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August 12, 2017 18:06

Corrugation toilet ( siphon tube ) : types, choice of how to set

Gofra for mounting the toilet
  • Purpose and types
  • Appointment
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Alternative
  • How to install corrugated on the toilet
  • Practical recommendations

Gofra toilet is a plastic flexible tube "in the crease, "which stretched to the required length.It is used to connect the plumbing to the sewer pipes.

Purpose and types

Some time ago, instead of the corrugated tube to connect the toilet to the sewage output used a complex system of joints, elbows and fittings are mostly made of cast iron.Such an approach different high strength and durability, however, showed disadvantages over time.Firstly, the iron surface is not smooth, so within the system gradually accumulated dirt, grease and debris, resulting in clogged.Secondly, if the repair was made to the bathroom, then the change in floor height and level of the walls led to the need to acquire new fasteners to construction was more reliable and sealed.

Installation of the toilet using the corrugations

today in stores you can find several types of ribbed toilet. they differ on the three main character


  • soft or hard. Soft flute suitable for toilets with any type of issue - horizontal, vertical or oblique, so it is much more flexible.Setting this bellows is easier to install than rigid, but rigid corrugation is more wear-resistant.
  • whether or not reinforced. reinforced corrugated reinforced thin wire, which increases the rigidity of the final structure.It costs more than the unreinforced, but its life more.
  • short or long . are commercially available corrugated toilet in length from 20 to 50 cm. The length should be selected based on the distance between the toilet bowl and funnel drain, but be sure to leave a margin in order to avoid leaks.
Rigid corrugated pipe
Reinforced corrugated pipe
Long corrugated pipe


is not always necessary to install it is a corrugated pipe, in some cases, you can easily do without it, leaving the former connect the system to thedrain.

However, in the following two situations, the use of corrugated - this is the most appropriate way to connect the toilet to the sewer drain:

  • Mounting toilet comes with an offset with respect to the funnel drains.This happens when, in the course of repairing the floor level was changed.
  • type of release of the new toilet is not the same as the previous release type, which is mounted under the drain.For example, if you get an import toilet in the Khrushchev built apartment, which for a long time did not change engineering systems.


Application corrugations toilet has both advantages and disadvantages.Consider both sides of this phenomenon.

So, the advantages of using corrugated pipes:

  • Installation corrugations will not be difficult even for those who are just starting to make their first steps in the field of plumbing.
  • In difficult cases the connection without corrugations can not do, because it is the most malleable of all the options.
  • The corrugations can be seen as a temporary version of the connection, which can be quickly removed.
  • If the toilet is not the same type of issue with a bell sewerage, the corrugated pipe is easy to solve this problem.


disadvantages of this method of connection of the following:

  • Thin walls could puncture caught in sewer sharp object.In addition, temperature changes (for example, when boiling water poured into the bowl) may deform the plastic.Lifetime
  • corrugated tube is smaller than that of metal counterparts.
  • Gofra does not look as beautiful as chromed metal tubes.However, at a certain art master, it can be set so that it will be almost completely hidden from view.
  • If the corrugation is stretched too far, and not fixed, it will sag in the middle.In place of subsidence will collect water and debris that sooner or later lead to the clog.
The process of toilet installation
pipe options for mounting the toilet
Option of installation of the corrugated pipe


If these shortcomings corrugated pipes overpower in your eyes all their advantages, can be a bit of worldly skill and try to solve the connection problemtoilet to sanitation by other means.Of course, this only applies to situations of concern, since it is usually possible to do by conventional methods.

Situation 1. Installed toilet with an oblique type of release, which is higher than the bell sewer. In order to solve this problem, you need a short tube made of PVC or polyethylene.If necessary, the pipe should be cut.

  • first method: Attach the pipe to the toilet on the one hand, and the funnel sewage - on the other.Connection reseal using sealing rubber sleeves of appropriate diameter.
  • second way: over the gas burner to heat the pipe until the plastic softens.Then quickly pull it to release the bowl.Set the bowl on the floor.The other end of the pipe to connect the water drain funnel and secure the connection with cement mortar or sealant.
Installation of the toilet without the help of a corrugated pipe

Situation 2. You need to connect the toilet to the right type of release to the oblique funnel sewage. This problem can be overcome by setting a special plastic corner.On sale there are two options such corners - 90 and 45 degrees.To the toilet area joins with a rubber sleeve, and to drain, as in the previous case, the cement mixture or sealant.

Installation of plastic toilet area

How to install corrugated on the toilet

In order not to be mistaken with a choice of corrugated pipe for the toilet before going to the store, measure all the distances and dimensions and outline the schematic drawing of the connection.This will help the seller to choose the right equipment for you.Together with the pipe buy a suitable color sanitary sealant to the construction to be not only reliable but also aesthetically pleasing.corrugations length depends on the distance between the toilet and the outlet drain, but it is better to leave the stock of a few centimeters.

Installation of corrugated pipe for the toilet

start the installation with the preparatory work. If the socket does not drain and toilet new release, they should be cleaned of dirt accumulations, mucus and debris.Do not forget to remove the remains and building materials.Treated surfaces must be dry.If you are installing a new toilet, try to make the distance between him and the outlet sewer as little as possible.

Getting installation. to start carefully consider your purchased corrugated tube: at one end thereof are located outside the sealing ring, and the other - the inner membrane.End with rings to be inserted into the sewer pipe.Finish with a membrane - put on top of the toilet issue, mount the rubber, so it runs well.All connections with sealant

After the installation work is finished, you need to check the strength of the system.Do not immediately connect the toilet to the water, simply pull the drain bucket of cold water

Practical recommendations

  • Do not stretch the corrugation before install it on the toilet. This can be done only immediately before assembly work.If you drag a corrugation too much, it will be difficult to return it to its original state.
  • Do not use corrugated pipe as an additional shelf for a variety of household items. If you put it on a heavy object, it could burst.
  • When buying pay attention to the corrugated wall thickness: larger it is, the longer the product.In addition, try to buy the products of European manufacturers.They are more expensive, but its quality is much higher than that of domestic and Chinese counterparts.
  • If you are lucky enough to own your own home, then you should seriously think about the need to use plastic corrugated pipe.The fact that mice, rats and other small rodents plastic feel very tasty product. If these intruders seen in your house, you'd better opt for metal pipes.
Black corrugated tube to connect the toilet

Corrugated pipe for the toilet can be a real saving in difficult situations of mismatch connected equipment. Like any other modern technical solution, it has its advantages and disadvantages.Use light and flexible corrugation or use the more cumbersome, more durable and to methods of connectivity - you decide.But whatever your decision, we hope that our article will help you make the right choice.