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August 12, 2017 18:06

Toilet seat with lifter : the pros and cons , tips for selecting and installing

Toilet seat with lifter
  • Features
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • options, manufacturers and prices
  • Prices
  • Selection Criteria
  • installation and repair

Any buyer is looking for ideal plumbing for your bathroom.Equip items purchased plumbing technically perfect devaysa subject to availability of funds - justifiable desire.These include devaysa toilet seat with lifter.Seat Cover gently rises and falls, and you do not need to think whether you have omitted it.

on the market plumbing today provided extensive choice of toilet seat with additional features:

  • self-cleaning,
  • heating,
  • lifter.
Seat heating and microlift


microlift - a modern modification of the lid of the toilet, which allows you to lower or raise it silently. This special mechanism has appeared recently, but already in great demand among buyers.Innovation helps prevent a lot of trouble.For example, blow the lid not only creates an unpleasant sound, but also the lid itself may burst, and glazed surfaces plumbers cracks.

often with a sharp lowering

the cover children are injured.Therefore, parents to buy a seat lifter mechanism, which allows you to smoothly lower the cover to its original position.

Toilet seat and lid lifter with children

principle of operation is no different from an ordinary door closer, and the size of the lifter is much smaller. Due to its intended use, lifter also called "soft-lowering device."All modern toilet models have hit the market with a toilet seat with lifter.

seat anchorage microlift

Advantages and disadvantages

quite popular in our time has become a cover for the toilet with lifter, because this system has many advantages:

  • mechanism lifter allows you to lower the toilet seat gently and smoothly,so the decorative coating remains scratch-free, and the cover does not break;
  • manual seat lifter with life increases significantly;
  • lifter mechanism operates silently, which is especially important at night when everyone is asleep;
  • lifter system can operate automatically when you enter the bathroom, the toilet lid itself rises, leaving room - falls.But this function has only expensive models are equipped with motion sensors or thermal sensors;
  • installation of this mechanism is quite simple and quick.
Cover with motion sensor

seat with lifter has some disadvantages:

  • smooth system prevents rapid closing of the lid when the need arises;
  • in the case of the use of physical force to close the toilet lid mechanism can fail;
  • system is very difficult to recover or repair;
  • if the mechanism to disassemble, it can damage the internal parts and connections;
  • the assembly should be thoroughly examine the automatic disconnection.

options, manufacturers and prices

In today's market of sanitary ware there is a huge range of toilet seats, toilet seat so too have many varieties depending on the appearance, size and mounting method.Usually seat is made of duroplast.It is durable and safe material, it is resistant to scratches, and eventually loses its original color.

To prevent the formation of bacteria on the product, the seat is treated with silver ions, and special additives.

seat Duroplast toilet will last much longer than conventional plastic counterparts, it is easy to wash.Moreover, this material absolutely does not respond to the impact of bleach and abrasive household chemicals.Therefore, these are the seats used in public toilets.

The seat of duroplast with microlift

seat lifter mechanism may be equipped and feature air cushioning. In this case, the seat is equipped with special compartments, which are filled with scented silicone.The service life of the product is increased to ten years.The lid toilet with lifter can be installed on any toilet modern production.

Seats microlift may have an additional function called «Quick Release», which contributes to the rapid removal of the lid for cleaning.

Toilet seat with the function «Quick Release»

on sanitary products market you can find products of Russian and foreign manufacturers.

popular among domestic manufacturers of plumbing uses:

  • Santek,
  • «Kirov ceramics."

products are made from high quality European equipment, and products are sold at reasonable prices.Another well-known manufacturer is the company Roca Group. A few years ago, she teamed up with Santek, which is nice impact on the quality and design of products.

Among foreign brands of sanitary ware should be noted:

  • Chinese company Portu, who works with nano.Seats for toilets under this brand have different styles and color schemes.
  • Italian company Orsa, which is elegant and stylish products of the highest quality.
  • Swedish production company Gustavsberg plumbing, which also produces high-quality models at an affordable price.

Among the large range of colors, you can pick up that seat lifter with shade, which is suitable for interior bathrooms.Huge selection of sizes makes it possible to pick up a seat lifter, even for small toilets, which are usually installed in small rooms the toilet.

WC Gustavsberg
WC with seat lifter with Jacob Delafon
Toilet bowl with lid and microlift Suntec


pricing policy toilets and fixtures is complemented by an extensive range.On average for 2500-3500 rubles, you can buy a normal toilet with lifter mechanism.

premium models have a distinctive design and cost about $ 1000-2500.

Selection Criteria

To purchase a seat with a lifter, you need to know the dimensions of the toilet. They can be written in the guarantee card or be independently measure the surface to which the mechanism will be established, namely to measure the length and width of the toilet.

Measure the distance between fasteners is not necessarily, often it is the standard.The seat belongs to the hygiene products that do not exchange or take back, so measurements must be accurate.

Do not buy the cheapest option, because it may indicate a lower quality product.His selection is better to stop on the seat with the average cost.

Toilet seat and bidet with microlift

Selecting WC seat must be thought out to do, because it has an impact on the comfort and psychological atmosphere in the family:

  • Pay attention to the quality of fixtures and the warranty period of the product.When choosing a model, you need to start from an interior bathroom.
  • seat lifter must be made only from high quality materials, then the product is easy to use and practical.
  • When choosing a seat lifter can buy a model with additional features.It can be self-cleaning, heated seats, fragrance or motion sensors.

installation and repair

seat lifter can be installed on their own, because the process does not require special knowledge and skills.If before there was another on the toilet lid, you must first dismantle the old fastening system.Install cover with lifter must clearly meet the manufacturer's instructions.

We give general guidance for the cover:

  • The seat cover, insert liners made of rubber, which helps it fit against the soft seat.
  • Then you need to install the mounting holes on the toilet.They can be bolted or screwed by using rubberized seals with a clamp.
  • The seat insert special seals, which are connected to mounts on the toilet.
  • cover to the seat is attached with plastic bushings, screws and plates, which allows you to adjust the height.
  • At the end you need to do alignment and check the seat for tightness.
for toilet seat mountings with microlift

adjustment items with lifter is mandatory.Snug fit cap prevents breakage.adjustment process is performed by rotating plates which are screwed on the bolt.

Fixed toilet with a seat lifter

If you decide to repair the mechanism, you must first understand the product design.

seat lifter consists of a rod with a spring, which acts in the role of shock absorber.The rod is attached to the seat frame and the toilet lid.Spring is adjusted for the weight of the cover, so replace it, if it is almost impossible to break.

If the mechanism is disconnected from the toilet, the reason lies in the nuts which are screwed onto the bottom screws.Therefore bolts must be replaced to create a tight attachment to a toilet bowl lifter.

If nuts to impossible to get without removing the toilet, this process is much more complicated.

necessary: ​​

  1. Remove the toilet,
  2. disconnect from the drain hose,
  3. replace the bolts and set back.

Such action may result in a problem with the tank to drain.In this case it is better to ask for help to the plumbing.