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August 12, 2017 18:06

Install toilet systems : types, advantages , installation of a suspended toilet

WC with installation system
  • Benefits
  • Types of installation systems
    • Block System
    • Frame system
    • Universal models
  • flush panel installation selection options
  • Installation
  • finishing walls after
  • installation

Hanging plumbing recently started to gain popularity among the apartment owners.A few years ago, suspended toilets and sinks can be found mainly in public places - restaurants, hotels, night clubs and shopping centers.

Suspension plumbing


Using overhead plumbing in the bathroom in an apartment or in a private house has a lot of advantages.

  • First of all, these models are attracted to its unusual appearance.Suspension plumbing looks original, easy to install and takes up much less space than a conventional squat toilet with a tank.
  • Suspended toilet is attached to the installation system, which is hidden behind falshstenoy.Behind this wall can be hidden and other communication and unaesthetic appearance wiring pipes will no longer annoy you.
  • way, the vacant floor space greatly facilitates cleaning.N
    ow wash the floor in the bathroom, you can even with a mop or a vacuum cleaner washing.
  • To install hanging toilet use special installation system, so you can move it easily and quickly.
Suspended toilet and bidet

Types of installation systems

Depending on the design of the toilet and the method of installation, you can select multiple types of installation systems.

Block System

installation consists of two modules, one of which hides behind falshstenu, and second, the actual toilet, suspended to the capital wall or installed directly on the floor.Drain the tank can also be hung on the wall, and can be wall up, using bricks and cement and hide behind a partition, as that usually act drywall or plastic panels.

Modular installation system - it is the most budget option. If you choose a model that involves the installation of a toilet bowl on the floor, then the advantage of relatively simple bowl will consist only in the fact that the cistern is hidden from view behind a partition.

modular system
frame system
Corner installation of toilet

Frame system

steel frame is covered with a special anti-corrosion materials in the frame based system. Sometimes, in the manufacture of such structures welding is used in order to provide greater bond strength.

frame rests on all the main burden: it must withstand the pressure of all the design elements of water and the weight of a seated person.The indisputable advantage of such a system is that it can be installed anywhere in the bathroom, which can bring water and sewer pipes.

Frame installation systems are available in various designs.Some of them are suitable only for toilets, while others require the ability to install different types of overhead plumbing.

Various installation systems

Universal models

Universal models are also suitable for mounting suspension sinks, bidets and urinals.Such structures are set in mounts that allow you to adjust the height of the plumbing fixtures.All communications are masked using decorative partitions.

Universal installation system

on-site toilets suspended model can be divided into straight and angular.

  • With straight models all very simple: they are installed in the wall.
  • Corner model mounted in the corner of the room, thus helping considerably save space.However, the purchase of a corner model makes sense only if it is installed in combination bathroom.Buying corner toilet for a tiny separate toilet, you're just wasting money, because at such a small space, space savings will be completely invisible.

flush panels Panel suspension toilet drain, in contrast to all communications, is constantly on the mind, so its external designers meant to focus on.Buttons can be different in shape, size, arranged separately or be adjacent - there are countless options.

water flush button

Experts advise to buy toilets with two buttons that allow you to adjust the water flow.This design helps to reduce water consumption and make monthly utility bill slightly smaller.

different materials are used for the manufacture of flush panels.

  • and most popular budget option - it is plastic.If you have purchased a quality product, it will serve you for a long time without losing their appearance.
  • Also produced from chrome-plated steel panel flush.Basically these panels are equipped with toilets in public places, but also in ordinary flat steel panel will look very impressive.Plus, this embodiment is such that the panel is almost impossible to break.There are also negative - chrome surfaces require constant care.
  • those who are always on the lookout for innovative solutions, we can offer a flush panel, made of tempered glass.This is a very durable material, so do not be afraid to use it.The glass panel can be matte or glossy, transparent or colored.
Plastic key for draining
Chrome key for the toilet
Glass button toilet

You can even find a panel with decorative inserts made of other materials.We should also mention flush panels that are created using the latest technology.This panel, equipped with sensors and infrared sensors, which actuate the flushing mechanism from hand touch or heat.Flush panel, in addition to basic, perform another important function - in case of a repair, it acts as a door which gives access to hidden behind a wall of communications.

Contactless key toilet

installation selection options

Installation - this is a special system that allows you to install hanging toilet or other sanitary appliance and hide all coming to it communications.This is a fairly complex structure, so its selection should be taken particularly seriously.

Selection criteria:

  • characteristics of the place where it will be installed. This parameter includes the location and size of the installation site.If it is a combination bathroom, the toilet is usually mounted in a niche that is created from sheets of drywall.
  • Compatible with toilet itself. better to buy these two design element at the same time, under the guidance of an experienced sales assistant.If you prefer to shop in online stores, the pre-read articles on specialized sites and read the description of the goods.To avoid unpleasant surprises during installation, pre-installation show all of the documentation on the toilet system and the installation wizard, which will do the job.Pay attention should be not only on the compatibility of fasteners and communications, but also on whether the equipment to function properly in the assembled structure.
  • Package contents. Depending on the manufacturer offers a different set of components, so it is likely that some elements you have to buy your own.Typically, the installation system is: a support frame, flush panel, fittings and adapters, drain tank and noise insulating elements.
  • cost. price of this product ranges from a few thousand to tens of thousands of rubles.It depends on the company-manufacturer and design complexity.The most expensive installations producing leading European manufacturers such as «Geberit» or «Viega Eco».Prices for designs with automatic flushing system is typically higher than ordinary.
Choosing the installation site
Installation Installation on a wooden frame
Set the bowl with the installation

From Niche dimensions depend on the dimensions and installation. mismatch will avoid sliding system, which can be adjusted according to the size of the niche.But, buying a sliding design, it is necessary to take into account one important point: "straightened" as it is mounted on the sides of the niche, and the entire burden falls on them.Therefore, such a system can be used only if the sidewalls have a capital made of a material more durable than the plasterboard, such as wood.


Stages of work on measuring and marking Application:

  1. First, draw a vertical line on the wall, which will account for the center pendant design.
  2. Measure the distance from the installation of the system to the main wall.
  3. Select location cistern, usually located on the meter height.Apply
  4. marking, in accordance with which the fasteners are placed on the floor and walls.
Installing the system installation

Stages of installation of fasteners:

  1. preparedness marking drill holes and fix them dowels.The dowels, insert anchors.Once prepared fasteners, you can install the main parts of the structure.
  2. Install installation harness and fasten it with the appropriate fasteners.Typically, screws and nuts are used for these purposes.During installation, you need to align the installation in horizontal and vertical plane.To do this, the design provides for special adjustable feet, clamps and plugs.
  3. Move communication.Water and sewer pipes fix on the structure by means of special plastic clamps.It is advisable to treat the joints of pipes with silicone sealant.
Installed system installation for toilet and bidet

final stage of installation - setting the toilet.

Before that, you need to prepare connecting elements:

  • adjust the size of tubes,
  • equip stud clutches
  • lay rubber seal in order to amortization.
  • Install the toilet into place and tighten all connections.

finishing walls after installation

As has been said more than once, the main advantage of overhead plumbing is that it allows you to hide all the plumbing and sewer liner that makes the bathroom interior more aesthetic.That is why after finishing the installation of this kind of structures need attention.

Alternative wall finish after installation mounting

Typically, all communications are hidden in a niche of drywall. It is very convenient as it is able to work with plasterboard even a layman.The material, which is laid over the walls, each defines for himself.

usually uses the same finish as in the rest of the walls in the room.As a rule, it is ceramic tile and plastic panels.

can play on the contrast and decorate a niche, which is hanging toilet, a contrasting color or texture of the material.The main thing - carefully hide all communication, or the use of overhead plumbing loses its meaning.

The final version after the installation of a toilet installation