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August 12, 2017 18:06

Toilet bowls with vertical outlet to the floor : the pros and cons of installing

Toilet bowls with vertical outlet
  • What is it?
  • Pros Cons
  • Features
  • What will be a perfect vertical toilet
  • Species
    • Material
    • water Mirror
    • Drain
  • Installation

modern range of sanitary ware striking diversity.From all this abundance that we have to choose one thing.Focus exclusively on personal tastes, preferences, the external aspects of the toilet can not be, because it is banal can not match the type of sewage, your proportions.

Models with vertical outlet are quite popular, though less in demand than analogues.Let's talk about them in more detail.

What is it?

These toilets have gained immense popularity in Europe, while in Russia are rare.They are designed for installation inside the old houses.

Today, they are recommended to be installed in private cottage houses.Their key feature is the configuration - siphon and exhaust pipe are built into the product itself.

They are installed many different ways, as not attached to the wall.Thanks to its special construction, plumbing installed close to the wall

, thereby saving space.

WC with vertical outlet


consider the main positive aspects of plumbing products with vertical outlet:

  • expands the boundaries for the planning, it allows to choose the place of installation;
  • Compact mounting allows to save space indoors, take it further, furniture;
  • water level in the toilet bowl is high, which ensures hygiene products;
  • has an effective flushing system;
  • The built-in siphon gives a powerful force on the retraction of the waste when flushing;
  • Water splashing at the sink;
  • tank has a solid and reliable design.
Advantages toilet , vertical outlet
Benefits toilet , vertical outlet


serious shortcomings vertical type of toilet does not have:

  • Need to cut a single hole in the plate during installation;
  • Limited range, which leads to a rather complicated searches necessary plumbing.


During the construction of private cottages, experts recommend to choose the toilets is a vertical outlet.After all, they allow different, user-friendly way to carry out the installation.

main caveat is that there is built-in and concealed siphon pipe. As a result, the product is mounted at any place and at any angle relative to the wall.

If you have some design ideas regarding the interior of the toilet, then the best solution for you would be a vertical toilet.But to mount it in a typical multi-family housing projects today is problematic.

Features a toilet bowl with vertical outflow

What will be a perfect vertical toilet

choosing a vertical model, bring to perfection a matter of choice to get the perfect plumbing for your home.So what should it be?

  1. Made of porcelain. Compared with faience price differs slightly, but the porcelain is much easier to keep clean.
  2. mirror located behind and has antivsplesk system. This kit allows to protect against splashes during draining, as well as preserve the purity of the bowl.
  3. Draining only circular type. This option allows you to drain the circle to wash the cup, thereby effectively cope with the pollution.
  4. high quality fittings. Spend a little more money, but buy a really good fitting.This will get rid of the damage and the need for plumbing prevention.
The ideal bowl with vertical outlet


Toilet bowls with vertical outlet, share with each other on the basis of several criteria.


There are a variety of materials, including stainless steel, bronze, copper, glass, and other exclusive variations.But they are rarely used, are very expensive.Therefore considered to be practical and appropriate for the price of materials.

  1. Faience. cheaper option of ceramics, which is easy to cope with the impact of chemical agents.But the structure of large pore material, which is why dirt accumulate quite rapidly penetrate the structure.If the cover glaze product, the problem will disappear.
  1. Porcelain. bit expensive faience, but polluted it is much smaller, much easier to clean.
  1. artificial stone.It is created by acrylic compound and silica sand.Partially resistant to acids, alkalis and abrasive components.But it is important for many plus - texture appearance looks amazing.
WC of faience with vertical outlet
The toilet made ​​of porcelain with vertical outlet
Toilet bowl made ​​of artificial stone , vertical outlet

water Mirror

Today toilets are presented with several options for the location of the water table.

  1. behind. Bowl remains clean, but the sink splashes occur.To compensate this disadvantage can antivsplesk system.
  2. offset forward. Here the situation is exactly the opposite.That is no splashing, but it is necessary to regularly use cleaning brush.
Water mirror placed behind the toilet
Toilet bowl with water mirror shifted forward


Drain is a rear or circular. The first option allows you to effectively clean the toilet section, which is subject to the greatest pollution when used, but on other parts of the waste are not washed out.

circular wash washes all the bowl, but the water flow is not as intense.

Circular and rear drain bowl with vertical outlet


process of installing the vertical drain the toilet does not cause too much difficulty.Because experts do not necessarily cause, if you have at least a little experience in such matters.

  1. Remove the old product by turning off the water supply.
  2. Clean the surface, prepare the groundwork for the installation of a new toilet, if necessary.The pad under the toilet, it is desirable to degrease.
  3. Make markup according Hole Wizard on your new plumbing.
  4. Set into the floor flange screw type, which has a hole for the lock and the junction with the sewage system.All flanges have an identical size.
  5. All vertical toilets are equipped with complete manufacturer of special element.It is used to interface with the flanges.
  6. Put the toilet in place so as to coincide all the holes and joints.Turning bit
  7. entire structure, the two elements are connected together, thereby ensuring the tightness of the joint.Additional sealing is obtained by the presence of the O-ring, which is located between the parts.Accordingly, to dismantle the structure is also very easily if necessary.
Installing a toilet bowl with vertical outflow
Installation of the toilet bowl with vertical outlet

plumbing Buy only from reliable, reputable manufacturers.The popular brand - is not just a well-spent marketing, but the product is really high quality with appropriate safeguards and a long service life.

If you have no experience, no desire or time to deal with plumbing installation yourself, call the experts.Many specialized shops offering branded sanitary ware, provide services to their masters for installation and subsequent warranty and post warranty service.A similar service, it makes sense to use it, even if you are confident and ready to mount the toilet on their own.