of porcelain and faience dressed.They are widespread, but are characterized by shortcomings - excessive moisture absorption, because of which changes the color, texture, cracks occur.Analogs - a plastic, acrylic models are cleaned with abrasive brushes, in any case impossible.Expensive models are made of stone, metal.Beautiful, but completely impractical.

2. form. There are several types:

  • visor.Create at least splash water during the descent;
  • Belleville.They do not require large quantities of water to flush out of the spout position;
  • Funnel.Behind them need care, as many spray form when draining.

3. water supply. Shares on the side and bottom.Last preferred because it creates less noise when filling the tank.

4. Flushing. There are three options - a constant, controlled or metered.Dosed flush lets you choose how much water goes to flush.Adjustable hand will stop erosion.Save the liquid.

5. Water inflow. Often circular or continuous.The circular flow washes the cup effectively, plus does not lead to the formation of splashes.Choosing the best is.

Varieties of toilets with an oblique release
Types of toilets with an oblique release


Run installation oblique toilet three ways.About each of them tell you more.

  1. direct connection to the funnel. method is relevant if all connections are perfectly identical, that is, you do not have to move in the direction of the plumbing.It is important to correctly calculate the location of the socket.Apply a special cuff, depending on from what made sewer pipe - plastic or cast iron.Apply soap release, stick in the socket, which is set in advance the cuff.Then will simply fix the product on the floor.
  1. With the help of the eccentric. This same bell, just a little off-center, and installed gasket seal.Necessary to rotate inside release cam to move it left or right by 5 cm. Similarly, there is a moving up or down.Convenient element that connects the toilet, even if there are small discrepancies.
  1. corrugation. cam makes it possible to offset only a short distance, and the flute opens wider horizons.In some cases, the corrugations toilets unfold by 90 degrees with respect to the waste outlet.But there is a drawback of this method - the toilet have to zoom out from the wall, because increasing the area occupied by the product indoors.This method is referred to as a cardinal, when no other connectivity option impossible.
Installing a toilet bowl with an oblique release
Installation of the toilet bowl with an oblique release using the corrugations

As you can see, an oblique release has its advantages, disadvantages and key features.Careful approach to the issue of selecting the connection to be as simple as possible without unnecessary time and cost.