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August 12, 2017 18:06

WC with built-in pump - chopper : features , pros and cons

WC with built-in pump - chopper
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Technology does not stand still, there is a constant development, improvement, development of new, cutting-edge devices.

This also applies to plumbing fixtures.If before the chopper we could only connect through the acquisition and installation of a special pump-shredder, today manufacturers offer ready-made toilets, which is a structural component of the chopper.

Agree, much easier to buy a simple-looking toilet, having a sewage pump, rather than seek separate box, calculate its parameters, mounted inside the room, hiding him for decorative plating and so on.

WC with built-in pump - chopper


  • Chopper is a constructive part of the toilet bowl;
  • to him connect other devices, such as a sink, washing machine;
  • drain the tank, as in conventional toilets, no.He simply is not required;
  • When the discharge button opens the water supply from the water supply system, the chopper is automatically activated;
  • has a requirement for the level of pressure in the water - at least 1.7 atm.
WC with built-in pump - chopper - a device

Integrated shredder gives the opportunity to a highly functional and a bathroom in a rather limited space.That is, you do not need to expand the toilet area or to donate furniture and other items of sanitary ware and household appliances.

Also, there is no need to find a separate place for the chopper pump, which is usually put over the tank.

WC with built-in pump - chopper in the bathroom

Modern systems are equipped with a flushing system, because the cistern is no longer required.Consequently, significantly simplifies the installation process, saving space, solves the problem of condensate deposited on the walls of the tank of a conventional toilet.

Another feature - is the availability of sewer additional inputs.They allow the connection of washing machines, sinks.

Task toilet with built-in grinder is divided by a small fraction of faeces and other components falling into the toilet, and the pumping flow in a centralized sewage system or septic tank, if it is a private home.

WC with built-in pump - chopper - a device

Toilets built in grinders are very similar on the basis of his work with the sink having a waste shredder.Agree, it is very convenient and practical.In the toilet, such a system considerably reduces the risk of blockages.It is important for families with young children who have not yet learned not to throw everything into the toilet.


carefully considered especially toilets with built-in grinders, there are several main advantages:

  • compact device provides high-quality and efficient heat flow out of the house;
  • Ideal for small spaces;
  • connection is made directly from the plumbing;
  • design assumes built-drain mechanism, which is why the usual tank is not required;
  • device operates on the basis of the electronic programming devaysa;
  • Operation noise is virtually absent, since the housing further isolate;
  • created on the basis of advanced development;
  • With its size capable of showing the performance of 85 liters per minute;
  • from domestic pumps drain pumps 3 meters in the vertical direction and 30 in the horizontal;
  • not need complex maintenance;
  • characterized by excellent performance;
  • features more reliability and security than toilets with plug-shredders;
  • Meets stringent European health standards.
WC with built-in pump - chopper in bathroom design


Perhaps the major disadvantage of this device does not possess.The only drawback may be considered a high cost.

price of these bowls really high today.But this is due to the fact that they have only recently appeared on the market.Over time, prices will fall, toilets will become more accessible and, therefore, are increasingly likely to meet in homes.