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August 12, 2017 18:06

Fittings for toilets with lower eyeliner : shut-off and drain

Fittings for toilets from the bottom liner
  • Types
    • Stop
    • Drain
  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Disadvantages
  • Installation
  • Frequent problems and their solutions

tank toilet with a bottom liner isa tank bottom which comes from the water hose.In this capacity and to drain water stored procedure.On top of tank cover is located.Modern toilets on the cover is flush button, but on some models it is mounted on the side, if the reservoir is located high above the bowl.Lower eyeliner is the most noticeable and attractive option for the toilet.Nevertheless, it is quite difficult to create.For this first tank is connected to the water supply, and only after that can be fastened to the tank wall or the bottom of the toilet.

Toilet bowl with the bottom liner

used in toilets with a bottom liner is divided into two categories:

  • Stop;
  • drain.



The design of this valve include:

  • Float;
  • guide;
  • Link;
  • glass;
  • diaphragm valve.

Such a toilet drain works as follows:

  • When the tank empties after discharging, the float goes down along the rail;
  • Next Rod exerts a force on the valve, thereby opening it;
  • From plumbing water fills the tank capacity;
  • float chamber at the same time begins to move up to a limited level of thrust;
  • valve is blocked, the water supply stops.
Shut-off valve for the toilet bowl with the bottom liner

Drain Drain fitting is a water drainage system.The tank is attached by means of a cap nut, preferably made of plastic.To seal the joint at the drain pipe fittings worn seals.And it should be done before you mount the fitting itself.Also present gasket between the cup and the reservoir, allowing you to make the joint airtight and prevent the flow of water on the floor.Form gaskets used directly dependent on the acquired model toilet bowl.

Tasks drain system:

  • Ensure drain water by pressing the corresponding button;
  • provide emergency relief (has a special gutter).
Drain fitting to the toilet bowl with the bottom liner


To remove the shutter mechanism of the models with the top button arrangement, it is necessary to scroll counterclockwise, then the button can be easily removed, as well as all the cover.

not uncommon toilets with lower eyeliner, where there are two buttons.This is done in order to save water at the sink.Little button merges a little water, a large - twice the size.

inner tank content is different.Sometimes direct drain is used in which the water from the tank enters the bowl.Other designs have reverse wash, where the direction of movement of water changes, which adds noise.


  1. has an attractive appearance, as the pipes are hidden from the user's eyes.
  2. himself toilet with a liner is often performed in its original form and with an unusual design.
  3. system practically does not create noise, no annoying many sounds of running water.
  4. most practical option, as is highly reliable and less likely than others in need of repair and maintenance.


  1. installation complexity.
  2. necessary in some cases completely dismantled to repair the cistern.
  3. Although rare cases of failure, if it happens, to replace a single design element difficult.It is better to completely change the site.
  4. Similar toilets are focused mainly on the US and Europe, because connectivity problems may arise due to the unique adapters, couplings unusual for our region.Because the toilet bowl and all the accessories to connect better to buy at once in the same store.
Fittings for toilets from the bottom liner


Run the installation it is possible independently.Note, however, that this process of increased complexity is different when compared to the toilets to the side liner, for example.

Anyway, the sequence of your actions should be as follows:

  1. Each product has its own data sheet, which contains detailed instructions for installation.Check it out.
  2. Read and understand all that was going to set the toilet.Typically, manufacturers provide the necessary fasteners and connectors.
  3. Replace the bottom of the bowl and secure it in the right place and position.Make sure the nozzle length is enough, and eyeliner would get to their seats.
  4. Now the tank is mounted.Just at this stage must be installed inside the structure.
  5. as practice shows, the first mounted the filling valve, and during the docking tank.To do this you need airtight rubber gaskets and adapters.
  6. In some cases, simultaneously with a filling valve mounted inlet valve.But it depends directly on the selected toilet models.
  7. Assemble other elements will not be difficult if there is a handy guide.Toilets are often unique in their design, because general tips on assembly, we can not give.
  8. All structural elements collect by hand, the tool is not required.In this case sufficient force is applied to the compound were strong.
Installed fittings on the toilet with the bottom liner

Frequent problems and their solutions

  1. With the passage of time or due to improper installation of a leak may occur on the outside of the drain pipe when flushing or from the tank. This phenomenon indicates only one thing - the gasket is leaking.To remedy the situation, a little tank and tighten the connecting pipe plastic nut.If after this leak is not stopped, then block the water, unscrew the nut and pull the tube down.Drag, the gasket should appear soon.Remove it, and on the tip of the nozzle, do about 10 windings FUM tape.Place the item in its original position and tighten by means of the same nut.
  2. water is not drained. Check the fluid level inside the tank.According to the rules, it should be the top level.If it's small, sometimes enough to adjust the angle of the float lever.To adjust the valve turns of plastic screw.You need a screwdriver.The brass lever unbent articles manually or weakened nut, which fastens the float and moves upwards.
  3. drain goes in spurts. fasteners Inspect drain lever system.He probably came loose, and then lift the rod vertically will not rise.To solve the problem, simply tighten the bolt and adjust the lever to the desired position.
  4. faulty drain lever. There are special-purpose components to replace, buy that's not a problem.In some cases, alternatives have to be shortened.The main thing - is the lack of linkages between it and the siphon unit.
  5. limescale. Get rid of it can be improvised means - citric acid and water.From the drain trap to remove water is necessary, apply a paste of the above ingredients.We'll have to leave it for the night.This mixture is perfectly cope with a touch.